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Reds vs Crusaders SR Rd11 2012


John Solomon (38)
McCaw looks like he has been sneaking Growden's pies and Weepu's KFC. He could certainly do with a gallop.


Alan Cameron (40)
McCaw looks like he has been sneaking Growden's pies and Weepu's KFC. He could certainly do with a gallop.

Thought that meself, but can we not talk about his weight, I don't want to fire him up to get fit before the weekend.


Bob Davidson (42)
I remember at the end of last year, when the Wallabies played the Ba Ba's, with whom Fruen played.
One of the commentators asked why Fruen didn't make the AB's. The reply was on his day he is a match winner, but more often than not he lacks consistency.
Fruen played very well last weekend, & plodding Tom Carter made him look even better. Don't expect the same thing this weekend.
Also McCaw is not really up to match fitness yet, & I'm sure he'd be the first to agree, so Todd will still be the man in the open side flanker position, & he is a good player, but not great. Reid is the money man, and should perform well at 8.
Dan Carter is having trouble settling in , & is making uncharacteristic errors.
So I don't really rate the Crusaders as a lay down Miseire (how do you spell that?).
I suspect the Crusaders, like the Blues, are a bit too much ýester year', against a younger & more willing Reds team, who still have a lot to prove - it should be a good game, & really, even though people say the Crusaders have home ground advantage, its not their home ground.
For me, too close to call.

Sandpit Fan

Nev Cottrell (35)
I'm on this bandwagon:D Reds by plenty!

I reckon this makes about 15 people tipping the Reds after that post - guessing we won't see laps back for a while until he recovers :)

If I see one more person tip the current Reds side over the Crusaders, I'm going to flip out. I accept people saying that they have bias so are tipping their team, but to say Reds are going to win is outrageous when factoring squads and form. Few hard truths:

1. At the Reds best, they were only just to beat the Crusaders
2. Crusaders are at home
3. Reds are playing terrible. You beat the blues. Does that seriously give you hope? (PS. The Rebels also beat the blues...)
4. The tahs are better than the reds, and they still stuggled against the crusaders.
5. If Fruean was out - crusaders still win by 7+ - Sorry :(

I'm tipping Reds don't even get a bonus point.


Jim Lenehan (48)
I just want Genia to be up to the next three. I won't mind that much afterwards, just prove yourself against the best three in the comp.

ACT Crusader

Jim Lenehan (48)
What was very effective for the Reds last year was the ability of Horwill and Samo to slow down opposition ball by falling on the wrong side. Then in attack they were very adept at it also which secured quick ball.

Not so this season.

Cave Dweller

Syd Malcolm (24)
How long have the Crusaders been waiting for this match? They are going out for revenge and I have a feeling they want to do it big. The Crusaders will be fired up. I think the game will be decided in the first 20 minutes. If the Crusaders get a 10 to 15 point lead it would be curtains but if the Reds can keep it close and tight for that period they can start to knibble away. Hopefully they will come out and fight fire with fire which should be a good spectacle.


Bob Davidson (42)
With QC out, who's going to step up and knee McCaw in the head?
I think this is the type of remark that should be censured on this forum, even though it might be meant in jest.
It's akin to a player kicking a player on the ground in the head, and that gets a red card & suspension.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Saders by 7 IMO. Itll be tight. But im sure Ritchie's been nice to the ref this week. Perhaps gave him a nice bottle of Chateau de le fluer.


Tony Shaw (54)
This has got to be one of the more amicable and respectful pre-match "discussions" between supporters of these two teams I've seen in ages!

One thing I will be interested to see, is if the Saders get up, will it only be because they played at home? It seems that all of the recent victories the Reds have had over the Saders have been dismissed by many as only being achieved because they played at Suncorp which I guess peeves me a bit. With comments like, "...the Reds can only win at home, wait till they come to ChCh! You're not a true champion team until you beat the best away from home." But are the Saders a true championship team if they can only beat the Reds at ChCh? ;)

I say this slightly tongue in cheek of course because I know that until the Reds have won close to the amount of championships that the Saders have, they will always be the ones who have to "prove" themselves but I needed to get that off my chest.

*climbing back down off my soapbox*


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Staff member
Tahs were awful and Fruen was sublime last week.

The reds are a different team with Digby, Saia and AFinger.

It certainly will be interesting.
What a load of rot. The Tahs defence on Fruean, on 3 specific occasions, was awful. In most other aspects of the game they matched the Crusaders. Or are you suggesting the Crusaders were also awful?
Reds have a chance, and Faingaa will help in defence. Unless he rushes up too much, which might cause a problem or two.