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South Coast Rugby Union

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Phil Hardcastle (33)
Anyone playing in the South Coast Comp this year? Watched a few games last year and there are some good players in the comp - Teams competing in the comp this year:

Broulee Dolphins
Batemans Bay Boars
Bombala Bluetongues
Milton Platypus
Narooma Whales

Broulee ended up winning the comp last year and had a VERY strong squad.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Any mail on the FSC Rep team for this years Brumbies Provincial Championships?

None as yet mate - Broulee and the Bay are the front rowers in this comp at the moment followed by Milton and then Bombala/Narooma - So I would think alot of the squad will come from the Broulee and Bay squads - but I would say they will have at least a player from each side.

I am guessing it will be annouced after Saturdays games - this week we will see -

Narooma V Broulee @ Broulee

Bombala V Milton @ Bombala

Batemans Bay - BYE


Desmond Connor (43)
None as yet mate

I heard mail earlier in the year that Stephen Hoiles may be involved with the FSC Team this year in some sort of a coaching/mentoring role. Apparently he owns a share in a gym in Bateman's Bay and was keen to be involved in the June Long Weekend.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Geez, Narooma to Broulee is a fair trek!

Narooma to Broulee is only about 60-70kms mate - its Narooma to Bombala which is the killer - over 200kms! Narooma had to forfeit the other week due to players not being able to travel to Bombala.

Even Narooma to Milton is around the 130km travel.

Makes it tough to have a consistent somewhat even comp when teams are chopping and changing so much due to travel.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
I heard mail earlier in the year that Stephen Hoiles may be involved with the FSC Team this year in some sort of a coaching/mentoring role. Apparently he owns a share in a gym in Bateman's Bay and was keen to be involved in the June Long Weekend.

What is he doing these days? Still playing - he wouldnt be that old only 30-31 I guess

the coach

Bob Davidson (42)
What is he doing these days? Still playing - he wouldnt be that old only 30-31 I guess

Stephen Hoiles is still hanging around at the Wicks.
Looks fit enough to play, but I'm not sure he wants to risk the archillies again.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Some results from last weekend -

Broulee 47 - Narooma 10
Bombala 31 - Milton 17

Batemans Bay - BYE

Surprising Bombala beat Milton - but I think Milton were struggling for players and maybe only fielded 13 - Bombala were struggling for players also at the start of the season and I think they will struggle when they have to travel away from home considering its a 2 hour + journey to nearly everyother game.

Narooma did well agasint Broulee and from what I heard the scoreline was no reflection of the game itself - Narooma are improving considering they lost 122-0 to The Bay in the 1st round and then Broulee beat the Bay 23-5 the next round.

Narooma played the Bay last night in Narooma - have not heard any score updates as of yet and Milton take on Broulee in Milton today - which will be an interesting match up and will show if Milton and Narooma are that far apart as they will take eachother on the 15/6 (after the June long weekend rep comp) - which could see Narooma winning one of their 1st games in nearly a season!


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Draw for the Brumbies Provincial Tournament, to be played on Saturday 8th until Monday 10th June.

3.00pm Monaro v South Coast Marlins

2.00pm South Coast Marlins v Southern Inland Rams

11:00am Monaro v Southern Inland Rams


Phil Hardcastle (33)
From all reports the South Coast rep side had a training session yesterday at Batemans Bay - Also I am told Batemans Bay only narrowly beat Narooma on Friday night from what I have been told - but I have not got a final score.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Round 8 Results -
Batemans Bay 38 - Narooma 20

Broulee 31 - Milton 22

Bombala - bye

Surprising result in the Bay V Narooma game - Narooma really stepped it up and from what I have been told were only 4 points behind for most of the game - considering they lost 122-0 (maybe 5) a month or so ago - def shows signs that the club is getting stronger as a unit.

Broulee again got up over Milton - Broulee as I said are the front runners in the comp - but every team is improving and I think by the end of the season we will see a pretty tight comp.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
South Coast Team to play today -

David Silversides © Batemans Bay

James Bell Batemans Bay

David Fleming Broulee

Simon Davies Milton

Andrew Rutherford Bombala

Joel Watson Narooma

Ash Kenny Batemans Bay

Jack Pritchard Broulee

Peter Ngarima Batemans Bay

Sam Hornby Broulee

Terry Lee Broulee

Mitch Madison Milton

Andrew Fleming Batemans Bay

Tom Pritchard Broulee

Tyronne Thomas Narooma

Hayden Stirling Milton

Jesse Piekar Milton

Sean Stenhouse Narooma

Bede Mcneill Broulee

Jack Pritchard Broulee

Charlie Nye Broulee

Jermaine Ballingarry Narooma

Coach Matthew Ryan

ManagerEmme Papalli

TrainerRob Small


Desmond Connor (43)
SIRU 43 (H Wrafter 2, J Olds, M Fealy, L Cooke, B Wendt, E Lagaali Tries, J Olds 3 Con, L Cooke 1 Con) bt FSC 0

Monaro 34 bt FSC 17

SIRU to play Monaro tomorrow in the final of the Brumbies Provincial Tournament.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Pics from the Brumbies Provincial Championships and also a write up about the South Coast side from the Batemans bay Post


If there was one thing coach Matt Ryan wanted from his South Coast Marlins team over the weekend, it was improvement on previous years.
Well, improvement was exactly what he got.
And Ryan insisted rock solid evidence of that improvement came on Monday when four Marlins were picked for the Brumbies Provincial squad – the most South Coast players picked in one year.
“You always like to think you can get more players picked but it’s probably a fair reflection of the three teams,” Ryan said.
“We definitely improved on the previous year, which was the aim and in the first game against Monaro, we probably weren’t too far off causing an upset there.
“So there were definitely positives to come out of both of the weekend’s games.
“Southern Inland were a very powerful, big bunch of blokes and for our guys to compete with them and even match them for large parts of the contest was a credit to them.”
However, Ryan also said the Marlins weren’t the only ones to improve from the 2012 tournament.
“The thing is, though, there’s been a big improvement in everyone,” he said.
“From last year, Southern Inland were very powerful again and an even stronger unit, and the same could probably even be said for Monaro.
“So for us to make up ground on them was very pleasing.”
The Marlins visibly lifted for the occasion at Hanging Rock Oval and even took a shock 14-10 half-time lead in their opening game against Monaro.
“We haven’t led at half-time in this competition for eight years now, so that was one box ticked off,” Ryan said.
“And we probably didn’t have as big a half-time lead as we deserved.”

South Coast eventually went down 34-17 in that match before being outclassed 43-nil against Southern Inland on Sunday.
Southern Inland defended their title with a 26-5 win over Monaro on Monday.
The Brumbies provincial team will face an Australian Combined Services team later in the year.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Round 9 in the South Coast Rugby Comp -

Milton V Narooma

Bombala V Batemans Bay

Broulee - BYE

Two interesting games this round - Narooma will NEED to win this game to have any hope of making any ground in the finals - Milton have had acouple good wins this season and last time these 2 teams met it was really just fitness and finishing that let Narooma down with Milton having the win - if Narooma step up and have good numbers travelling they could have the 1st win of the season - both teams have players out from last weekends Brumbies Provincial Championships I think.

Bombala are at home and always are alot stronger when they are at home due to no travel, more numbers, home ground - if Bombala step up they could take this game which would make the ladder very interesting moving into the later parts of the season.

As I said this is an interesting round and if we see some upsets it could really turn things around.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Washed out game today unfortunately for the Bombala V Batemans Bay game - they will split the points.

Picture of the Brumbies Provincial team after the Monaro V Southern Inland game on Monday -

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