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QLD GPS Rugby 2012

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Peter Fenwicke (45)
I was talking about for this years age group. Churchie have not performed the past two years against the BGS 15As- Grammar won (2010) and 16As- Churchie won marginally (2011).

Fair call, although winning an U15 match means nothing when they run on the field this year. I doubt that either team has more than 5 of those players who played in that match playing in the 1st XV.


Herbert Moran (7)
churchie's might be entirely different, but i think you'd find grammar's will be pretty similar

Set piece magic

John Solomon (38)

Noel McClean ( I think that's how you spell it) Will probably be in the BBC first XV. For those of us who attended GPS athletics last year he is very, very fast and won the 100m, with about 11.11s i think. He played for a half with me in C's this year in his first game and scored four tries at outside center (though I would say it was due to that bloke Spikhaza's spectacular passing at 10 :p). So he will be an absolute weapon on attack for us, that I'm sure, but I am also absolutely sure he is a complete turnstile in defense, in the quade cooper tradition. When he first rocked up I'm pretty sure he couldnt tackle at all, and he can a bit now but he's still rubbish.

I have a sneaky feeling that Tom Barker will try and hide him out on the wing. If not prepare for a try fest. His decision making in defense at the midfield would be questionable at best (I'm talking about picking your man, i.e. South African moves that test the decision making). And his actual raw tackling technique is definately not a strength. Heathcoat will probably end up getting the 13 spot if I'm on the money (big enough to contain what gets sent down his channel). No Ben Taur which is a loss but we will move on from that and get to more news:

Tom Barker has brought in a few new boys for rugby, no comment / no idea whether it's scholarships but that's not what this thread is for.

Some bloke who is an Adelaide rugby rep is here, don't know his name yet but I saw him in the gym this morning. Any of the walking encyclopedia's on rugby here going to have a guess?

More updates soon from BBC.

Other Notes

Churchie's 100th year presents a prime opportunity for them to win the premiership and celebrate in all the glory. Unfortunately for them, it also gives 8 other schools the opportunity to push them off the block. I'll be geeing up the lads on assembly to do an Ireland - England grand slam in round 3 and I'm sure a lot of other schools will be targetting Churchie too. Good luck to everyone, including Churchie in that department and may the team that wants the premiership the most win.

Terrace will benefit from Dalgleish having a year of experience at 10 in the same way England & Jonny Wilkinson benefitted in 1998 from getting rooted in Aus. Back in year 8 / 9 this Terrace team was quite a force (2009 14A game GT V BBC anyone?), but times change so I still don't rate them for this season.

I know Benni Boehm from IGS who apparently will be playing prop in First XV this year, the Ipswich pack is apparently a monstrocity and will be a tough one to face.

Shaping up to be a good season, any of the schoolboys on here headed to GPS swimming? Should be a cracker of an atmosphere inside Chandler with 3400 in as usual.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Still two terms before the rugby season kicks off, I imagine the toughest thing for coaches strategically will be keeping their players fit and interested in what will be a very long pre-season. Football, Cricket and Rowing might prove big distractions as will the Track & Field season. My thoughts are this will favour State High and Grammar who rarely focus on Track & Field and prefer attending rugby fixtures.

Key thoughts about this season for me will be the following:
- TSS are still relatively unknown and still in the title race. Darkhorse team for mine with a very strong rugby program.
- The revival of GT rugby, there would not be a single GPS school enjoying watching them struggle.
- Grammar and the 20 year monkey, where are they without Davies and Greene?
- Churchie halves combination which was so strong in 2011 will need to be there again for them to claim the premiership. Anything less would be considered a choke.
- IGS had their most successful year in a while last year, how they rebound from the losses of key players of Bowen and Nguaumo will be interesting.
- What can we realistically expect from BBC and Tom Barker? Top 5 seems too much but their team dynamic is superb and momentum could be key.
- Nudgee losing numerous QLD and Aus Schoolboys, I don't think they have the depth of previous years but they are capable of upsets and will be out for revenge against Churchie in 2012.
- TGS continual growth, they're breeding them tough up there now and this looks like their most competitive year in a while. A former powerhouse of GPS they will enjoy some good results this year. Will be nearly unbeatable at home IMO, although change of terms might hinder that thought.
- Browning and CFS days are now over for State High and they don't appear to have the superstars that were previously able to win games for them single-handedly. I can't see them in the top 5 and their away form will raise a few eye-brows IMO.


