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Super Rugby 2023 QF: Blues vs NSW Waratahs

Da Munch

Chris McKivat (8)
Not sure I can accept that but I will accept is the lack of educated complaining by the Australian teams. He might've but it wasn't clear on the broadcast if Hooper even complained the BOK that he had been hit in the head. You absolutely know if the roles were reversed Dalton would've been immediately into BOK's ear about Hooper's hit on him. Aus players are far too passive - did any see Tizzano clearly held in the scrum on Pita Gus' try last week?? It was barely mentioned to the refs.
Pretty hard to complain to someone who is ignoring you and your side, and having discussions with the other side.

Good example is obviously the Hooper direct to the head, and the none try at the end.
Hooper being ignored is covered above and the non try a bit.
The non try, the blues players were right at BOK saying it was kicked out. If it'd been kicked out, it should of been penalty (kicking in danger), with no defense a penalty try and yellow card. Obviously that was going to far, even for BOK as the player was setting up for the ruck and his leg just got in the way, but he still listened to them and ruled it'd kicked dead by the tahs. So even though it was wrong, he was still listening to them. Was happening the whole game, pretty sure I noticed it before the Hooper non red.

With the non try the, interestingly the near opposite of this happened earlier in the game - also discused above. With the blues knocking the ball out of the tahs going for a try and it was ruled knocked on by the tahs.