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Sydney Subbies 2018

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Allen Oxlade (6)
2 weeks not 10.. thank God

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That makes more sense 2 x weeks; so the judiciary agreed then with the red card by the ref? Was the action of dumping the player discussed, and did they explain it to you - and the offender - the reasoning behind the suspension? I hope so...

Sydney Rugby Fan

Allen Oxlade (6)
And I got dumped on my head and shoulder a month ago, but the ref gave a yellow

Thats just poor form/ decision making by the ref Pfitzy... any player that gets lifted passed the horizontal - and lands on his head and shoulder - then a red card needs to be shown to the offender...

(Copied form the Game Management Guidelines for 2018 - provided to all referees at the start of every season:)

• Lifting tackles that place players in danger of injury must have serious consequences. The onus is on the tackler to complete the tackle safely. Dropping or throwing tackled players once they are in a dangerous position is to be strongly sanctioned.
• Any time a tackled player's legs are lifted above horizontal it should result in a yellow card as a minimum. If the tackled player is lifted and lands on their shoulder or head area it should result in a red card.


Herbert Moran (7)

HH v Petersham- Hunters Hill are slowly progressing throughout the season but not sure that they have improved enough to knock off Petersham this weekend
Balmain v Drummoyne- Interesting game this one with the battle for 3rd and 4th on the ladder so tight between the last 6 teams, this is a pretty big game for both sides. Going to back Drummoyne here
Waverley v Mosman- Should be a good game this. Waverley at home will be tough but ill back Mosman to take this one and continue there charge in the Kentwell Cup
Colleagues v Knox- Match of the Round in Div. 1, both sides are very inconsistent and as stated above this is massive in the context of the ladder positions. I'm going to go with the home side here purely based off last weeks performances


Hills v Lindfield- Lindfield gave Pats a scare last week when they lead for 90% of the game, I think if Hills are complacent or an team in the top 4 for that matter Lindfield are the team to cause a few upsets. In saying that though I think Hills will have to much for the Old Soldiers at home and Lindfield will be looking to save their best performances for next weekend on their ladies day
Epping v Mountains- Match of the Round by Far!! Epping looking to keep their season alive and Mountains eyeing off top spot on the ladder. At Somerville the Epping boys will lift if they can stay in the game physically with Mountains I think we can see the Rams pick up a win. Ill back the Rams to win this one and keep their season alive
St Pats v UNSW- Like Epping UNSW season is effectively on the line this weekend. Last week im hearing their coach after the loss at Home to Hills pretty much wrote off their season which was strange but they didn't do themselves any favours and need a win this weekend to stay alive. St Pats will need to be careful of a desperate team but think they'll do enough to get the win
Beecroft v Forest- Intriguing game this. Forest coming off 2 loses in a row and will be thinking back to their trip to Melwood where they came away with wins in lower grades. They are always much stronger at home Beecroft and I think they may knock off Forest If given a sniff. Expect this to be the grubbiest game seen all year in Div 2 especially if Beecroft hit the front at any point. In saying that ill go Forest to win


St Ives v Newport- What an absolute bludger of a game this will be. Newport to win by plenty but would hate too see how the game starts. Certainly not one to bring the crowds back
Valley v Brothers- Should be a pretty good game this, physicality will be high im going to back Valley at home purely after they have knocked off Redfield.
Iggies v Redfield- Should be another decent game with Iggies needing a win to gain some breathing space in the top 4. Redfield will be looking to get back on the horse should be close but ill go with Redfield
Barker v HAC- Match of the Round for Div. 3 by far. Barker with a flashy backline and dominant attacking play and HAC with the big bruising physical game should make for an intriguing contest. Last time was a draw, wont happen this time, im going to back Barker if they can hold on and match the physicality and avoid contact they can get a win


David Wilson (68)
DIV 4:
SYDNEY IRISH v Mac Uni - Irish too strong at home. Mac Uni improving,

Briars v SYDNEY HARLEQUINS - Quins dropped from 1st to 3rd after losing to Irish last week, and will have a point to prove after losing all three to Briars at Waterloo in Round 4.

CANTERBURY v Oatley* - Berries too strong at home.

*From the outside, Oatley look like a club in trouble. Some of their best players can't/won't train apparently, and so they shunt them into Thirds where they have previously thrashed everyone. But not so this year where Canterbury are the dominant force. Its nice to have a merit system, but at this stage, sitting 2+ games outside the top 4, their Firsts risk missing out altogether.

DIV 5:
Manly Savers v MENAI - longest trip of the year for Menai, but they'll have too much for Savers.

Rouse Hill v MERRYLANDS - numbers aren't great this week due to injuries and people going to the fucking SNOW of all things. We'll do our best but a big win to the Wolves coming up.

