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Soccer WC

lol the twatsphere going into meltdown over WC seppo chicks goal celebrations versus some lovely, lithe young ladies from Thailand.

ffs the seppo dyejob degeneres Rapinoe is just too fucken much, she scores goal #18 and celebrates like she's just solved the riddle of fucken time travel.

*edited "dyke" to "Rapinoe". The word dyke is a homophobic slur and I need to get my language up to speed here in 2013.
UK Prem league going into fullblown meltdown at the prospect of the Big 6 breaking away to form a 20 team euro super league. 15 "founder" sides who can never be relegated and 5 other euro sides a year who can qualify. The fine print sez the big boys get 310 million pound squid p/a guaranteed..... and only ("only") 30 mill if they actually win the fucking thing. Easy St. Mail it in. No fucks given lads, we're getting PAID anyway.

The weird thing is even if a shitty qualifier like Leicester manages to win the whole thing they get less than HALF what a Barca gets just for turning up and losing every weekend.

As a spiteful bastard who just wants to see the world burn, I think the whole idea is FUCKING GREAT.


Who wants to see Manchester United versus some dogshit little tinpot no-name local hovel team like "Burnley" or "Fulham"?

Big boys vs big boys every week!

Confession time; my cable provider lost the Prem league rights about 5 years ago and I dont miss it a bit. But as a societal experiment I'd like to see just how irate people get and whether they would really mobilise to fuck the superleague thing up the arse. Plus I'd like to see how angry Gary Neville the millionaire would really get.


Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
Given that Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal aren't even in champions league spots on the table, Juventus are at risk of missing out, and Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and PSG aren't participating, it's a shitty looking league.

I reckon they've spent too much time in the 1,000 page, circular manifesto that is the 'where to now for super rugby' thread.
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LOL, that was quick, all over now.

Chelsea got cold feet after a bloke with a cardboard sign protested outside Stamford Bridge and the team quickly capitulated.

The rest of the big boy mega teams followed suit.


The drama is over.

The bigwigs hadn't thought the big brave gambit through AT ALL.

Now the irate fans are all "punish the teams with fines and transfer bans and relegation etc"

Like fuck. The whole shebang went from screaming birth to simpering death in only 48 hours. Media/fans etc will be back sucking on the big boys teat in half that time. "Just a misunderstanding, it was the villainous American owners who tried to force us into it, Sir..."

Gonna be a great movie though. Perfect baddies in the radio rentally out-of-touch seppo owners

I want Les Grossman as one of the Glazers



Already started work on the screenplay.....

"Wait..... did anyone tell our players about this new league?"
"Fuck no."
"Those fucking arseholes work for us"
"They are our chatteled cattle"
"They'll do what they're fucking told if they want to keep getting paid"
"Useless wetback fucks"
"Once we get the US-style salary cap in place we can pay those chav wankers even less and keep more $$ for ourselves"
"Fuck yeah"
"Won't the fans go mental at all this?"
"Fuck them"
"The pandemic showed we no longer need those dickhead losers in the stands"
"TV rights to Asia, Africa and North America baby."
"That's where the money is"
"Temporary pain for some limey fucks in Hackney is a small price to pay for us all getting rich as shiiiiiiiiit"
"Fuck Hackney "
"Don't announce a fucking thing until all 12 founder franchises have signed."
"By then it'll be too late"
"What happens if the players listen to the fans and don't want to play for our big teams anymore?"
"The money will be fucking enormous"
"Too much money for the dumb fuck players to refuse"
"Wait on..... the founder teams get 310 million pound squid p/a guaranteed... but only 30 mill if they actually win the fucking competition?" What incentive is there to even try then? "
"Who let this commie motherfucker in the room?"
"Fuck off Sergei"
"We're doing it NBA-style, shithead"
"Check out this fucking anti-american commie shartstain"
"I'm not a communist but isn't it weird if a shitty qualifier like Leicester manages to win the whole thing they get less than HALF what a Barca gets just for turning up and losing every weekend?"
"Fuck you"
"Check out Vlad the fucking Unabomber over here"
"Fucking commie"
"It'll work. We pull up the ladder behind us. UK Division 1 will just be Everton and Fulham and Burnley and those sad local fucks. No glamour matchups. "
"Ergo, no fucker will watch"
"Ergo, no broadcasting money."
"Ergo, fuck yeah we win"
"Who wants to see Manchester United versus some dogshit little tinpot no-name local hovel team like "Burnley" or "Fulham"?"
"Big boys vs big boys every week!"
"Asian kids on youtube, that's the target market."
"Billions of the half-blind little noodle-armed shitheads"
"Fuck some dreary old dying pommy fans in Fulham"
"Billions of Africans"
"Fuck yeah, each team can ring-in a couple of clueless Chinese players"
"All the new Asians and African fans will have new favourite teams then"
"Jersey sales"
"Ching ching motherfucker"
"Pay per view in Wuhan baby"
"We're going viral!
"Tik Tok that shit up!"
"How about e-sports tie-ins?"
"Fuck yeah. How about e-sports holograms of players on the actual pitch?"
"Controlled by the fans."
"Love it"
"I'm touching my hologram boner right now"
"Can I touch it?"
"Fuck yeah, touches for everyone"

Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
I feel like the MOU for the ESL was just posturing. Agnelli and Perez in particular will keep working to protect their golden eggs im the face of rising debt.