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Reds 2021


Steve Williams (59)
I thought Michael and his boys were living in England. Does anyone have any more info? Is Tom coming here an indication the family is coming home? Could his brother, Louis, also be targeted? I had been resigned to seeing Louis pulling on an England jersey (he seems more English than Aussie anyway).

Not sure about the rest of the family coming home but there is a quote from Michael suggesting his son's see it as Australia or Italy (their mother's nationality) internationally:

“They have Italian-Australian passports,” said Lynagh. Indeed, Tom was actually born in Montebelluna, Italy, where his father played for five seasons with the Benetton Treviso side. “And that is where their allegiances probably lie, with those two countries.”


Simon Poidevin (60)
Seems like an interesting selection. While I am sure Tom is a good player, Louis seems to be the talent and he is on course to play in the Premiership with the pathway to England open. I'd love to see some footage of him playing, obviously hasn't done anything in almost 12 months with Covid restrictions.

At least Uni will get another Reds player.

Louis has played in the premiership already, and been in the England squad but calls himself Australian Italian..


John Thornett (49)
Lukhan seems to be a fan.


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Jason Little (69)
Could set up a bit of narrative down the track. Lynagh brothers lining up against each other in an international test.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Does anyone know why a full season (6 match) Red Zone membership is $210 but you can get a 3 game membership for $90? And 2 x 3 = 6 but 2 x $90 isn't $210.

Most of the other prices just double except for Red Zone Adult and Concession Gold.
It's like someone didn't update a cell in their spreadsheet properly except that when I log in to the Membership account, they definitely want $210.

Reds 2021 Membership Prices.png

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
Reg, I think it's 4 games home and 4 away in SRAu, and 2 games at home in TT. Two TT games away and one in a neutral venue when all teams play at a location yet to be decided.

Rebel man

Ken Catchpole (46)
So what happens with Hamish Stewart next year? Paisami and Petaia would have to be the midfield combo. Does he go back to 15 or provide depth at 10 for JOC (James O'Connor)


Peter Sullivan (51)
Slight change ‘Lynagh brothers lining up TOGETHER in an international test’ Lynagh legacy.

Wasnt there a Michael Lynagh playing Premier Rugby a couple years ago? I think he was a nephew of his namesake. Played Aussie schools as I recall there was a news article about him, but I guess nothing came of it.