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Reds 2019


John Eales (66)

Jesus, what a pointed dig at Thorn.
Well he's definitely off.

Mr Tank

Herbert Moran (7)
Probably not the best sign that one of the favourable comments on Quade’s Instagram post was from Liam Gill.

And I know Quade (and Karmichael) were considered the most professional players in the Brisbane City squad, leading by example, first to training last to leave, cleaning the sheds etc. I also know Quade spent 45 mins giving one on one coaching to a kid who asked him how to drop kick the night before the final Bne City match. You don’t get that kind of engagement or commitment to fans from many players.

He definitely had his issues as a kid, but he’s well and truly matured now. Best of luck to him, he will be missed.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Seems like the reaction of an entitled brat. Granted he was great for QPR crowds this year. I wish him all the best but this doesn’t exactly reflect maturity and professionalism.

I am looking forward to the full squad announcement soon.


Darby Loudon (17)
really? What's he supposed to do, just suck it up (what ever 'it' is) and continue playing out in club rugby cos Thorn doesn't want him? Come to Melbourne Quade, we want you, say what ever you want to get it off your chest


Tim Horan (67)

Sorry we supply your entire side. Real jerks.

Yes we have and had Slipper joined Rebels it will have been a tough call for me too. Rebels will be my “second team”. The Reds attitudes and actions since 2013 have made them hard to love. And it’s not the players (generally) that I’m talking about.

Some critical thinking is likely to bring you to a conclusion that fans following their departing favourites was predictable. Especially from fans who have voiced concern with Thorn’s Puritanism. In a general Red environment of the underwhelming over 5 years.

Well done Quade - looking forward to supporting the Rebels - I've had enough of the Reds and Thorn

All the best mate. I’ll be watching them closely too, but I’m sticking with the young guns in Q.


Tim Horan (67)
Going by that post Liam Gill is another who is just laughing at the state of QLD Rugby atm

Wouldn’t read any more into than support from one unwilling expat to another. Reports of Thorn’s thinking on Gill possibly more germane. But yes, interesting


Ken Catchpole (46)
Thorn's treatment of Quade may well have been the right thing to do, but it's execution was poor - mast probably due to Thorn's inexperience in that role. A decent organisation would have taken steps to ensure that Thorns position was better presented and ensured that one of Queensland's best was treated with dignity that he had earned.

The Rebels fans are in for a real treat tbh, even on quade's off days he is unbelievable to watch live. He (like wally Lewis) seem to be three or four plays ahead of everyone else on the field and it is remarkable to see him work. I have rarely seen that in many footballers over the years, but it something special when it occurs.

I hope Quade lifts in his new home and soars to the heights that only he can.

Jerry West

Sydney Middleton (9)
Thorn isn’t interested in Gill returning at all. Liam Wright is a great young prospect who will wear the QLD 7 jersey for a long time coming


Ken Catchpole (46)
Any rumours who is getting the last prop and backrow spots? From Qld you'd think Asiati or either Kibble or Mcreight would be next cap off the rank.