Are you confusing TGS with another?.When were they a powerhouse?.


Bob Loudon (25)
With regards to Grammar, the word is that Year 11 boy Fergus Halliday will be the first-choice scrumhalf. He's been playing #12 since Grade 8 but he's an experienced club #9 for Ashgrove, having made various representative teams during his time at BGS. Really stood out during 2011, making Queensland U15 and Met North U15 and finishing off the year with a place in Junior Reds and the Junior Gold Program. He'll face competition from seniors Samuel Burke (U16A's #9 2011) and Dugie Hill (2nd XV #9 2011) but provided he stays fit, Ferg should take out the scrumhalf spot.

BBC - Tom Barker
ACGS - Ian Jones
TSS - Mark Wallace
TGS - Jason Gilmore

Not sure about the rest

Damon Emtage (former Red and Reds backs coach) and Julian Gardner (former Wallaby and Italy flanker) are the BGS coaches.

Can anyone tell me about Digger MacMillian don't know much about him apart from making the Queensland team?

Don't really know much about him, although he is highly regarded by everyone I've spoken to about him. Year 11 this year but he's a 1995 boy so he's the same age as the Year 12's. Played a bit of 1st XV for Churchie last year, and was particularly impressive against Nudgee.


Bob Loudon (25)
I hear Jack Wikman will be making a run for the BGS Flagship team. A strong competitor in recent years, Jack has struggled with size however will claim at any opportunity "the only thing keeping me out of the First XV is because i'm not as big as the rest of you." (Jack Wikman, 1996-) With just a sizable growth spurt he should make the cut, thoughts?

This is the worst thing I've ever heard


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Any one hear what the controversy was with the tour by Churchie.Hard not to let the hair down on such a great trip.

Seems like details have finally surfaced. A group of boys snuck out to a local bar for a few quite ones and ended up looking suspicious and being followed by undercover cops. Because the cops didn't identify themselves the boys got spooked and decided to run, ended up getting aprehended but released with no charge. Case of mistaken identity as the undercovers were looking for similar aged boys who were suspected of graffiti. Anyway, the boys involved copped suspensions for their little adventure and it has died down...

Courier Mail seems to be overhyping it as usual, not sure what information they are receiving or what their agenda is. Not much else to read into it I don't think


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Predictions for GPS representative teams?

Far too early for that, expecting Grammar, Churchie, Nudgee and BSHS to feature prominently. Not many returning from last year but the following are probably front-runners at this point..

4. Dan Preen (IGS)
5. Jack Cornelsen (BGS)
9. Darcy Eason (ACGS)
10/15. Sam Greene (BGS)
11. Monty Ioane (ACGS)
12. Jack Tuttle (NC)
14. Will Shipperly (NC)
15. Logan Tibbets (BSHS)

Remainder of the forward pack is anyone's guess, bulk of it will probably be from the winning premiership team though.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
It not too early to predict the Gps team because they select before the GPS Season has even started

That doesn't make sense, I would suggest in that case the boys selected for QLD U16's and those selected for GPS teams last year would be front-runners. Hopefully there will be some trials


Peter Fenwicke (45)
BBc shaping up as contenders with a new looking side of recent arrivals

Contenders for the spoon? I'd say so too. If that is not what you meant then please elaborate because a claim like that is serious trolling otherwise.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Contenders for the spoon? I'd say so too. If that is not what you meant then please elaborate because a claim like that is serious trolling otherwise.
For a school which cops a lot of flack when it comes to rugby - they've done well to produce our current captain and vice in Horwill and Genia (neither of whom were rugby imports).

That said - it has nothing to do with how they will perform in 2012...


Peter Fenwicke (45)
I think the criticism is reasonable, they have won just the one premiership back in 1954 which was shared with TGS, ACGS and Nudgee. For a school which offers a wide range of sporting scholarships it's quite a low number, in fact the lowest of any school.

We might see future Wallabies but I doubt we will see a BBC premiership for the next few years.
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