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Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by The Honey Badger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Shadow Sydney Middleton (9)

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    ABN: 22 136 893 013
    ACN:074 260 316
    223b Belgrave Esplanades, Sylvania Waters, NSW, 2224
    Email: keith@keithholmes.com.au
    0414 593 206
    Please reply to: Keith Holmes- Colts Rugby Manager
    P.O. Box 4621 Sylvania Waters, NSW 2224.

    Southern Districts are seeking suitable candidates for coaching and support staff for the Colts U/20 program for 2019.
    You will part of a very strong and committed Colts program and will be responsible in leading the development of the Southern Districts colts players and there future development and looking to too make a significant difference in there environment of rugby opportunities.
    These are volunteer Positions but a highly rewarding in making a positive impact and continue to grow the Colts rugby program.
    Candidates will need to be organized with strong communication and management skills and a high level of reliability and commitment and have the necessary time to put into their roles.
    Training will be a minimum 2 nights a week plus game day Saturdays
    The 1st Colts Head Coach will also have a senior role in the retention and recruitment of players and the implementation of the pre season and Academy.

    Positions available are
    1st Colts Head Coach
    1st Colts Assistant Coach
    1st Colts Manager

    2nd Colts Head Coach
    2nd Colts Assistant Coach
    2nd Colts Manager

    3rd Colts Head Coach
    3rd Colts Assistant Coach
    3rd Colts Manager

    Ideally Coaches will have their level 1 or level 2 coaching qualifications or be prepared to obtain these qualifications

    If interested and would like a role description please contact Keith Holmes
    Colts Rugby Program Manager.
    Keith@keithholmes.com.au or to discuss phone 0401 930 633
  2. LowestManAlwaysWins Bob McCowan (2)

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    Teams announced at end of August Gents
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  3. Gary Owen III Syd Malcolm (24)

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    NSWJRU U18 teams to play AAGPS Blue and White at Boronia Park, Hunters Hill - Thursday 28th June U18

    NSWJRU I vs AAGPS Blue, 6.45pm Boronia Park, Hunters Hill
    1. Jack Allen - Hunter
    2. Will Bremner - Gordon
    3. Terence Toomata - Eastwood
    4. Max Douglas - Manly
    5. Liam Janson - Northern Suburbs
    6. Thomas Latu - Sydney University
    7. Lachlan Lowick - Forest
    8. Harrison Dal Molin - Hunter
    9. Wilson Dulieu - Eastern Suburbs
    10. Jack Walsh - Manly
    11. Brady Mather - Central North
    12. Adam Peruch - Central Coast
    13. Nathaneal Endemann - Northern Suburbs
    14. Reihana Leui'i - Sydney University
    15. Lachlan Shelley - Central Coast
    16. Matthew Kokegei** - Central Coast
    17. Liam Heka - Eastwood
    18. Rowdi Saunders - Hunter
    19. Alex Vaughan** - Hunter
    20. Oliver Smyth** - Mid North Coast
    21. Alex Wallington - Eastern Suburbs
    22. Joshua Lambert - Eastwood
    23. Ngalu Ikana - West Harbour

    U18 NSWJRU II vs AAGPS White, 5.30pm Boronia Park, Hunters Hill
    1. Natane Talanoa - Sydney University
    2. Maclean Domkins - Northern Suburbs
    3. Tom McPhee - Hunter
    4. Nathanial Panozzo - Gordon
    5. Bradley Thorn - Mid North Coast
    6. Oliver Wheatley - Eastwood
    7. Jesse MacKinnon - Southern Districts
    8. William Archer - Hunter
    9. Kye Blair - Central Coast
    10. Jack Vincent - Hunter
    11. Liam Dalibozek - Hunter
    12. Harry O'Leary - Central West
    13. Jacob Rabai - Hunter
    14. Tristan Leffers - Northern Suburbs
    15. Tyreese Figota - Eastwood
    16. Jacob Barrett** - Hunter
    17. Logan Griffiths - Central North
    18. Sulivenusi Hakalo - Central Coast
    19. Doughal O'Reilly** - Central North
    20. Matthew Peebles - Central Coast
    21. Jack Hamilton - Hunter
    22. Filimaua Filimaua Tau - Manly
    23. Reece Jacobs - Central Coast

    **Denotes non-playing - Unfortunately a few lads already in CCC Rep team playing on Friday and had to withdraw from the NSWJRU program due to a clash with their CCC commitments.
  4. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Did anyone happen to attend the Gen Blue U19’s NRC trials? If so in you’re opinion who were the standouts?

