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Sydney Subbies 2018

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Jason Little (69)
Kings Old Boys playing Colleagues 6ths in Halligans this weekend.

Good stuff - always a shame when a club hits those circumstances. A different decision a couple of years ago could have kept them healthy. C'est la vie.


Jason Little (69)
I’m not sure anyone gives a fark about what the NSWRU supports or sanctions. I’d suggest that is half the underlying driver here.

Insurance is easily obtained. If they are locking away referees for the competition you’d have to say things are well advanced.

While the insurance kind of sucks for Subbies, it is only at the relatively low rate due of $1950 per grade to the bulk buy deal Rugby Australia gets with Gow Gates.

If there is no umbrella for this new competition, they'll probably pay more. If they've got the money, good luck to them.


Stan Wickham (3)
FOREST vs Beecroft - Wow this will be a grubby encounter and expect plenty of cheap shots. Forest riding high will win this comfortably but expect several yellows and maybe a red from this fixture.

Why is it you think this will be a grubby encounter with several yellows?

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Frank Row (1)
While the insurance kind of sucks for Subbies, it is only at the relatively low rate due of $1950 per grade to the bulk buy deal Rugby Australia gets with Gow Gates.

If there is no umbrella for this new competition, they'll probably pay more. If they've got the money, good luck to them.

Gow Gates don't underwrite the policy, they are just a broker. Frankly the insurance is next to meaningless for players given how limited the coverage is, so this should really be pretty cheap coverage to obtain if you went like for like elsewhere.

Especially interesting is the fact that there is no stepped down cost arrangement. I don't want to get into too much detail but the insurances cover a clubs liabilities which are the same whether you have 1 grade or 5. This suggests that either there is price gouging of larger clubs or that larger clubs are subsidising the costs for smaller clubs.

With some decent advice I think a breakaway comp would be able to arrange competitive insurance costs for similar coverage.

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Allen Oxlade (6)
Interesting draw design this year in div 2 (haven't checked the other draws) in that there are two sides to the draw. After round 3, Epping, Forest, Beecroft and Blueys will have all played each other and then Hills, UNSW, Lindfield and Pats will have done the same on the other side of the draw.

Think from round 4 we'll start to get a better idea of how things are working out.

The rams had a tough but competitive day at Forest last week and I'd expect the same in the return leg.

On a scale of 1 -to jealous in terms of clubhouses I'd say I'm pretty jealous of Newport and Forest... I'm sure there are more too but they top my list

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Herbert Moran (7)
MOSMAN vs Waves - think this will be closer than most think maybe not 30+ may blow out at the end by 15-20
SHAMMIES vs Hunters - Christ this will be a mass murder if last week is to go by, HH looking very short on depth unless it was a one off last week look out in all grades by plenty
DRUMMOYNE vs Balmain - This one will be interesting, both suffered losses last week but think Drummoyne to get up at home
Knox vs COLLEAGUES - Colleagues I think should do this comfortably, knox will stick with them for a good chunk but the men in blue should have enough to get them across the line late

Old Soldier vs HILLS - Will be interesting Lindfield 2 close losses and Hills with 2 convincing victories over the same opponents. Hills should win this, but on back to Lindfield day with a vocal home crowd it the old soldiers will make them earn it
Unsw vs ST PATRICKS - UNSW down on troops and went non contest scrums in 2 games last week when losing all 5 grades, they will be glad they are back at home but the size of St Pats will be to much for them
FOREST vs Beecroft - Agree with HeavyD this will be a very grubby affair, Forest will be too strong especially at home ill be interested to see scores across the grades on this encounter
BLUE MOUNTAINS vs Rams -this should be a pretty good game. Under lights up at Lapstone oval will be some good contests across all grades. I think Mountains should just have enough to get across the line here but give Epping a sniff and there could be an 'upset' not sure I want to call it that but that's what I will call it

Valley vs NEWPORT - Some clubs love bus trips, seems like over the years it never has suited the men from Newport. BUT I think I will tip them v Valley this week not sure why but just think the will knock them off not by many but enough
IGGIES vs bobs - Should be a cracker. Iggies though will have a little bit more fire power in the pack one feels to get them across the line
Saints Vs BROTHERS - will be a shit fight in lower grades earlier in the day and could be the same in 1st grade as well. Ill back Brothers here but geez this could be a terrible watch
Redfield vs HAC - HAC should do this easy. Redfield wont be push overs and will hang till the end but a will be too strong


Bill Watson (15)
The acid test for this new comp will be if someone gets seriously hurt and tries to sue their club or the association.

