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Schools Sevens Competition

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Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
I'll be heading to Perth shortly and will be happy to post results as they happen over the weekend..

Give us some thoughts and opinions too please Dutchy.

"Iluvrugby24/7" is writing a blog and maybe he will miss some of the stuff you will see on a different ground.

Just bullet points will do.

LG Link brings you back to this page. What am I stuffing up????

There certainly was a stuff up but it wasn't yours. (Looks in mirror).


Ward Prentice (10)

The 2016 National Youth Sevens Championships (Under 18s) are being held this weekend at McGillivray Oval at the University of Western Australia.

The competition begins on Saturday morning in Perth and will be streamed LIVE on rugby.com.au



Frank Nicholson (4)
19-0 NSW Blue - NT half time

NSW had all the ball and well in control, they look sharp against a much smaller team.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Final score 58-0 again NSW all the ball not giving NT a chance... live streaming so I'm sure you can see what's happening.


Ron Walden (29)
Final score 58-0 again NSW all the ball not giving NT a chance. live streaming so I'm sure you can see what's happening.

HI Dutchy. Is there a program listing names and jersey numbers for NSW teams that you could take pics and post here. Would be awesome if you could. Cheers


Frank Nicholson (4)
Sorry no luck yet

But QLD red & National indigenous just played a very close game but well under the standard of the NSW Blues. Qld won.

I'm working on the team sheets.

Victoria had a good win against SA but as individuals so interesting to see how they perform against a better defensive team


Vay Wilson (31)
Great to have the streaming, though a bit confusing at first with with White playing in Blue and Blue playing in Green.

Yool seems to have some wheels. Any stand outs from those at the ground?


Simon Poidevin (60)
Just watched National Indigenous plays NSW White. There are a few impressive looking footballers on the National Indigenous side. They kid who streaked down the sideline early in the 2nd half with that long stride of a run looked to be seriously motoring.
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