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NSW AAGPS Rugby 2013

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Inside Shoulder

Nathan Sharpe (72)
IS, were all the other coaches there? so to be ''on the same page" and all that?
No - it was basically a tour group that he's taking.
But from what I'm told he's always around the "nominated" coaches at training, putting in his 20c's worth, and he brought in some pretty accomplished young blokes, from various clubs, to help.
Big emphasis on fundamentals - which is what is needed (including for some professional teams IMO).

hits and trys

Bob McCowan (2)
I was at the Scots Invitational Athletics Carnival on Saturday watching rugby boys bounce down the track highlights included the under 16, 100 meter featuring Sepesa Loga, & Simon Kennewell from newington running around 11.4, in the under 17 100 meter Sam Tabuatamata from scots running 11.3 and finally the open 100 meter championship with a tight race between Matt Crafts (Scots) and Josh Mitchell (New) with matt finishing 1st with 11 flat and josh in a tight 3rd with a round 11.2, this race was followed by Andrew Kellaway Scots, in a full scots boy race.

Cheers H&T


Bob McCowan (2)
Further to my updates on the state of Grammar rugby.
I had the pleasure to listen to Lachlan Fear tonight and was very impressed with his attitude and philosophy.
Its fair to say that many of the parents listening had little or no background in rugby.
I think they were a little surprised that a rugby dude could be humourous, self effacing and obviously concerned for the welfare of the entire child.
He spoke of goals and that achieving them would not be measured on the score board alone, one of those being to broaden the boys experience of rugby. Many if not most have no understanding of the social aspects of rugby - which are the most important for 99.9% of the players, IMHO.
He wants to challenge the boys - the subtext was that they need to set their sporting goals higher and strive for them.
All worthy stuff.
This was delivered to a group of 13 and 14 year olds about to depart for NZ - so the work is being done at the grass roots.
I continue to be encouraged.
The Grammar 1st XV played a mixture of Cranbrook's 1s, 2s and 3s on Saturday and won: there would be kids missing for athletics. I see this as encouraging too. My prediction is that Grammar 1s will do very well against the GPS 3rd XVs - they should probably be playing the 2s but that is not doable, I know.
I can see a future but I cannot say when.
It was a Cranbrook 3rds team with a couple of boys from the seconds that arent going on their tour over the holidays


Herbert Moran (7)
Does any one know if there are any rule changes to the Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage to get better bindings this year?

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
The 2013 NSW Schools RU Calendar & trials schedule is available for viewing in the resource library of the NSWSRU website.

18 May Inter school matches commence for GPS RUGBY SCHOOLS
16 June GPS U16 (Presidents) trials at Kings
18 June U18 Trials at Knox AICES v GPS III, CAS II vs GPS II, CAS I vs GPS I
21 June U18 Trials at Knox (Curagul) Cnty v AICES, GPS III v CCC, CAS II v ISA II, GPS II v CHS II, CAS I vs ISA I, CHS I v GPS I
22/23 June NSW SRU U16 Champs at Knox
9 Jun - 6 Jul ASRU U18 Champs at Riverview
7 September Last Rd of the 2013 GPS Rugby competition
TBA ARU U16 Champs at TBA


Herbert Moran (7)
18 May - should that be inter or intra?
I thought match ups like Waverley v Scots sadly a thing of the past.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
^^^18 May - should that be inter or intra?

I have posted a direct copy and paste from the NSW SRU calendar. The words from their calendar of events were inter school matches.

I presume that this is their speak for trial matches.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
Just a reminder folks that we are looking for people to write match reports for blogs on schools matches when the various competitions start.

Anybody interested should read what Gagger (Founder and boss of Green and Gold rugby) and I have written about making a contribution - in this thread:


We will be looking at getting match reports of all the GPS 1st XV games and later on we will be blogging the GPS rep matches.

But it all has to be organised: there is no use three people writing a match report for a blog on one game when we can use only one, then none of those people doing one for the following week - and yarda yarda.

That's where I come in. Please let me know if you are interested.




Frank Row (1)
No it was at kings, I will post a brief video showing one shapely young lad running through the entire kings team later this evening. I was at that game. It was a thriller. If I remember it was the boot of lelievre that sealed the victory. I think joeys won 21-20. I even recall seeing Walford and Ashby celebrating with a tribal dance under the posts


Frank Row (1)
ha wow, i just had the 1000th reply ... I feel special.

Anyway here's my outlook for the season

1. Newington
2. Joeys
3. Kings
4. Scots
5. Shore
6. Riverview

In their sesquicentenary year New will be too strong and shoud win every game.

In the seconds, joeys should be too well drilled and comfortably win, while in the thirds Grammar will come out triumphantly with 6 members of last years firsts or something like that returning.
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