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2020 schools rowing

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Lindommer, Mar 28, 2019.

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  1. Lindommer Andrew Slack (58)

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    All rowing matters from anywhere in Oz involving schoolboys or schoolgirls to go up here.

    In addition to our forum rules, the following additional rules apply specifically to our schoolboy forums. They are simple to follow and we've found them to provide a good balance between allowing discussion of schoolboy rowing in a dignified manner, and our receiving legal threats from parents and schools.

    For reference, the rules are:

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    If sanctions seem inconsistent and disproportionate vs what's allowed in other parts of the site, we make no apologies.

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    1. Use the 'Report Post' button
    If you report a post that breaks the rules, we'll warn / ban the poster.
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    This is the report post button: [IMG].

    2. Speak respectfully to each other
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    Guiding Principal: All posts should be considered, mature, and add value to the G&GR community.
  2. last500 Frank Row (1)

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    Two current GPS boys selected in U19 AUS Team in coxed four and two St Aug in coxless four. Small NSW contribution this year. Might reflect the 'slow' year we have recognised already.
  3. Jonterry Bob McCowan (2)

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    Newington are supposedly going to announce a new director of rowing, wonder how this will affect their winter training/ next season's performance.
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  4. Number 7 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Scotch (Vic) got 2nd to Eton at Henley over the weekend.

    In other news, Scots College also competed and got knocked out in the 2nd round.
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  5. Rod dennis Bob McCowan (2)

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    Lets get this show on the road,
    For the HOTR 2020 by predictions are:
    1st SHORE:
    Shore look poised for yet another Major Rennie, they will have 4 returners from the winning 2019 crew meaning a heap of experience. This, along with a strong junior 8, should see them over the line however they will face competition from kings and scots

    2nd KINGS:
    The kings boys will be determined after last years close loss to shore. Similarly to shore, they have a wealth of experience with 4 returners from last years crew Including a junior Australian representative. A problem for kings could potentially be depth problem as their junior 8 was relatively weak.

    3rd SCOTS:
    Scots failed to live up to the hype of last season and will be hungry to break their now 41 year drought (longest in the GPS excepting high) They will have a large amount of first experience with 5 returners from last years promising 8 along with a strong junior 8 which placed 3rd at HOTR.

    4th NEWINGTON:
    Newington lead the 1st VIII race last year to the 500 however went on to come 6th, who knows what could happen if they string a full race together. With a strong junior 8 and a few returners, they could be in the mix

    5th RIVERVIEW:
    Riverview failed to live up to the success of the 2018 crew which was expected. With rumours of a new coach and a winning 1st IV they could be in the mix

    6th JOEYS:
    Joeys placed 3rd at HOTR last year with a largely year 12 crew meaning that they will have a lack of experience. However, they have proven us wrong before and are still in with a chance

    7th GRAMMAR:
    Grammar had a strong junior 8 last year placing 2nd at HOTR however, the underlying losing culture at the shed seems to still be prominent.

    8th SYDNEY BOYS :
    No surprise here, looks to be nothing special coming out of here for a fair few years
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  6. Number 7 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Looks about right to me.

    The Shore VIII's should be stronger than last year with a very good Yr10 cohort complementing the consistently successful Yr11 group from last year. The squad size is bigger this year so hopefully there is more competition in the IV's than last year.

    I expect Kings to do well again. They had a well timed 1st VIII race last year and were unlucky not to get the the win. The year before their junior VIII crew surprised Shore at HOTR and beat them with an excellent row so some of the boys know how to win. Kings seem to time their run well for HOTR so it wouldnt surprise me if they put in a big performance in March.

    I keep hearing stories (from Scots parents) of money being spent in the Scots shed to improve performance. Im not sure how this works or if it's true but Ive heard that stuff before about Scots rowing so will believe it when I see it. There was a lot of talk of improvements last year with little to show for it when it mattered.

    It would be nice to see the Grammar junior VIII second place performance from last year converted into a successful opens performance. I suspect depth might be an issue but it was a really nice row and the crew looked well coached so if they can retain the core of that crew, hopefully they can make something of it.

