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Arch Winning (36)

Need I remind you that just 3 years ago Barker beat Joeys. Supposedly the greatest rugby school in Australia. Or that CAS beat GPS just 3 years ago. I understand that you have been brainwashed to think that the GPS are elite and that CAS schools are for poor, uneducated people but that is far from the truth. I urge you to make an educated take instead of replying "no" anytime someone challenges your views, it's ignorant. As I said, I've been to both a GPS and a CAS school and I can assure you, CAS schools are just as good, if not better than GPS schools in every facet of school life. All they lack is tradition.

Goosie, luv your passion but I think you need to calm down.

I don't recall Joker saying any such things about the CAS, he is just passionate about tradition, and you are taking his bait.

I also didn't say the 3 CAS schools couldn't match it with the GPS, just that it would be very competitive.
You need to be careful about judging age groups as they stand, as many have boys who are not playing in the age group but rather in the 1sts, Kings is a great example.

It's now time to watch the last round of the GPS today, can't wait.


Bill McLean (32)
Joeys getting some sustained ball. And another penalty puts them deep on the Grammar line and they drive over again.
Conversion from same spot. Joeys 14 Grammar 7.



I think your'e missing the point. Yes, GPS is historically have been much better than the CAS. This is however changing, Barker, Waverley and Knox are all as good as these other schools now despite lack of tradition, and the fact they have fewer boys to choose from. The world is changing.


Ken Catchpole (46)
Grammar have hung onto the ball well. They have had plenty of penalties. Joeys have had two chances to score and taken both.
Grammar play a grinding, no nonsense game with some expansive play. Joeys of course chance their arm and play very quickly.
Intriguing game.