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Sydney Subbies 2018

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Jason Little (69)
We would love to achieve 3 teams in 3 years, but I’m not sure if we’d be viable to do it. We’ve certainly got the players currently, and I believe some of our new guys from this season will stay around but a few will leave - I.e. some will retire, some will go elsewhere. We also have a number of players where we’re struggling to get fees off them, so we’d likley not be able to afford 3 teams. It’s definitely a dream though and who knows. It would be a great achievement.

Grant funding for NSW Sport just opened. Would really encourage you to get a proposal in to subsidise player fees, as we picked up $5k this year.

It is always the balance between making sure players are financially invested in the club, and also not scaring them off :)


Alfred Walker (16)
HeavyB's Div 3 Tips
Brothers v Newport - Cracking way to finish the season. Will be our last game provided St Ives don't suddenly remember how to play rugby. Will be doing our best Porter's reserve impersonation to make the visitors feel at home. In all seriousness though, Newport to get punished harder than a sexually frustrated Newport junior mum on swinger's night. Brothers 30+
Barker v Redfield - Barker should be way too classy in this one. Can see Redfield being bludgeoned out of it by Valley in the minor-semi too. Barker 40+
St Ives v Valley - Our local mates could do us a massive favour and just forfeit this one. However, Saints are way too proud for that and will fight hard this weekend as they've done all year. Huge respect for that team and the club more broadly. Having said that, Valley should win by 80 and leapfrog from 6th to finish 4th.
HAC v Iggies - Iggies currently sitting 4th but are next to no chance of staying there. The HAC team that visited us last week was nowhere even close to the quality of the side that we played earlier in the season immediately after Penrith's demise. Can now understand how they've been beaten by Barker. They will still be far too good for Iggies. HAC 40+


Bill Watson (15)
Grant funding for NSW Sport just opened. Would really encourage you to get a proposal in to subsidise player fees, as we picked up $5k this year.

It is always the balance between making sure players are financially invested in the club, and also not scaring them off :)

What did you tell them it was for?

Fair list of stuff it's not to be used for here:
  • Staff wages and administration costs
  • Appearance fees, prize money and trophies
  • Presentation functions
  • Food and/or catering
  • Medical equipment (defibrillators)
  • Private or commercial ventures
  • Events that are organised for the primary purpose of fundraising
  • Individual scholarships
  • Charity fundraising events
  • Council costs incurred in securing Development Approval
  • Insurance (public liability, general liability, etc.)
  • Projects that have already commenced or been completed
  • Projects for the construction/upgrade of roads or carparks
  • Purchase of land or rental of premises
  • Purchase of office equipment (e.g. desktop computers, printers, photocopiers etc.)
  • Projects not based in NSW
  • Projects that are the responsibility of another Ministerial portfolio e.g. PCYC's
  • Subsidy for school sporting activities and events
  • Travel to destinations outside of NSW
  • Facility projects that have not received development approval (DA) from the relevant Council or cannot demonstrate that such approval is not required


Herbert Moran (7)
Don't get me wrong applying for grants to subsides fees is great if you manage to get the funds through, But what happens when it doesn't?!

For argument sake what happens if you get the Grant for $5K and for example your Normal Rego is say $250 per player. You then decide to set fees at $200. What happens the years after when there is no grant money coming in? Having reduced rego will bring players in for that season. But seasons after when you then need to push them back up to normal prices or higher then what? a lot of blokes who came for the cheaper rego could quite easily just go nup not coming back because of that or not pay anything at all if they play ( which is wrong and not sure how clubs actually sustain having guys not paying rego and continuing to let players not pay) understand surviving but surely there is a line in the sand where you look at it and go this is just not sustainable anymore. Especially when a lot of smaller clubs would then rely on the financial backing a lot of the time of senior committee members who just want to keep the club going based on their love of it, which then just becomes messy and a position no one should ever be put in

Anyway apart from that aren't there some absolute cracking matches team keep an eye on each Division!!

Division 1
Hunters Hill v Balmain- This could effectively decide who is coming down to Division 2 next year. Both clubs will be make or break

Division 2
Epping v Hills- Battle for the final spot in Div 2 Finals Series should be an absolute belter. Hearing Epping are expecting a massive crowd to fill the Hill at Sommerville will be one definitely to watch this weekend

** Interesting too that the Club Championship will also be decided this weekend with Forest v UNSW & Blue Mountains v Lindfield. Forest can still take home the Club Championship if they come away with Maximum Points and Mountains fail to win majority of grades. But thinking Mountains will come away with some wins as it is their biggest day of the year being Back to Lapstone Day

Division 3
All eyes will be on the 3 teams vying for 4th place- Iggies v HAC, Valley v St Ives, Brothers v Newport... Will be interesting viewing bonus points and for and against could play a huge roll in deciding this. Will be following fuesport with these ones

Division 4
Blacktown v Canterbury- 2 big physical teams bashing each other out at Wills ground. anything could happen here. But this could have a big impact on who plays who in the finals series and also the club championships

Division 5
Some would say Lane Cove and Merrylands is the one to watch with 2nd v 3rd playing off the week before finals. But ill be watching the battle of for the Wooden Spoon Dukes v Renegades. Dukes haven't won a game all year *** Convicts forfeited during the Bingham Cup. Renegades only win was against Dukes at Kellyville Park. Be a tight old tussle, as mentioned previously on this thread though will be a silly Saturday theme really for both teams once the game is done

Division 6
Tough to say with Finals decided really apart for 3rd and 4th could swap. Engadine and North Cronulla looks to be a cracker though


Jason Little (69)
What did you tell them it was for?

