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RWC Pool D - Wallabies vs Wales - Sunday 29 September 2019 @ 5.45pm


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Staff member
Oof. Not as confident as I was. Can't quite put my finger on it but I'm not that inspired by that team. Hopefully my reaction is unjustified.

I've thought for a long while that Foley would be a lot better player if he had any competition whatsoever for his position. Well he's got it now so hopefully he comes out with a point to prove and carves. I like the bench and we should finish strong so hopefully the starters can also start well.

EDIT: Just re-read and realised how many times I said "hopefully" :eek::D

Hope. It may be all we have. :D


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Staff member
Not surprised with Genia, given White was a bit sketchy last game, and Genia looked good when he was on. Also not with Foley, given the punishment Leali'ifano has taken of late and word he might not be 100%. If he was 100%, I wouldn't have changed 10s though. Statistically over time, Foley is a better goal-kicker (just) so hopefully that plays out. Backline looks more diesel than high-revving V8.
While I think Petaia is going to be a star, and fully fit would have been a really good option, the ongoing lack of "availability" to select him in a game is making his selection in the squad questionable.
Wales by 10. :(


Tim Horan (67)
Yeah, the argument was that they can't kick and don't cover the 14/15 hybrid role. Then we go and throw in AAC who hasn't kicked or passed this decade.

John S

Cyril Towers (30)
The coaches better have the grease on the sideline for Grandpa's joints, don't think I've seen him run fast for ages......


Peter Fenwicke (45)
I wonder what the visitation policy in the camp is.

I see on social media that Genia seems to be spending a heap of time with his family in Japan, I'm sure other players are as well. I'm not opposed to it but I wonder at what point is the line drawn. Genia is an experienced campaigner so no doubt he knows how to prepare properly for big games, but I'm sure some of the teams over there would be having a much stricter policy than this.

Anyone have any views on it or know what the likes of the All Blacks have in place?

Bobby Sands

Yeah, the argument was that they can't kick and don't cover the 14/15 hybrid role. Then we go and throw in AAC who hasn't kicked or passed this decade.

I actually dont mind AAC ahead of those players, just because when we play sides like Uruguay and Georgia (who are not as bad as everyone thinks) his experience will be very valuable. Add to the fact he defends stoutly, and can play multiple positions, it checks out to me.


Stan Wickham (3)
People are crying before they are hit, all the talk about the wingers, AAC is a defensive strong man and its been quoted before by the wallabies and the Waratahs in 2014 that he is a key leader of that line. 3 world cups prior and finals each time doesn't get you no where. In Koroibete we have one of the world's in form wingers. Have faith in DHP returning to where he belongs if he starts in a Gold Jersey.

The Wallabies will cause headaches for a Welsh team who are all to happy to keep telling the world that they're crack hot (Justin Tipuric)


Phil Kearns (64)
Staff member
I suppose there are two main decisions that have been made, and I see the logic behind both.

Once you determine Beale can't catch a high ball (and there is enough evidence to suggest that this is the case), then benching him against Wales is a prudent strategy. So DHP comes in, and AAC is quite literally the only winger we have left.

It's not an ideal scenario, but I think the strategy behind it is quite sound.

And once you determine Lilo is banged up (which is hard to tell from outside the camp), then putting Foley in his place is the only logical step.

I'm not entirely sold on Genia over White, given how good Nic was in Perth and the fact he's been decent enough since. But Genia is class so I can't argue too hard on that one.

The one thing I do like is our bench, with Beale arguably playing in his best position. If it's tight with 20 to play, we're in good position to make things happen in the late stages.

Seb V

Mark Loane (55)
I know I have been vocally critical of Lilo's past performances and advocated to drop him.... but now that I see Foley's name on the sheet I'm fueled with guilt... I am concerned.

My brain is telling me Foley's goal-kicking is probably better then Lilo's (although Foley not in the best form he has shown a cool head in the past in term's of goal-kicking) and inside the 40metres he should be okay... still concerned though.

On the plus side, loving DHP at fullback. AAC a safe option, I'm optimistic about this selection. Our back-three look way better at defusing high balls. Of coarse I would have loved an option with more pace but there's none in the squad who are fit. (damn that Banks non-selection is hurting us now - could have had DHP wing, Banks fullback)

I just hope Foley's goal-kicking is on point, and his general play and general kicking (existing 22's - which he is consistently poor at) doesn't cost us.

A mutterer

Bob Davidson (42)
Lilo was smashed repeatedly, and is probably still ginger. We have to keep in mind that progression is going to require rotation.