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Wallaby Wednesday on Foxtel

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Bill Watson (15)
I was flicking around foxtel last night and saw they have Wallaby Wednesday on Fox 2 in the evening, where they show a classic Wallaby game. Last night was vs South Africa in the last game of the 2000 tri nations. Top game of rugby, and great to see some of the old players.

For those like me that didn't know this was on, tune in.


Simon Poidevin (60)
Staff member
I'm stoked they're doing this, similar to the world series classics where they show 80's one day cricket.

It's on straight after the rugby club so is easy not to miss. Would make sense for Nick McCardle to plug it before they say goodbye though!

Last week they had the 2001 Sydney Bledisloe, that Kefu bloke seemed pretty handy


I think Free to Air One should so something like this. Like the World Cup games from 07. It's just a shame Australia have 9 hosting the RWC, will just be for the money not in it long term.
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