    Good luck to all the schools for the season. I have seen the work they put in first hand and really admire any boy who can last a season and compete at HOTR.
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  7. Rod dennis Bob McCowan (2)

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    Predicted Scots first VIII 2020
    According to My nephew in year 11 at Scots

    Cox: Sam Underhill/ Michael Frino
    Stroke seat: Hamish Todd (1st VIII 2019)
    Seven seat: Franco Squillace (1st VIII 2019)
    Six seat: Tom Hart (2nd VIII 2019)
    Five seat: James Van der Donk (1st VIII 2019)
    Four seat: Dylan Hansen (1st VIII 2019)
    Three seat: Angus Aitken (2nd VIII 2019)
    Two seat: Cooper Mundell (1st VIII 2019)
    Bow seat: Jack Scott (2nd VIII 2019)

    Does anyone have predicted crews for any other schools?
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  8. lincoln Bob Loudon (25)

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    I reckon the two Campbells and Scott from last season’s Year 10 eight will give a couple of those 2nd eight boys a run for their money.
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  9. Rod dennis Bob McCowan (2)

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    Fair call,
    Its a matter of experience vs youth
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  10. I_Snap_Oars_For_A_Living Bob McCowan (2)

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    Afternoon Everyone,

    Another season is brewing and the first race is just around the corner.

    Who is going to step up?

    Thoughts so far:
    With half of the boat returning for yet another season and a strong Junior 8, I once again cant see the boys from Gladesville struggling with early season performance. Although with the recurring yearly theme of the margin between shore and the others schools slowly closing as the season progresses it is hard at this stage to predict the Shore boat claiming Season champ. My prediction for their entire shed entails a very strong 1st 8. An average 2nd 8 (at this stage i cant see them like previous years challenging some of the others schools first 8's or placing highly at state/nationals). The IV's will struggle this season based from inside intel. The school's first junior 8 will have a strong season, i can see them winning by a large margin come Grammar.

    As erg results become applicable, I will share.

    More Schools to come.

    Hopefully we see a stronger discussion page this time around.

  11. Gdaygday Frank Row (1)

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    Doubt Newington will be in the the mix this season compared to Schools like Joeys + View who've mostly podiumed the last 3 years until they show consistent results, rather than treating HOTR as a 1km race

    MD left view, winning 1st IV coach has taken over. I believe they'll be very hungry falling off the podium after 3 successful seasons + a proving coach. Then again, Joeys were very quick just behind kings last year. I believe results will be similar to previous seasons.

    1st Shore
    2nd Kings
    3rd View/Joeys
    5th Scots
    6th Newington
    7th Grammar
    8th SBH
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  12. Imstuckinthemangroves Frank Row (1)

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    Is it even worth other schools trying this year with such a strong Shore crew?
    Riverview again this year will be all hype and Kings well they tried to use a brand new boat to help them get across the line but that didn't work.
  13. Dan Mercer Frank Row (1)

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    The season at Parramatta has started with a bang, the buzz in the sky blue and white shed is palpable, a very strong season is predicted ahead for the Kingsman. My Friend at Scots has told me that this year they have a new senior olympic coach and that the coffers have been opened at Bellview Hill, she also told me that late crew changes last year, just prior to HOTR proved disastrous, and culled Scots promising momentum in its tracks. My prediction is that Kings and Shore will fight it out for the crown, with View and New / Scots fighting for the scraps.
  14. cyclopath Phil Waugh (73)

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    Just report it, no need for quoting it
  15. Major Rennie Herbert Moran (7)

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    For what its worth, my nephew is in the Shore shed and am told crews will be stronger this year. Mind you, Im guessing he would say that :)

  16. Number 7 Herbert Moran (7)

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    I can confirm that the Erg's are way ahead of last year. Some of the 2nd viii boys have made some big improvements and there is heaps of competition from the Yr10's from last year, some of whom are also doing big numbers.

    The GPS sculling trial results were a bit disappointing however.
  17. I_Snap_Oars_For_A_Living Bob McCowan (2)

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    Top Erg 6.11
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  18. I_Snap_Oars_For_A_Living Bob McCowan (2)

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    My updated thoughts of shore from inside Intel and erg results is a strong 1st VIII and a 2nd VIII which is a fair bit weaker than previous years. As for the fours, its anyone game until the grammar regatta. Good luck to all Crews racing this weekend.
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  19. lincoln Bob Loudon (25)

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    No Hansen this Saturday - injured?
    D Campbell only one from 2019 Yr10 VIII at this stage
  20. lincoln Bob Loudon (25)

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    18 year 12s in senior shed - quite high, generally means strong shed but no 3rd VIII and relatively poor retention of 2019 Yr 10 rowers, augurs poorly for 2021.
    1st VIII - 3 from 2019 1st VIII, 3 from 2nd VIII, and 2 from Yr10 1st VIII (one last year's 1st VIII now in 2nd VIII).
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