Alexandria Dukes v LANE COVE - there should be some nice rugby on display here but Covies are hungry for finals and will overpower the Dukes.

SYDNEY CONVICTS v Maccabi - Back from their Bingham Cup successes, the Convicts will be relatively fresh and looking to wrap up a finals spot.

DIV 6:
Dundas Valley v CHATSWOOD - a win on the road for the Stags as Dundas fall apart.

NORTH CRONULLA v Collaroy - 1 v 2 is going to be a good battle as the Cougars try to keep themselves in sight of a minor premiership, but the likely minor premiers will have too much.

ENGADINE v Wakehurst - this game is important for the last finals spot, as the gap to the top 3 might be just a bit too much.

BURRANEER v Dee Why - should be a comfortable win to the home side.


David Wilson (68)
FINALS REVIEW - of the review, if you like

McLean Cup
Another good finals series coming up, with clubs cycling up and down this year into positions of strength, before the occasional shock loss. The top 4 look decided, with the gap from 4th to 5th sitting at 10 points, but 3 wins. The order will be interesting as 1st and 4th place have a game in hand due to the uneven club count in this division.

Grose Cup
Top 2 here are probably safe, and Harlequins will no doubt be moving heaven and earth to get the wins on the board to stay in 3rd. Mac Uni could surprise with a bit of stacking, with Oatley needing to work hard here to outperform their First Grade and make finals.

Walker Cup
Top 4 are locked in here, with 5th place 19 points different. Canterbury have to be favourites for the minor premiership, while Blacktown, Oatley, and Irish jockey for position. Blacktown will be hurt by not having open selection as their 2s are unlikely to make finals.

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP: helluva battle between Berries and Irish.

Jeffrey Cup
Menai the clear favourites for the Minor Premiership, but the race for the Cup is wide open IMHO. Convicts have two games up their sleeve, which could be 8-10 points as its against Covies and Dukes. As a result they'll leapfrog Merrylands into 2nd place. Covies (4), being 6 points ahead of Savers, are probably the other finals contender. Convicts might actually take this one with discipline and ruck work ahead of Menai's offload and power game.

Noice Cup
Well fuck. Who knows what is happening here? The only regulars in the comp are Convicts, Covies, and Merrylands at this stage, with Menai and Rouse Hill having a crack at 2s, and dropping out, and Dukes contracting their efforts early in the piece. Don't get me wrong: we'd LOVE to play finals, but I hardly think its fair given we've taken the field twice this year, and forfeited another game.

Maybe just play off Merrylands and Lane Cove in Week 1 of the finals and leave it there?

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP: Merrylands and Menai to fight it out. The Wolves will get some assistance via forfeits, and might sneak it as a result.

Meldrum Cup
The Sea Lice have to be favourites for the minor premiership, and IMHO the whole shebang. Conceding only 59 points across 9 games shows a high level of ability to shut opponents out.

The Cougars and Burraneer look like they can't be moved short of a complete collapse, and my money is on Engadine to join them ahead of Wakehurst.

Chatswood & Dee Why will look to play spoiler, but Dundas are goneskis and you have to question whether they'll be around in 2019.


Herbert Moran (7)

St Ives v Newport- Not much doing in this one. Newport by 20
Valley v Brothers - should be a good game with finals spots still in play. Valley by 3 in a close one.
Iggies v Redfield- Redfield on the slide a bit and will be looking to find some of that early season form but going to tip Iggies at home by 2.
Bobs vs HAC- MOTR. Top of the table clash with backs vs forwards style of game. HAC to get the job done convincingly with a number of key BOBs players out (not sure if injuries or the Europe purge has began. HAC by 20.


David Wilson (68)
Wakehurst have forfeited.

What a coincidence! So have we!

Had just enough to get going, then half a dozen dropouts in the last 24 hours. Was borderline for contested scrums anyway, but at least this puts a bullet through it.


David Wilson (68)
Dee Why forfeited to Burraneer as well. That time of year where a lot of people (me included) are wondering why they fucking bother trying to run a club.


Bill Watson (15)
Collaroy really missed a trick today.

Turned down a shot at a penalty goal to play of for the try. The goal would've put them up by 1 with less than 5 to go.

Ozzie Bob

Ted Thorn (20)
Bobs get the win vs HAC! Thought my draw call was looking good at 29 all! (Same score as the last draw between these 2!) Late Pg got us the win!

Anyone know why the Bobs vs HAC colts game was postponed? Uni exams????

Well done to Epping 1st grade that was a big game!!!!

Lindfield also getting their 1st victory of the year!

