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Wallabies 2023

Slim 293

Phil Waugh (73)
He’s had success at the Brumbies, but not yet actually won anything


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Herbert Moran (7)
What's everyone expecting from Eddie in terms of playstyle? I think we may see the Wallabies go back to a similar game plan he was used when England had their massive win streak - which was generally branded as boring/dull.

Kicking/territory and letting the oppositions mistakes lead to points.

Mr Pilfer

Johnnie Wallace (23)
My first reaction to the news was positive, even though I like Rennie and don't think he is that bad a coach.
I still don't think England should have sacked Eddie as he has proven he can step up come world cup time.
I think Razor is already on a handshake agreement for All Blacks after the world cup and therefore was not an option.
I also still think Eddie will have USA gig lined up for their home world cup in 2031. 8 years coaching them would have been way too long
I just hope he is fresh enough and will be somewhat revitalized to coach us as he hasn't had a break for awhile

Mr Pilfer

Johnnie Wallace (23)
Australian. As the statement reads
Maybe this "Australian" style of play, running rugby etc is no longer the best for us anymore. We don't really play smart rugby like we used to be known for.

Maybe we are better off going down a different path and playing a bash and crash style anyway. We have the players available - Tupou, Skelton, Leota, Valentini, Kerevi, Koribete. We could pick a pretty damn big physical team.


Dick Tooth (41)

I clearly love our wild horses but beating up the short bus doesn’t really count IMO.

the coach who should be getting a lot more hype is Peter Hewitt (spelling?)

2019/2020 he had the Brumbies attack firing on all cylinders- that away game against the Chiefs when we treated them like newborn babies was just beautiful to behold.
McKellar strikes me as an excellent head/forward coach/director of rugby kind of guy, but he was a prop, not a flyhalf.

I think his best move going forward as a coach is to find the best backline/attack coach he can find, and stick with him like superglue, and ride that combo long term


Alan Cameron (40)


Alan Cameron (40)
McKellar will be gutted.

Surely he thought he was next in line, now that path is closed (most likely). Even if he stays, perhaps coz of cost of sacking him also, he won't stick around for 5 years waiting for another shot at the top gig.
Could go to Japan with Rennie?


Stirling Mortlock (74)
So the only two current players who would've had anything to do with Eddie are Quade and Kerevi.

Want to know who else is at Suntory? McMahon and Harry Hockings.


Peter Sullivan (51)
Jesus, that might change the whole landscape but Rugby Australia has just bankrupted itself getting Eddie, can't imagine them paying for Scott as well.

Yep, Eddie would be getting paid a bomb, but I wonder what the forecasters are predicting a strong Wallabies team would bring revenue wise for the Lions Tour and RWC27.

Clearly they are the targets, considering the 5 year contract for Eddie. Maybe helping Razor get his foot in the door, international coaching wise, is worth the outlay.