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Wallabies to play Great Britain Rugby League team.......... ugh.........

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Peter Burge (5)
I say why not?

While I can see why it might not be everyones cup of tea, I for one am excited and will watch this.

Bring on Kangaroo's vs All Blacks! Both teams on the absolute top of their international game.
Thurston VS Carter, Slater vs Dagg, Hayne+Inglis VS Nonu+Smith, Gallen VS Read...

INB4 Im an idiot who has no idea about anything :)


This whole thing will be a farce, you can quote me on that..

Yeah it might make then some money, but it's purely a cheap gimmick to make money and I think it's going to do more harm to the game in the long term by entertaining such concepts.. The NRL has the right idea, they would gain nothing from this proposal.

Inside Shoulder

Nathan Sharpe (72)
We only get $5 million for it.
I hate the idea - but I'm worried that's because I'm a stick in the mud.
I have a feeling as if we are doing this to make someone else jealous so they get interested in us.

Mr Wobbly

Alan Cameron (40)
I really don't like the whole idea but, I'll probably still watch it.

There has been an AFL/Gaelic football hybrid game played for years between Aus and Ireland and it's pretty horrible.


George Gregan (70)
Staff member
The silly season has begun, this story gets regurgitated each year

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
This will be very silly, but if someone is prepared to pay then ..... it is not compulsory to watch.

The Wobs are not above doing something silly for money.

How much did they get for the Castrol ads?


Allen Oxlade (6)
Absolute madness(if it's more than a tele nightmare).
Why give the mungo code a leg up in london?
Why risk injury to Wallabies?
$5m is not enough.
If 15 man rules apply in the 1st half with full contact scrums then I cannot imagine many mungoes coming out for the 2nd half.
Will watch if it ever happens.

Brumby Jack

Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
Remember last time the Wallabies played at Wembley in a 'meaningless' match against the Barbarians?

Dunning did his Achilles and Kepu his knee. The surface is not up to the stress that Union scrums and the like places on it.

And so near the 2015 RWC. Dumb!


George Smith (75)
Staff member
This is probably a beat-up.
BUT, if not, it is batfistingly retarded.
Let a pack of Pommy mungoes have a bash at the Wallabies less than a year out from RWC 2015?
And for what? Some extra coin, and exactly zero gain in any other way?
Smoking crack at St Leonards.


Ken Catchpole (46)
At first glance, it would seem to be exceedingly risky. Short term, reap some serious cash, however there's a significant risk of injury on the wallabies in the line outs, rucks and scrums (?) through poor technique.

(and less than a year before a World Cup??? Just look at all the serious injuries to our best and brightest over the last decade and although they return in less than a year they are not the same until 2-3 years later.)

If injuries occur that put our best out of action (it only really needs to be 2 in all honesty - our depth is really not that special if we want to beat SA and NZ), then a poor showing at the World Cup will financially cost the ARU far more than the short term gain of $5m for the one match.

Do it after the World Cup has happened and it makes ever so much more sense.
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