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Round 5: Drua v Waratahs - Saturday 12pm AEDT


George Gregan (70)
Fuck Edmed is absolutely not the bloke you want attempting a clutch play hey.

That probably does Coleman's career as Tahs coach, even if he stays on for the season.


Dave Cowper (27)
Gotta feel for Edmed. He clearly has the work ethic but the ability is just not there.
Like any skill, regardless of talent, if you have the work ethic to continue to try and try again, you get better. It’s all about repetitions. But then there is Edmed.


Dave Cowper (27)
Harsh… he’s a good kid and plays his heart out…
I’m not saying he doesn’t. Personally I think when he is confident, he is close to the best 10 we have in Australia. But if you’re only relying on confidence and not unconscious competence, you will fail. In my line of work, you can’t afford failure. So you do dry reps and live reps and reps until you can do it in your sleep.


Geoff Shaw (53)
I’m seeing a lot of coaching similarities between DC and Thorn, albeit I think Thorn had more talented cattle.

Seems a lot of Tahs players who were looking great last year have really hit their ceiling. Whether that’s a skill thing or lack of coaching I’m not sure. But Donaldson seems to have found his spark again (kinda) so maybe it’s coaching.