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Rebels vs Crusaders Rnd 12 Super Rugby 2012

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Herbert Moran (7)
Big question - two weeks ago Danny Cipriani was "let go" and we have seen a mssive change in the application of the team. A total change of attitude. Coincidence?
I was thinking the exact same thing!!!!! We look a different outfit without him, far more applied in defense. I'm liking Lachy Mitchel at IC as well, all of a sudden we're looking dangerous in attack as well as solid in defense


Tony Shaw (54)
Big question - two weeks ago Danny Cipriani was "let go" and we have seen a mssive change in the application of the team. A total change of attitude. Coincidence?

Gnostic, it's all speculation, but it would appear that absolutely nothing has been lost by his departure and meanwhile the team has really motored forward.

If I could buy Danny Cipriani at my price and sell him at his, that's a trade I'd take every day.


Tony Shaw (54)
.....The crowd was awesome, biggest I've seen there since the first fixture last year against the Tahs.

Wasn't that great! 18,000+. Bet the valiant display v Bulls was a big, building factor. That's the same as the Tahs pulled last night! Melbourne like Brisbane looooooovvvvves a winning capability to be proud of as 'local', this win tonight was the marketing breakthrough the Rebs needed. Hope the VRU/Rebs markets and PRs the shit out of this over the next few days.

I think I'll come down for the Reds match now. This was/is just fantastic, I am mega-pleased for the Rebs and for rugby in the great State of Victoria.


Dave Cowper (27)
Big question - two weeks ago Danny Cipriani was "let go" and we have seen a mssive change in the application of the team. A total change of attitude. Coincidence?
Maybe.. That guy would be one of the most talented guys in world rugby but he has a serious attitude problem....


Tony Shaw (54)
I am sorry to rub it in, but what of the final moment of HRH R McCaw spilling the ball to end the game. Certainly a moment of rugby poetry for the Rebs' photo album.


Mark Loane (55)
Just caught the replay. Awesome work Rebs. That win was secured when Mortlock came on. He was tackling like he was trying to kill them and the rest of the boys followed.


John Solomon (38)
Shame my nose is blocked up to the shit house and I failed to really enjoy this. Can't wait to watch the replay. Wasn't much of a surprise on the back of the Bulls game.

We had a similar game like this vs the Blues, only to be crushed by the Brumbies a week later. Consistency has always been an issue.

However... if we win in Perth, bloody hell, is all I'll say. After all the away trips, to witness an away win...

A BIG LOL!!! To all the part-time supporters. Serves you right for switching for the night. Bet you'll be back in 3 weeks time you turncoats.

Proud Pig

Bill Watson (15)
Big question - two weeks ago Danny Cipriani was "let go" and we have seen a mssive change in the application of the team. A total change of attitude. Coincidence?

I don't necessarily think it is attitude. I think it is that Cips is a fairly classic English Fly-half in that he plays ten man rugby.
The rebels forwards work hard but are not a great attacking unit though their defence has improved out of sight. This style of either passing one out to a forward through the middle or kicking the ball away does not suit the way the rebels play this year.

When you have a ten who will run the line and pass it creates more attacking options for you. Cips rarely ran with the ball, even though he had great pace when he needed to. This meant the opposition defence could simply sit on his pass or he would kick the ball away. With KB there the defence has to watch what he does making them more cautious. If you have no fear of being hit on the counter it is very easy to throw the ball around and attack at will. Sides did that to Melbourne last year because we did not have the attacking threat to worry them on the counter. When you have a player like KB, who is a great counter attacker, sides need to be a bit more circumspect in how they approach the game. It is easier to defend against a side playing controlled rugby than against a side throwing it around with abandon.


Allen Oxlade (6)
What a game tonight. Rebels played some classic rugby and did it well. The vibe at the stadium was unbelievable and really hammered home why I'm so happy we have Rugby in Victoria now. The naysayers who harp on about how we don't have the depth for 5 teams are idiots, tonight showed them how far we can take it.

kronic - good to see you tonight mate, hope you enjoyed the match... I really wanted to put some money on when I saw the ridiculous odds on us tonight, if anything I thought we were a better chance after the bulls last week. Was glad to see the team really pull together and do even better.

So gutted to be moving overseas soon, but so happy to catch a few home games like tonight. Despite all the kiwi supporters the vibe was ridiculous.. so good!


Darby Loudon (17)
Great stuff from the Rebels. I'm sure it's going to be a massive night of not getting drunk for old Lipdogg and co.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
When the Brumbies thrashed the Rebels I posted that it was a sad night for Oz rugby. Brumbies fans took it the wrong way, but I was deploring the abject performance of our newest team and the Oz Conference which it was a part of.

