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TT Rnd 1: Highlanders v Reds


Chilla Wilson (44)
Bit of a punishing effort there by the blindside at the end. Have to wait and see if it comes back to bite them.

He's firing bullets about the place but Sex Pest Smith doesn't seem to be hassling the opposition, ref, and his team mates anywhere near as much as he usually does.

Idk if that's a good or a bad thing.


Steve Williams (59)
In some ways kiwis smashing us could be a blessing to make RA and broadcasters realise a TT with 5 oz and 5 kiwi sides without open borders policy is not the answer as is reducing our footprint to accomodate kiwi interests is neither the option which hopefully leads us to our own domestic competition and champions league as the second best answer (first best is open borders policy if want TT with kiwis)


Rod McCall (65)
Daugunu dropping a sitter. God damnit man.

What the fuck is this Reds side? As soon as they play a Kiwi team they lose all their mojo.