How comfortable would you be, to not be affiliated with NSW/ARU then?


Herbert Moran (7)
Clean sweep as well against Iggies at home. Impressive
I was at Ryde today.....I certainly did not expect that. Both sides appeared to be missing a few but no excuses BOBs just blew a stunned Iggies away and kept the foot on the throat. Nothing too complicated to the game plan and pretty small bodies. Bobs #9 was on another planet. #15 for Iggies was their best.
Interesting to see Redfiled beat HAC too. Good to have footy back.


Jason Little (69)
Ran into the freight train that was Merrylands at home yesterday.

Some late withdrawals and outright fucking liars meant we have to reshuffle things, then it got worse when one guy's face got split open and he had to go to hospital with another guy (both first grade quality) riding shotgun.

Now contemplating going back to one grade.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Hills shaping up as the team to beat in the Barraclough Cup after a big win on Back to Lindfield Day. The draws swaps over now so we will get a better idea of how things are progressing and get some perspective of the opening three rounds. Generally speaking the race for the club championship will be very tight come round 14 in my opinion.

St Pats big forward pack are getting better each week with increased match fitness. They gave the UNSW forwards a bath at scrum time. St Pats v Forest this weekend makes for a mouthwatering clash!


Jason Little (69)
Alexandria Dukes aren't putting a Second Grade on the park this week. Increasingly looks like we can't either.

Injuries, work, and generally people who don't give a fuck. Might have to try paring it back to the core guys who want to be there, and risk losing the ones who bitch about game time but can't be fucked turning up to training. And see if we can grow from there.

Playing the two toughest teams in the comp away in Rounds 2 & 3 hasn't really helped the cause, at the same time as losing three front rowers to injury.

So I would say Noice Cup is about to become a 3-horse race, and looking at the playing stocks and results, it is Merrylands' to lose. Though you could say the same about Jeffrey Cup. Maybe Convicts can challenge them if they're big and fit enough this year, as they've been doing some impressive work against the Eastern Suburbs outfits.


Vay Wilson (31)
10/12 last week

PETERSHAM vs Mosman - In what is one of the games of the round the Shammies at home to have more firepower. Petersham by 14
WAVERLEY vs Hunters – The draw has done Hunters Hill no favours with first up floggings by competition heavyweights Mosman and Petersham. They face a step down in class this weekend but think Waverley will comfortably have their measure. Waves by 18
KNOBS vs Drummoyne – The old boys to strong for the Dirty Reds at Barra Brui. KNOBs by 12
Balmain vs COLLEAGUES – This will be a compettive affair but think the boys from the east will come home the stronger to sneak a slim victory over the muzzled wloves.

HILLS vs Mountains – HILLs have a chance to prove they are the real deal with a win over the big boys from the foot of the mountians. HILLs by 7 in a bruising encounter.
UNSW vs Beecroft – UNSW to strong for travel weary Beecroft. Students by 12
ST PATs vs Forest – Upset of the round with Forest struggling to contain the big boppers from Strathfield. Pats by 7
EPPING vs Lindfield – the RAMS back at home will just sneak over a competitive Lindfield by 3

NEWPORT vs St Ives – Breakers happy to be home off the back to back Hawkesbury tour and will be fired up for their annual Mo day clash. Saints will give their all but Newport to strong in the end. Breakers by 10
REDFIELD vs Iggies – after 1st up victories against struggling Saints and Brothers, Iggies were humilated at home last week, REDFIELD pose a similar threat, effective forward pack providing enough ball to a very sharp backline. Redflield by 20
BROTHERS vs Hawkesbury Valley – BROTHERS by 14 against a sizeable but ageing Hawkesbury.
HAC vs Bobs – Game of the season thus far, two red hot backlines face off but think HAC will have dominance in the forwards and see them up by 5.


Herbert Moran (7)
Div3 Tips:

Newport vs St Ives: Expect Newport to bounce back in a big way. This game will be a turning point for the boys in blue. Saints struggling for quality but no doubting their passion. Newport by 20.

Redfield vs Iggies : Redfield are looking the goods this year. Expect them to kept that going this week. Iggies did not play as poorly as the score suggested last week, so can't see another cricket score. Redfield by 15.

Brothers vs Hawkesbury Valley: Brothers strong forward pack to do the damage. Brothers by 15.

HAC vs BOBS: MOTR by far. Two quality backlines but HAC forward pack to be the difference in this one. HAC by 8.
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