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Web Blog of Waiopehu Oldboy

waiopehu oldboy

Jason Little (69)
Dear Web Log

Finally picked up a cheap car although all the f**kin doors are busted so have to flip myself out via the sunroof when parking the c**t.




Looks like a fairly standard 'nua parking manoeuvre to me, it's how we roll :)

About the whole hidden camera thing, it's getting just a little creepy, m'kay? Don't make me put this in the hands of my lawyers Gunston Gunston..... oh shit, they're in on it too, aren't they?
Dear Web Blog.

Just another humdrum Sunday morning here.


As usual, rerouting all internet searches regarding “Australian” & “Rugby” to random grot sites.

All part of my contribution to Australian Rugby.

No need to thank me.


More later.

Oh dear. W.Oldboy is at it again


(actually, this is one of the saddest most fucked up things I’ve ever read in my life. Half thinking the actual news article is a wind-up...

Dear Web Blog

Hello. W.Oldboy here again. Thought I would share some holiday snaps of me relaxing at home with my wife collection, as well as out and about.


“Do you wish to see me, Madam General? Oh dear! Panty shot! Film at 11!”


“Haha, no, wig is not for you. Hahaha. It is for my pubes.”


“Oh shit sorry, it was dark and my dick went into your fontanelle. Maybe you put my pubes wig on to hide your shame? No tears on a Tuesday! Yes, yes. I know. I am gentleman.”


“There. That’s better. Now then. Who’s up for a root?”




"I am sorry I broke both of your legs during surfing lesson, wife. Here, have a drink."


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Staff member
Dear Web Blog.

Tried the sport of "skiing" for the first time recently.

That's me in the white jacket in the picture below. Got some good distance off my first attempt.


As a sport it seemed a bit rougher than I imagined it would be but I might consider trying it again.



Saw this on my Facebook feed. Wait............oh, no.
Halloween's come early.
wft did you do?
Local Alcoholic Says It's Not An Issue Until I Say It's An Issue
Local Man Pleads With Needle Exchange To Please Consider Opening On The Fucken Weekends.

waiopehu oldboy

Jason Little (69)
Just the usual.... heavy chilly bin, steep stairs, yeah I got this, um, where'd that last fuckin tread go... oh shiiiiiit not the face (too late, mofo)....