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Sneak Preview: The G&GR Best Aussie Club Try Competition

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Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Staff member

Here it is, your sneak preview. Won't be announcing it to the world until Thursday, so keep it among yourselves for today, but then unleash hell....

Tomorrow I'll attach a pdf 'flyer' with email text that you'll be able to send to everyone you can think of.

Interested to know what you all think - I'm pumped!

The Green and Gold Rugby Best Aussie Club Try Competition

Fancy your own club team training session with Robbie Deans?

➢ How about the honour of knowing you and your team scored the best try in all of Australian club rugby for 2010, as personally chosen by the Wallaby coaching staff?

➢ On top of these, how does a swag of the latest KooGa and Skins gear for you and your team mates grab you?

All this and more could be yours if your club enters and wins the Green and Gold Rugby Best Aussie Club Try.
Each Saturday through the season, superb tries are scored on rugby grounds across Australia, with only the dedicated few seeing these gems. But now, with the regular videoing of club matches, there is the opportunity for the best of these tries to be shared with the world, and for them personally reviewed by the Wallaby coaches and selectors themselves.

How the competition works, and the prizes
The promotion is open to any rugby club in Australia and offers a range of prizes for players and the clubs themselves.  There is no cost for clubs, who participate by uploading to YouTube videos of the best tries scored by their teams each month during the Australian club rugby season. 

At the end of each month G&GR's expert panel will select a short list of five tries which will be broadcast through the G&GR and ARU websites allowing the public to vote on their favourite. The player who scored the most popular try of that month will win the G&GR Best Aussie Club Rugby Try award for that month and vouchers for $1,000 worth of products from Skins and Kooga.

The promotion culminates at the end of the season with the 2010 G&GR Best Aussie Club Rugby Try award which will be judged by Wallaby coach, Robbie Deans, from the six monthly award winners.  The club whose player scored the try that is selected as the 2010 G&GR Best Aussie Club Rugby Try will win:
• A two-hour training session in the 2011 pre-season at their club run by the Wallaby coaches. 
• Thousands of dollars worth of KooGa and Skins products for their team (in addition to the scorers individual monthly prize)
• The 2010 G&GR Best Aussie Club Rugby Try trophy – to be presented by Wallaby coach, Robbie Deans to the scorer of the try on behalf of their club at a Wallaby training session in October 2010*

How to enter
To participate in the promotion, clubs need to upload video footage of their nominated try to their own YouTube account.  If clubs don’t already have their own YouTube account it’s a very simple process to setup and G&GR has also established a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on it’s website (http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/clubtry/) that provides tips on any technical issues clubs may face. Once clubs have uploaded their video to YouTube they can register their try through the G&GR website by providing details of the try such as the date scored, name of the player that scored and the YouTube URL for the try video. 

There is no limit to the number of tries that may be submitted by a club each month.  Voting for tries is limited to one vote per person, but G&GR encourages clubs to get as many of their players and supporters as possible to vote for any of their tries that are selected in the monthly short list. Voting will take place on http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/clubtry/
This promotion is for entry by clubs only, so if you’re a player, parent or coach that wants to see your favourite try broadcast to rugby followers all around the world, get in touch with your club and ask them to submit your entry.

Chance plays no part in determining the winners in this promotion. The judging will be based on individual skill levels of the players involved, level of teamwork involved in the lead up to the try and the level of innovation of attacking moves.  Clips that are poor quality or contain offensive images will be ineligible and disregarded.

The Big Idea
Apart from the great prizes on offer, this promotion gives Australian rugby clubs the chance to show the high standard of rugby people can experience at clubs all around the country each weekend.  It also provides an opportunity for players to have exposure to the Wallaby coaches through their involvement in the judging process and the coaching session that forms part of the prize pool.
To give you an idea of what we’ll see, click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2nZ2v7twoA  to see all the tries scored in last month’s Australian Club Championship match between Brothers from Brisbane and Sydney University. If you think you’ve got something to offer to give these examples a run for their money, then start uploading now.

Green and Gold Rugby would like to thank Rugby.com.au, KooGa and Skins for their support for this initiative

Frequently Asked Questions
A frequently asked questions section can be found here: http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/forum/index.php?topic=10217.msg72240#msg72240

Any enquiries regarding the promotion should initially be directed by e-mail to clubtry@greenandgoldrugby.com

*The club/winner is responsible for their transportation and accommodation if required

Brumby Jack

Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
Nice one Gagger,

An idea....I know for the local ACT comp they produce a small program of team listings etc that get's handed out at games. Could the flyer be small enough to fit onto a page of said program?


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Staff member
Sounds perfect. We could create a banner or box to go on it. Just need to know what size it would need to be....

Brumby Jack

Steve Williams (59)
Staff member

I picked up the local ACT comp program and it made it onto page 7 out of about 22 pages.

The only bad thing is it's in black and white so the excellent colours don't stand out as well. But it's there and now people have no excuses!


Knitter of the Scarf
I'm just noting that the video above has been removed by the user. Is it placed anywhere important, like on advertising material?
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