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  5. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Interesting read about Gen Blue Development pathways U16 - U20 on the Green and Gold Rugby site, I thought would help with understanding the URC ( U19 National comp)

    There’s also a podcast - The dropped kick off by Nick Wasiliev with Cutch explaining in more detail the Waratahs Gen Blue vision going forward

    Nick W got the chance to sit down with NSW Waratahs Elite Youth Development Manager Pat McCutcheon to talk about the new tournament, how Gen Blue fits into NSW’s rugby pathways, and his process for creating a good rugby player.


    Creating the Future Rugby Player with Pat McCutcheon


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  6. Warty the Warthog Bob McCowan (2)

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    Two games away from finals commencing and low and behold the dour season results for Sydney Uni colts are mysteriously starting to turn around. I wonder if it has anything to do with certain colts that were playing Grade suddenly appearing back in colts?.
  7. The Honey Badger Ken Catchpole (46)

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    And your point is?

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  8. Warty the Warthog Bob McCowan (2)

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    No point, just facts. The rules allow it so I suppose it’s kosher. Whether it’s ethical or sportsman like to parachute a whole lot of players back into colts when they’ve played the entire season in Grade is another matter. Some would say its a cynical manipulation of the rules and makes a farce of the competition. Can’t say I’d disagree with such a view.
  9. The Honey Badger Ken Catchpole (46)

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    I don't even know who you are referring to.

    There are 3 Under 20 reps in the team, none of which have played any grade.

    Will Terry had a start in grade last week due to an injury. Back in colts this week.

    Uni must have somehow managed to field competitive team in all grades today. Even if they did rape their grade ranks to booster colts.

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  10. Warty the Warthog Bob McCowan (2)

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    Don’t know, maybe the warehouse at the Corporation has a new inventory management system?

    Uni aren’t the only ones. It seems Souths even played Sama Malolo last week. I’m sure if we checked the top 6 teams would all be “qualifying” players for the finals. Everyone knows it’s happening and it’s absolutely allowed under the rules but doesn’t make it right.

    A quick check of the Fusesport app will verify the “regular” team that have played most of the season and what team they’ve played in. Doesn’t account for those that have come back from injury late in the season or have been away on rep duties.
  11. the coach Dick Tooth (41)

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    Is the colts final series at Forshaw again this year?
  12. The Honey Badger Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Final was at Concord last year.

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  13. Blazing Saddles Chris McKivat (8)

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    Will be interesting, pretty sure Sama would not qualify as he played down here with Endeavour Hills on the 14th July and wouldnt be able to play enough games in colts to qualify for the 4 in last 7 ruling. ( played 1sts Shute shield as well)
    Look forward to see if anyone can get near the mighty Wicks this year.
  14. Done that Ron Walden (29)

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  15. Azzuri Trevor Allan (34)

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    Finals Eligibility

    To be eligible to play finals, a player must of played four regular season matches. If a player has been on representative duties, he is eligible to play if he has played two regular season matches, or if he has been registered at the club for the past two seasons.

    A player is not eligible to play in a finals fixture in any grade lower than the grade in which he has played the majority of his last seven matches in the regular season.

    Players playing at an Australian Super Rugby franchise that dictates the player must play in the local competition may lodge an eligibility appeal.

    Based on the above Sama would qualify as he has now played two regular season games in addition to his Aust U20’s rep duties???
  16. Blazing Saddles Chris McKivat (8)

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    Agree,however as he is registered for a dewar shield club at the time of the rep duties fairly hard to qualify for a shute shield club..or is this an anomoly?
  17. Warty the Warthog Bob McCowan (2)

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    Good question, however you’d have to wonder why they are playing him off the bench in colts? Would it have something to do with the top three SD grade squads being out of finals contention? Reckon SD have the go ahead to play him and you’ll see him as part did of their colts squad in the finals.
  18. Blazing Saddles Chris McKivat (8)

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    True, will be interested to see how the Souths boys go. Big step up for all your teams to get near wicks by the looks of it
  19. Azzuri Trevor Allan (34)

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    IMO Wicks are very beatable but it will take a supreme effort to get there. So far the closest anyone has got to them was Gordon in round 1 where the margin was 2 points in a see sawing game which went right down to the wire 31-29
  20. The Honey Badger Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Uni got close to them and we're in the match for along time.

    Wicks ran in 3 late trys, which gave them a flattering scoreline. UNI definitely think they are beatable.

    I think they now play Manly next week. If they play like they did vs Uni they would be a real chance of beating them. Especially If Douglas has a big game.

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