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Bobby Sands

Yeah he's been outstanding all season for uni. He's played 8 all year but he is really a 7. To be honest though he reminds me of Michael Gunn at the same age, all speed and ball tearing workrate but you have to wonder whether he has the elite skill level or grunt to step up to Super Rugby (hopefully he proves me wrong).

Fair bit on common those two. Good production line.


Bill McLean (32)
So a BP win will see QC (v NSWC) finish 2nd and a win by BC over the Vikings will see them finish 4th.

So it is possible that we could see a QC v BC final if in the semi finals
QC(2nd) def 3rd(Fiji/Force) and BC(4th) def 1st(Fiji/Force).


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Any semi final match in Fiji is going to be a tough task.

I’d love to see an all QLD final (back at the kennelseum pls)
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Nicholas Shehadie (39)
What a disappointing end of season for Brisbane City.

Chance to win at home last round and qualify for the playoffs but they come up short in dire conditions.
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