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Qld Premier Rugby 2023


Jimmy Flynn (14)
This is excellent chatter. Moving on any reports from today.
With Easts withdrawing from the Compass Cup, Souths and the other clubs have had to find a new range of trial opportunities. Today's trial for 1st grade was against the Maroochydore Black Swans. The trial provided the opportunity to develop game plans and structures and ease back a few players after injuries and to "blood" some more youngsters, however the Magpies were never troubled by the gallant boys from the Sunny Coast. The final score was 111-0.
Next week is a full club trial against Sunnybank at Sunnybank.

The Whisperer

Jimmy Flynn (14)
Is this a bad sign for Wests or a good sign for Norths?


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Ken Catchpole (46)
Is this a bad sign for Wests or a good sign for Norths?

I believe norths are short a team this season (no 4th grade)

so prems/reserve grade split a half each against norths prems

norths reserves played wests 3rds

norths 3rd played wests 4ths/5ths

it was something along those lines but I did not make it out to Shaw road so unsure if that was how the games were divided up.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Yeah half of ‘premier grade’ was played by reserves and the other half by premier grade. Lots of forward unavailabilities at the moment at wests.


Ted Thorn (20)
If that isn’t/ wasn’t the case it could be a long season for Wests.
Yeh. But when it was 2nd Grade v 2nd Grade and 1st Grade v 1st Grade in the second half of those matches Norths were still on top. Wests brought on a whole new team at half time, who were all fresh and Norths still finished on top. No doubt Wests have still got plenty more players to come in, but the reality is, Norths were much better than anything we saw last year. So good on them.

Sir Charles

Ted Fahey (11)
Any news on Brothers v Qld Reds academy game at Bond on Saturday?
Surprising close thought it would have been abit one side with Brothers having some players out but it was something like 27-35 with 20mins to play - which is when Brothers put their bench on, then the flood gates open with a final score of 27-54. With QLDA putting on a fresh 15 Brothers were never going to have the legs to match them to the final whistle. In saying that, Brothers had a few players out and still held their own, so I think they would be happy with that performance this early in the season.