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Victor Matfield

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Andrew Slack (58)
Most probably don't give much of a toss here but a wonderful milestone for a truly special player.

The Boss man raised the bar in lineout play and his leadership has really been very important to the Bulls and Boks.

Victor had to contend with a lot of setbacks. Early in his career he got dumped by the Bulls for being too skinny. The Cats signed him as a reserve. He played in losing Cats and Bulls teams for a number of years before he started to realise his potential around 2004 under Heyneke Meyer at the Bulls who saw something in him.

He added physicality to his game over the years and will probably go down as one of the top three or four locks to ever play the game.

Some nice pictures from Planetrugby. Jeez, he was a weed in 2000.

Well done Vic.

One of your few million #1 fans, Blue.



Trevor Allan (34)
always liked and respected him.

i noticed that even way back he had his right forearm wrapped up, i had thought it was only more recently. anyone know what he did to it that has required him to do that for all these years?


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Staff member
Blue, why wouldn't we give a toss?
Always admired him (even when he smacked Kelleher; don't condone foul play, but he is the Porn Star!!).
Well done for any man, let alone such a skinny runt with chicken legs, to go so far.


Mark Ella (57)
The bloke is a champion.

As much as I love his on field ability it is the manner in which he conducts himself off the field that I admire most. What a gentlemen and role model for his country and the game in general. The future of South African rugby is in good hands if there is an army of young players that aspire to be like Victor. He truly is the poster boy "you can achieve anything if you work hard enough".

That aside, he will always be remembered as the really ugly bloke with legs like a broad. :)


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Sorry to disagree Blue, but I think almost everyone on this forum cares and would agree that Matfield is one of the best to represent their country.

Congratulations are well in order for the man, who most of us would have nothing but respect for.
Good on him!


Andrew Slack (58)
Matfield has broken the arm twice in the same place. I think the first break was particularly bad hence the weak spot.

I'll see if I can get more info.

Kelleher should have looked where he was going. :)


Billy Sheehan (19)
Story I have heard as well. Two breaks of the forearm, hence the protection.

It was already present in 99/00 when he played for the Griquas.



Sydney Middleton (9)
Like Victor, I'm a chicken-legged lock. Unlike Victor, I'm pretty ordinary. Huge respect for an all time great. Clearly, smarts and skill still trump size.


Trevor Allan (34)
cheers fellas. i figured it had to be something like that.

chunk of steel is only there to provide protection of course :)


Rod McCall (65)
Matfield is a special blend legend. he and his Brute team mates made some excellent breakthroughs in his playtime. They have been pioneers in winning the Currie Cup, S14 and the WC. I just hope it carry on in the same vain comes tomorrow in his 100th test. I want the Bokke to win this one to let him be the fiirst Bok to taste victory in his 100th test on his beloved Bull Ring homeground. If I have to pick my all time great Bok XV, he'll be alongside Frik du Preez.


Well done Vic Matfield, love your work champion. Good look Saturday night

Lance Free

Arch Winning (36)
Victor is the best lock in the world. 'Nuf said.

And one of those champion players who is or has been so good you only have to refer to them by their Christian name. i.e.

Richie, Victor, Bakkies (despite his misdemeanours), George, Jonny, Fourie, Carl, Shane, B'OD (is that his christian name?) etc


Andrew Slack (58)
its crazy to think that his 50th test was only back in 2007

People are saying he is over it but if you consider that stat it's insane. He has hardly missed a test match. I read an article that after the Barbarians game last year he drove from the airport to Bulls pre season training and promptly lead the fitness drills.

I think he looks tired. Hopefully het gets a break on EOYT. He would have had more rest this season if Bekker didn't get injured.

Vic has been going since the World Cup. Went straight into French rugby and after that straight bacxk into Super 14 with no rest again. Crazy.


Larry Dwyer (12)
Yep a modern great, be very interested to see if such a fuss is made before kick like the ill fated 100 test milestones for Percy and Smit.

If it was me, id be tempted to tell everyone hold off the celebrations till AFTER the game and hopefully the win is in the bag.

Then bring out the kids and Mrs and make it a special night.
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