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Round 16 - Reds vs Waratahs - Saturday 2 June - 7:45pm @ Suncorp


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Lovely set piece from Red line out, good work form there. Tupou try through the ruck on the line.

Stewart does not mind being in the ruck.

R 19 T21


Mark Ella (57)
Soft try at the end letting Tupou through like that.

Reds look deadly off first phase at times.

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Geoff Shaw (53)
Hahaha as if he wasn’t, if he had dove instead of trying to stay on his feet and regathered he would have got to it, it was only just out of his reach. If he had had slightly softer hands he would’ve regathered it easy
Dove??? It was head height. How would diving have helped?

Up the Guts

Andrew Slack (58)
Damn missed a scrum getting a drink.

Pats on the back to Tupou. Penalty.

I'll call it Tupou 3 Robertson 0 even though I didnt see it.

Anyone want to correct what i didnt see?

Tupou was dominant again. Really putting his hand up for the starting Wallabies spot.


Arch Winning (36)
Dove??? It was head height. How would diving have helped?

Oh wow, ok maybe I didn’t explain myself.

He goes for the ball

Tips it up like he did

Instead of running and trying regather the ball and keep running, he runs and dives for the ball as it comes down as his body length id very much hope is bigger than his wingspan


Tony Shaw (54)
Can anyone explain the penalty against Rodda at the ruck just a minute ago? Phipps had picked the ball up so he can play at the scrum half can’t he? I’m not saying the call was wrong, I just don’t understand it.