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NSW Schools Debating 2016

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Bob McCowan (2)
Topics for the last reps debate (paraphrased because I can't remember the exact wording, correct me if wrong)
That the consumption of meat should be banned (what is the neg on this??)
That "following orders" should be a defence for war crimes
That we should relax labour laws in areas of of high unemployment

Big congratulations go to all debaters, especially those graduating/who have just graduated.


Bob McCowan (2)
Yes somebody should make one.
In other news, callbacks for state squad are as follows:

The students we have decided to call back for a second round of trials are, in alphabetical order (by surname):
  • Ruby Adler
  • Hugh Bartley
  • Wyatt Batt
  • John Bivell
  • Jessica Cejnar
  • Georgia Cooper
  • Indigo Crosweller
  • Ella Finlay
  • Ashna Hegde
  • Anna Ho
  • Charlie Hoffman
  • Alexander Humphries
  • Emily Kim
  • Jade Lin
  • Jarrah Lindhout
  • Sofia Mendes
  • Sophie Mok
  • Isabella Monardo
  • Bill Pan
  • James Price
  • Maddy Rogers
  • Sophie Shead
  • Will Solomon
  • Elinor Stephenson
  • Arin Tomyi-Aydin
  • Sam Trotter
  • Daniel Yim
  • Winnie Yuan
  • Anna-Sophia Zahar


Allen Oxlade (6)
Yes somebody should make one.
Could you make it, maybe just add a bit of text at the top explaining that nobody had made one this year and then copy and paste the opening post from this thread.

I tried to but I have no idea how to post new threads. I've only ever lurked before I created an account today to ask for a 2017 thread.
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