But tonight was a great night for Oz rugby because our newest team played a game for the ages, well at least, for the season.

I had a sneaky feeling before the game that the Saders could stumble in this one but at half time I thought it was the same old story and they would pull another game out of their arses. Apart from when the Rebs got a lineout near their opponents goal line they shouldn't have, the Crusaders were getting the dreaded rub of the green in the first half.

The Rebels had no control of that, but they did have control of their discipline. Some of the penalties against them were dodgy but others were in the dumb and dumber category.

The second half was happy days and Peyper kept throwing his arm up, bent or straight for the the home team. Maybe he was squaring up, but who cares? In the end it was the best day for the Rebels since Burnside sent his divisions up the hill against Lee at Fredericksburg in 1862.

I know there are still a lot of foreigners in the squad but it was great to see so few of them in the 22 yet getting such a result. All the backs and all but 3 of the forwards were eligible for Oz.

The two young locks were active again and didn't seem to miss Jones, their partner in crime. Once they get the knack of running into tacklers from a lower position and helping their props more in the scrum they will be the real deal. I thought that 6. Davidson, subbing for Jones, had his best game of pro rugby and that 7. Lipman was one of the best on the park apart from Beale and Gerrard.

The best thing about the win by the lads was that not only did they play better as a team than their famous opponents, but also, most of the Rebels played better man for man.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
Beale has a long pass!!!!!
People don't believe me but he always had it - or at least: he had it then he lost it.

When he was at Joeys he had a mate who had a long pass too and KB would get the ball and pass it wide near one touchline and the other bloke would hit the far winger on the chest by the other touchline. They did this quite a few times in a season and the far winger would have long runs or go in for a try.

He was always better passing wide off his right hand but his left hand pass was quite good too. That hasn't quite come back yet.

I hardly ever saw width in his passing when he was 10 for the Tahs, nor his run around moves.

Sader's should have put a full strength team out there after the Bulls just piped the Rebels. Got arrogant and got kicked in the arse for it.
To be fair: if you have to rotate players you do it against a lowly team on the table and if your XV is in trouble you get the gun players off the bench earlier than is normal.

Blackadder had a problem that just about all the other coaches would like to have had: all the players in his squad before the game were fit to play, and fellows like Read were due a bit of bench time rest. Todd wasn't even in the 22. He had to give some of the underused players more time to get them match fit in case he got sudden injuries like most of the other teams had.

Waratahs take note - the ball is passed in front of the moving attackers who work hard and back up.

You think??? Just being silly - this has been one of my mantras this year for the Tahs, and Blind Freddie agrees.

One note of censure though: sometimes the forwards were like Brown's cows and would not form into pods to take the ball up for Phipps. They also have to be moving forward when they get the ball, not standing still, and they have to organise themselves better to do so.


Andrew Slack (58)
But tonight was a great night for Oz rugby...
Yeah, but then the Force go and spoil the party by getting snotklapped in SA. Dunno if they can recover it this season.

Rebels with their tails up to play in Perth next Sunday. Hope the Force can make a game of it.

Inside Shoulder

Nathan Sharpe (72)
Yes. Until Quade is back. The longer this season runs the more I just hope he doesn't go overseas on to mungo ball.
I have never thought KB was a union 5/8......until last night. I have been sceptical since I first saw him at 16 because I thought there was too much hype and he played like terry lamb.
Last night changed my mind.
He ran the show against the most complete provincial team in the world. He was good enough, even, to provoke a cheap but ultimately harmless shot from the great Dan carter.

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John Hipwell (52)
I did not mean to take anything away from his performance. He could definitely play the role at SXV level. He is still definitely our best 15 though for the wallabies.

James Buchanan

Trevor Allan (34)
The KB situation amuses me. Certain people have been saying for years really that "he's a great 15, and an okay 10". Which was true especially early in his career, because he tried to to everything himself. But, many/most of these people have failed to grasp that he has in fact changed his game. Before the Rebs came along I always enjoyed watching KB at the Tahs, and I believe that recently he has matured; as has been observed, there are less chip kicks and more work trying to set up his outside men.

But still, people are convinced that they are right, and that KB will be and can only ever be a great 15 and an okay 10.

Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
I thought the 'Saders were beginning their run towards the finals a few weeks ago, but there's just something not right with them... and Richie's cloak of invisibility must've been left at the cleaners following the World Cup...

I really wish the Brumbies had them this year...

Just looking at the ladder, could they finish bottom of the NZ ladder with the way the 'Canes are playing... or will the Highlanders slide further?
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