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WA FMG Premier Grade 2021


Dick Tooth (41)
Round 1 Results
Cottesloe 20:36 West Scarborough (Reversal of 2020 GF Result) (An obvious brain fade)
Southern Lions 32:27 Wanneroo
Associates 22:52 Palmyra
Curtin Uni 7:38 Perth Bayswater
Nedlands 37:16 Kalamunda
UWA 45:7 Joondalup
ARKS 24:27 Coastal Cavaliers
Wanneroo Divaz 58:0 West Scarborough
Cottesloe 19:5 Kala Kweens


Dick Tooth (41)
Editors - could you please delete this duplicate thread.

All sorts of issues with posting yesterday.


Dick Tooth (41)


Dick Tooth (41)
A total of 14 Force and Fortescue Academy players will feature in Round 2 for seven different local clubs.

Good to see the spread around the Clubs and these players getting some game time.

Super Rugby Squad Players
Bo Abra (Perth-Bayswater)
Ollie Callan (Wanneroo)
Victor Harris (Joondalup)
Chris Heiberg (Palmyra)
Brad Lacey (Wests Scarborough)
Jonah Placid (Southern Lions)
Jack Winchester (Joondalup)

Fortescue Academy Players
Reece Anapu (Palmyra)
Luke Callan (Wanneroo)
Finn O’Callaghan (Nedlands)
Connor Seve (Wests Scarborough)
Dante Tatafu (Perth-Bayswater)
Zantana Tuopuono-Pomare (Nedlands)
Keenan Wentholt (Wests Scarborough)


Dick Tooth (41)
Round 2 Results

Southern Lions 17:44 West Scarborough
Wanneroo 60:5 Coastal Cavaliers
Curtin Uni 31:53 ARKS
Kalamunda 17:15 Palmyra
Nedlands 21:12 Perth Bayswater (I'll be at this one)
UWA 50:17 Cottesloe
Joondalup 32:24 Associates

West Scarborough 10:5 Cottesloe (pre-game to WF v Tahs)
Kala Kweens 0:22 Wanneroo Divaz

Games moved to 1430 so fans can make it to the WF v Tahs game. (Good move RugbyWA)

Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
Regardless of how much the comp has changed, letting 60 in against Wanneroo would have to be approaching an existential crisis.


Dick Tooth (41)
FMG Premier Grade - Team of the Week - Round 2

1. Gerard Faitotoa -Cottesloe
2. Dante Tatafu - Perth Bayswater/Force Academy
3. Tukiterangi Raimona - Nedlands
4. Jack Bromley - UWA
5. Luke Callan - Wanneroo/Force Academy
6. Auvae Auvae - Arks
7. Joshua Tinomana - Wests Scarborough
8. Thomas Latu - Joondalup Brothers
9. Brendan Vorster - UWA
10. Iziah Malcolm - Kalamunda
11. Kainoa Gudgeon - Wests Scarborough
12. Ethan Rilley - Wanneroo
13. Jacob Cowley - Arks
14. Bradyn Campbell - Joondalup Brothers
15. Aidan Shortall - UWA


Dick Tooth (41)
Round 3 matchups

Men (Games planned for 17 July)
Associates vs ARKS
Perth Bayswater vs West Scarborough
Curtin Uni vs Kalamunda
Coastal Cavaliers vs Cottesloe
Palmyra vs Nedlands
UWA vs Wanneroo
Joondalup vs Southern Lions

Kala Kweens 17:7 West Scarborough
Wanneroo Divaz vs Cottesloe (to be played on 22 May)

Sadly, all games cancelled this week (24 April) due to a 3-day CV19 lockdown.
Unsure if season extended or this round just cancelled/draws all round.
Tough as WF CEO advised that 17 of the WF extended squad was to be playing with local cubs in these games.

Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
Viewing this from afar, so hard to pick the form. Are Wanneroo really up for it against udub? Are Rockingham and Cott really that bad? Are soaks really that bad, and which Leeming team will show up this week?

More broadly, will Neddies ever have a bad season? Probably not.


Dick Tooth (41)
Appears that no points awarded for Round 3 (maybe to be played at a later date??)
Round 3 games to be played on 17 July.
Round 4 Results

Southern Lions 25:27 Coastal Cavaliers
Associates 52:0 Curtin Uni
Perth Bayswater 13:45 UWA
Cottesloe 18:15 Nedlands
Palmyra 32:29 Wanneroo
West Scarborough 66:0ARKS
Joondalup 29:44Kalamunda

Cottesloe 10:27 Wanneroo Divaz
West Scarborough vs Kala Kweens (to be played on 22 May)


Dick Tooth (41)
Round 5 Results

Wanneroo 27:25 West Scarborough
Cottesloe 16:19 Associates
Curtin Uni 22:43 Coastal Cavaliers
Kalamunda 23:18 UWA
Nedlands 48:26 Joondalup
Palmyra 52:23 Perth Bayswater
ARKS 26:48 Southern Lions

Wanneroo Divaz 36:7 West Scarborough
Cottesloe 26:0 Kala Kweens