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Round 5: Drua v Waratahs - Saturday 12pm AEDT

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
1st half, NSFW players brains seemed fried in the heat.

2nd half, the rain might be a leveler and really save them from an almighty hiding.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Ahhhh. Fair play. I think Jed and FLW (Fergus Lee-Warner) (Fergus Lee-Warner) regret their involvement in the greatest shave. They’re gonna have burnt melons after this
I don't know, might be happy not to have anything trapping the heat

The Ghost of Raelene

Andrew Slack (58)
Gee I wish Holloway was just a bit taller and he could be considered as an absolute second rower at test level.

He’s a really skilled footballer. The lineout steals and deft passes are great.

Joey Walton is a good genuine 12. No more of that silly testing him at 15.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Tahs might actually be better off playing a man down. Or they just desperately needed the break.