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Super Rugby Au Final - Brumbies v Reds


Tim Horan (67)
White is going to have a field day here. Missing a rower and down a man. Time for the snipe.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
I am so glad Tupou is a Wallaby. He'll put intense levels of fear into oppositions. But he was first to pop in two scrums where the Reds were given (gifted) the penalty, and in the first couple of minutes of the second half, he has not released the tackled player, had hands on the ground and has been allowed to play on. He is getting a free ride tonight from Gardner.

Didn’t see it that way at all personally. Nearly everytime Tupou is popping Sio first. Immense power.

But hey it’s the only thing keeping the Reds in the match.


Herbert Moran (7)
Game's not over but just one of those days for the Reds, a tonne of mistakes from the outset, it'll be a huge effort to turn it around from here.