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SRT-T R1: Crusaders v Brumbies


Chilla Wilson (44)
As much as I'd like to see the Brumbies win for the giggles, for mine it wasn't clear and obvious that his foot was in touch.

EDIT: Not that it matters.


Trevor Allan (34)
That penalty was an embarassment and a strike at the legitimacy of the crusaders win if they win here. Incredibly home town decision

Disgraceful. What hope do you have against a team like the Crusaders when you even get pinged for legitimately competing?

bring back rucking

Chris McKivat (8)
Hmmm... I was hoping the new Valentini was going to bring a different game to the kiwis, this is looking like it used to which is a worry for test time. Good shift from frost... cracking try banks