Grant 1: $5000 for player fees subsidy under their "Sport Access" stream

Grant 2: $1000 for coach and referee training support under "Sport Development"

I also applied for 2 other grants:

$2000 - fund some jerseys, but accidentally put it under "Sport Access" so had to cancel that one as you're only allowed one category per year.

$1000 - training gear. Can't remember what I put this under but never heard anything else about it, so assume it was rejected.

Don't get me wrong applying for grants to subsides fees is great if you manage to get the funds through, But what happens when it doesn't?!

You make good points. As a counterpoint I'd say: go and look at this page


Southern $17K
Hills Rugby $11K
Waverley $7K
Campelltown Harlequins $7K
Two Blues $7k
Eastwood $5k
Epping $5k
Hornsby $5k
Emus $5k (junior rep teams, not seniors I believe)
Lane Cove $4750
Norths $1775

The moral: you don't ask, you don't get. And if you use the grant money to poke rego right down, then have to jack it back up the next year with no financial plan behind it, the people in charge probably aren't the brightest.

We're going to finish this year on a positive cash balance for the first time in ages. That includes our regular donation to the Kids Hospital ($5K + $1500 from our charity day), free buses for 5 of our 7 away games, and $30 rego (shorts and socks i.e. free rego).

We're definitely not doing $30 rego next year, because it didn't produce the results we wanted in terms of player recruitment. We probably could have sustained that financially even without the grants, but would have been at zero balance starting next year.

There were many factors in that, but mainly that we'd ordered for 60 players last year, and only had about 25, so a lot of kit was left over. Additionally we didn't need any training or ground gear, hydration kit, or much beyond strapping tape and physio hire, really. I bought 1 set of jerseys. That was it, as we had new jerseys last year.

Sponsorship for our club was probably bigger per player than most as well. And because Council gives us the shittiest of shit facilities, we don't pay much for that, either.

Canteen makes a modest amount, and only because the guy running it is the best customer!


Vay Wilson (31)
Congrats also to Saints who fielded four grades and also got a win up in colts and 2s. Hopefully enough to keep them up in 3rd Div


Allen Oxlade (6)
A true mix bag of results today in div 2 right across the grades. Congratulations to Epping on locking up 4th place with a big win over Hills, I was not expecting a scoreline that big with a finals spot on the line. I'd say Hills would be very disappointed with how this season has ended for them after such a promising start.

Forest surprisingly look like they had a tough day against UNSW and there slip up in 1st Grade has gifted St Pats the minor premiership. They will be looking to bounce back hard in the major semi. Well done to Blue Mountains on winning the club championship and also getting a clean sweep against club strong Lindfield. Lindfield and Blueys will be very familiar with each other in Colts, 3s and 2s playing consecutive weekends. Good luck to all in finals, should be a great few weeks ahead!


Jason Little (69)
Renegades managed to overcome Dukes after going down 8-0 and being our own worst enemies with shit decisions under pressure. Once we got the second try on the halftime buzzer, it was game on.

Dukes hit back with a Michelle not long after the break, their ability to recycle ball and move it quickly and accurately giving them wings. However, the physical pressure of our game up the guts started to tell, and we rolled in two more tries (converted) to take a commanding lead. Another strike back by Dukes off some poor Renegades defence threatened to bring it closer, but more pressure, and a penalty goal to stretch it to 13 points, finished the game off.

Final score 18-31. Then beer.


Jason Little (69)
Division 5 - 4th August

TG Millner Field #1 @ 1330 hours
Merrylands (1) v Lane Cove (2)
Can't see this going any other way than the Wolves. Open selection, plenty of firepower.

TG Millner @ 1515 hours
Field #1: Menai (1) v Merrylands (2)
Field #2: Lane Cove (3) v Manly Savers (4)

Backing Merrylands and Savers.


Vay Wilson (31)

Great to see Hawkesbury Valley come home strong in the 2nd round to qualify for 1st grade semi’s meaning 6 of the 8 clubs will be represented in finals.

Teams: BOBS 4, Redfield 4, Newport 3, HAC 2, Iggies 2 and HV 1

1st Grade
BOBS vs HAC – HAC coming off a 99-0 training run against Iggies will fancy their chances over a weary BOBs, whom themselves had an arm wrestle win against Redfield.
That said I’m still going to go with BOBS who have too much class across the park. BOBs by 7.
Redfield vs Hawk Valley – Redfields young fast backline should prove the difference but I am going to go with the fairy tale and tip a Valley win. Keep it tight boys and let your big forwards grind out a win. HV by 3

2nd Grade
HAC vs Newport – Can only see an undefeated HAC going on with it from here in a physical encounter. HAC by 14
Redfield vs BOBs – Did BOBs throw their last 3 to avoid playing HAC in the major, backing their chances of a surprise GF result through the back door? Or is it a form slide?
Beaten last weekend by Redfield I think Saturday will be more of the same with Redfield bundling BOBs out of the finals by 7.

Newport vs BOBs – Probably the game of the day. Two high quality teams full of running take on each other in what should be a highly entertaining affair. I will lean towards the minor premiers
but this one is a massive toss-up. Breakers by 1
Iggies vs Redfield – Can only see an IGGIEs victory here with Redfield form up and down all year. IGGIES by 14

3rd Grade
BOBs vs Iggies – undefeated BOBs to have an arm wrestle with a stronger than normal Iggies. This wont be easy for BOBS but they should still win by 10.
Newport vs Redfield – a battle of old vs new. Can the teams of 40 year olds beat the team of 20 year olds. Redfield in all four grades may stretch them here so will go with Newport by 3.


Vay Wilson (31)
PS what happened to the comment around Hills vs Epping game and coach behaviour that was up last night. Did it get removed by moderator?
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