Also called the Waves/Whales game! The results certainly helped Bobs in the cowboy cup race!


Bob McCowan (2)
Bobs get the win vs HAC! Thought my draw call was looking good at 29 all! (Same score as the last draw between these 2!) Late Pg got us the win!

Anyone know why the Bobs vs HAC colts game was postponed? Uni exams????

Well done to Epping 1st grade that was a big game!!!!

Lindfield also getting their 1st victory of the year!

Also called the Waves/Whales game! The results certainly helped Bobs in the cowboy cup race!

BOBS/ HAC colts was called off because of uni exams. Game is going to be played on the wet weather weekend


David Wilson (68)
Well fuck my tipping was pretty sour this week - Savers getting up over Menai I did NOT see coming, nor the thrashing of Convicts by Maccabi.

It means Merrylands are 92 points clear on the Club Championship table, and with their remaining games being away to Dukes, then home to Maccabi and Convicts, before away to Lane Cove, it'll be a close-run thing as they seek to rack up Second Grade wins to help keep them clear


Cyril Towers (30)
Looks like long weekend and subsequent rain impacting train has some clubs on the back foot.

It’s going to be a tough month for many, particularly the last two games after the next wet weather weekend. Commitment to mates and club appears sadly a week to week proposition for this generation.


David Wilson (68)
Oh but you've GOT to have your snow trips!
And your Spartan Races!
And your ultramarathon season!
And a well earned break!

No wonder so many small clubs form and fold; they're not committed to you, so why commit to them?

Four fucking rounds to go, them I'm a ref. That's it for me.


Peter Burge (5)
I think I might have to retire from tipping. Div 2 continues to throw up upsets and tight games week after week and it makes for a fantastic last 4 rounds. I have written Epping's season off the past two weeks and they've knocked off 1 and 2 in consecutive weeks. I tipped UNSW's season to end and they get a last gasp win at Hudson Park a week after Hills flogged them. Bonus points will become very important across the grades as its so tight. St Pats managed to jump Blue Mountains in 1s with a double bonus point loss.

There's now only one undefeated team in Div 2, been Forest Colts who play teams 2 and 3 in the coming weeks. All teams now have a victory to their name after St Pats 3s and Lindfield 1s got off the mark on the weekend. It really has been a great year to date in Div 2 and to be fair other than Blue Mountains in 3rd Grade and Forest in Colts I wouldn't suggest there is any out and out premiership favourites.


Herbert Moran (7)
Bopper are you able to shed some light on the incident that happened during 1st grade on Saturday between Epping and Mountains regarding Danny Kroll being racially abused? seemed very strange to happen from Epping fans given they enjoy bant but normally in good humour.

Was it a regular club member or just some flog that turned up to watch?

The Real Big Bopper

Allen Oxlade (6)
Bopper are you able to shed some light on the incident that happened during 1st grade on Saturday between Epping and Mountains regarding Danny Kroll being racially abused? seemed very strange to happen from Epping fans given they enjoy bant but normally in good humour.

Was it a regular club member or just some flog that turned up to watch?
Done some digging around and looked at the video from our game and I can't work out who they were. None of the lads at training tonight knew either. It seems they were just some young deadshits who turned up with their own grog, gave some poor form lip and left a pile of mess when they left. Wankers.

It's not something I've ever witnessed in my time with the rams.

As soon as I got wind of it from our Pres after full time, I approached Danny to apologise. He seemed to accept it with good grace. Fair play to him.

We also made a statement through our social media profiles condemning the behaviour and telling the fwits they aren't welcome back at Somerville. If I see them hanging around, I'll be sure to tell them where to go.

It's not something we want or need at our club.

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Ozzie Bob

Ted Thorn (20)
Once again some big games this weekend.

Div 1 - ITS THE BIG ONE. The Whales vs Petersham at Mosman. This will be a beauty. If Petersham get up in this one it might be the minor premiership sown up! Petersham got the win at home last time. I think it will be much closer this time around

Div 2: Every single game will have a big impact on the table. The fact that Epping have knocked off the top two in the last two weeks and still sit 3rd from the bottom shows how close this comp is. The only game I think is a given is Blueys at home to Hills but even then I don't think that is a certain result. Logic suggests with Epping's form that they will knock off Lindfield but Lindfield knocked over Hills. Toss of a coin most of the games!

Div 3: Stand out game is HAC vs Redfield. Redfield got the points last time at home. HAC will be pumped after a close loss last week. I think HAC will get up in this one and the top 2 will be set.
Bobs (1) vs Iggies (4) will be a lot closer than the first round. Iggies need to win this or they will be out of the 4 with Brothers likely to get 5 points with a home game against Saints