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RWC 2019 Predictions

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Steve Williams (59)
The opening game is 10 days away, all team squads are in and I'm bored at work - so it's prediction time.

We should get a tipping competition going as well (if there isn't one already for GAGR).

My predictions:

Winners of pools:

Pool A:
1st Ireland
2nd Japan (upset win over the Scots)

Pool B:
1st South Africa
2nd New Zealand

Pool C:
1st England
2nd Argentina
I think France is too inconsistent and Argentina will relish playing a team not from the championship.

Pool D:
1st Australia
2nd Wales
Head says Wales to top, heart says Australia, surely we're good for at least one decent game.

Quarter Finals

England v Wales
Wales will fall apart away from dreary Cardiff and playing in a tropical typhoon.

South Africa v Japan.
Rematch of the century.

Australia v Argentina
Only way Australia gets to the semis is against Argentina IMO. If they come up against Ireland/England/France they're out.

New Zealand v Ireland


Semi 1:
England v South Africa

Semi 2:
Australia v New Zealand

Very, very slightly controversial but I think South Africa will take it out.

Have at it.

you can use this handy predictor to work out who plays who


Steve Williams (59)
And if you want the best case scenario: NZ and SA absolutely ruin each other in the pool matches and NZ get bungled out by Ireland in the QFs, with the Irish desperate for their first ever semi final appearance. England knock over SA in the semi final through some EJ mind tricks and Australia get the wood on the Irish to set up a 2003 repeat, with the good guys delivering a two punch Ashes and RWC year.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
We did the double in 1999 of course. The two World Cups.

And the Woodies won our first First Grade Premiership. Which excited me more, I have to admit.


Rod McCall (65)
Australia to go out to England in the Quarters seems to be the best value for money to me.

If we beat Wales I fancy us to beat France or Argentina to make the Semis.


Jim Lenehan (48)
Love the Japan smoky over Scotland. I reckon Wales are overhyped and will wilt in the heat, allowing us to top the pool. Who knows, maybe even Fiji will pull out a stormer and get them for the upset.

Can't go past NZ for the title.
best case scenario: NZ get bungled out by Ireland in the QFs
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