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QLD GPS Rugby 2019


Chris McKivat (8)
Don't back down, don't spell too well either. Canbera?

Love your input though. Keep it up.


cant blame him
Agree there. That situation should never transpire again. When a boy can be targeted that easily (even by his friends) during a game of rugby surely those that are supposed to be adults making decisions need to be held responsible. If you don’t have the facilities to bring boys into your school, don’t try. It can be mentally devestating for them. The importance of raising young men properly transcends the need to hold onto a perennial 4th place in the GPS competition.


source said new director is sweep the sheds type and yes it did come out of tss

This source reckons there's a new director at NC and he (or she, it's 2019 now) wants to put the sweepers through?

Bit early in the year for TSS to start making rumours up, but I can understand them being worried about Round 1. They'd hate to underperform and be embarrassed for another year.


Frank Row (1)
1 ruru / paterson ? Did he repeat?
2 deirum / tierney
3 tierney
4 doe
5 gibson
6 blyton
7 nic wald /hayes
8 jack kelly
9 stevens
10 mason gordon
11 savage
12 claridge
13 howarth
14 bowyer
15 ripley


1 ruru
2 deirum
3 Ward
4 kelly knowles
5 gibson
6 blyton
7 vautin
8 kelly
9 stevens
10 gordon
11 savage
12 ripley
13 mcLoughlin
14 howarth
15 bowyer


my error crab my source and I had a mix up .we had been talking about rowing and had moved on to rugby. at least I had.

I’m only stirring the pot Terry! That would have been a big surprise. Is that to say that TSS have appointed a new DoR?

Roberts Rugby

John Solomon (38)
Very interested in hearing about the new recruitments at tss.
1 Harry Vousty
3 Zane Nongorr
4 Michael Van de Scyff
11 Jojo
12 Kaleb Nganamu
13 Syris
Really not sure who is returning from last year.

terry from Townsville

Allen Oxlade (6)
nongoor back at 3
douglas will be back at lock or 8
Lyndon back but at openside this year

in the backs samuela is probably their main strike at 15 and grey might play first five but definite second five if not first . the u16 kids will provide a 2 or 3 at 13 and the wing and I hear last year's right wing could be back. nowhere near last years team


Bob McCowan (2)
TSS have 8 boys in the u18 QLD academy, as do BBC. On paper, these two teams should be favourites. Fifita will only be 16 next year, but he’s got the potential to be as good as Savage, Banjo, Petaia and Hamiso were as 16 year olds in the Comp. Nudgee have 5 in the academy, so also look good on paper at this early stage. Be interesting to see how schools have filled gaps and of course who has done the work to get themselves in good physical condition . time will tell. Massive loss for GT if Hill has departed- is that confirmed ?