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2020 Super Rugby Round 3 - Waratahs v Brumbies @ ANZ Stadium - Saturday 18 July

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by Braveheart81, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. molman Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    I go a vibe that, that was playing on his mind a little. Some self pressure perhaps to perform and put his best foot forward. He looked a lot more relaxed in the Force game. A little too much in his head rather than the moment in this game it seemed.
  2. Up the Guts Paul McLean (56)

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    I though Banks was good on the kick return last night. He nearly poked his nose through the line a number of times. Maddocks also looks like he’s developed (or started using) a bit of a goose step which he used to get outside his man a few times. Nice addition to his game as he didn’t have a lot of tricks up his sleeve before.
  3. Silverado Arch Winning (36)

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    Maddocks has got a great boot, but he's hit and miss in attack, and just plain miss in defence. That palm off put on him down the short side leading to the first half try is why he hasn't worn Gold in a while.
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  4. molman Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    He's got the quality about him.. that aspect that players like Larkham or B.Barrett have where they almost seem to slice through the line somewhat in a way that's a little surprising.

    I think DHP does a little more than he gets credit for. He's pretty solid out back. Always seems to break a few tackles, make some yards on the run return. His positional play is pretty good. The younger lads have more upside but they probably arn't as consistent as DHP. That said, depending how this comp goes you'd probably have to go Banks so far for his performance over the whole year. Maddocks has more to prove first.
  5. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    DHP was in pretty good form earlier in the year....

    That was Banks first game back since the break, and though he was solid... much safer under the high ball than Hansen.
  6. fatprop David Wilson (68)

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    Maddocks is a hole runner, Banks is a line breaker, DHP is our most consistent line breaker
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  7. barbarian Nick Farr-Jones (63)

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    I went out to ANZ for the game, it was a very weird experience. It was almost completely silent. The only noise was a very faint crowd murmur and the players talking to one another.

    That made it kind of hard to get into the game as a spectator. Like watching the TV on mute, you lack a feel for the game that comes with crowd noise or commentators.

    Tahs played with great intent and should have won. But in the last 15 they diverted from what had been working so well in attack: hard, direct running in the middle of the ground from their forwards. The Brumbies changed their defensive pattern and we decided to start chasing space out wide, but it was fools gold.

    My impression at the ground was that Harrison had a really good game, but I see others have different views. His cross-kick to Ramm was brilliant and I thought his marshalling of the attack was very solid against a good team.

    Maddocks had a nightmare first 60, but went OK in the end. He has a real presence on field that I like, and his boot is very good.

    For the Brumbies I was impressed with Folau Faingaa's work. Haven't seen his name mentioned but he seemed to me like one of the best players on the park. Valentini also continues to impress me, he's got a bit of Scott Fardy in him I reckon. Physical bloke who loves getting stuck in. Doesn't steamroll people with ball in hand but carries well.

    Not sure I'll be back to ANZ any time soon though. Was a really convenient experience (thanks Westconnex) but you are so far back from the action it makes it really tough to get into the game.
  8. Rugby Head Herbert Moran (7)

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    I must say, I was really impressed with the Waratahs catch/ pass. Not sure if it's been the work of Rob Penney or Simon Cron over the past few years, but looked very good on Saturday.
  9. Bandar Watty Friend (18)

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    I really think this is why people are saying there is a big difference in quality between SRA and SRAU - the crowd and commentary makes such a difference to the viewing experience. It would be great if Fox Sports would do the fake crowd noise like they are doing for the NRL
  10. Wilson Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Watching on TV I thought it was a mixed performance from him, plenty of good moments but some absolute shockers as well, similar to Maddocks in that regard.

    I will say I was pretty impressed that he didn't allow the mistakes to rattle him or throw him off his game as a whole. Bodes well for his test match potential.
  11. Rob42 Vay Wilson (31)

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    Funny thing, crowd noise. I was in line with that critical lineout for the Brumbies at about the 75 minute mark, and all of a sudden, the crowd really amped up around us and it was quite loud - though probably just in comparison with the previous quiet.

    Disappointing loss for the Tahs, but so many positives. This team is way ahead of where I thought they'd be this season - the defence is transformed, the forward pack seems 10 kg heavier per man, the attack has some real organisation to it. Who would have thought? I really hope a quality competition is organised for 2021 and beyond, because I'm looking forward to watching this team.
  12. Rob42 Vay Wilson (31)

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    Yes, agree - the Brumbies were throwing up a "shooter" in defence outside of him to block the pass, trying to cramp him like the Force did previously. When that happens, he's not afraid to straighten up and take the heavy contact, which is good to see. Possibly missed a couple of opportunities where the shooter left a hole in the defensive line, but he'll see that on review. Good instincts.
  13. Brumbieman Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Great game, everything has been said except the most crucial bit IMO.


    Since the Tahs got him in, their defence has improved out of sight, it's the best since 2014. Also working directly with a lot of his former squad is no doubt making Penney's life a lot easier, and making that transition for those players a hell of a lot easier too.

    I reckon he'll follow McKeller as Wobs coach, after Rennie's tenure.
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  14. Up the Guts Paul McLean (56)

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    You’re definitely right about the defence.

    Reviewing some of the stats, Walton made 17 tackles with 1 miss. I originally wasn’t sure about his inclusion in the side but that’s a fantastic effort in the 13 channel with TK his opposite and the dangerous Wright and Muirhead on the wing just outside him.
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  15. Number 7 Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    I agree. It really looks like they have changed their defensive structure and it seems to be working.

    I would add that I have seen some nice variations in attack this year as well. Rather than the Foley-driven-behind-decoy-runner-cutting moves that were too easy for sliding defenses to counter, there has been some nice inside balls and using the sliding player as the decoy (with an inside runner). Whether it has been Penney or Gilmore's influence it has been better to watch so far.
  16. The Nomad Vay Wilson (31)

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    Highly rate Gilmore as a coach.

    Has done a great job with the progression of the Academy model over 2018/19.

    Results for the U20's last year best in a while.

    He also was involved directly with the U18's in NZ last year. Hewart was HC , but Gilmore was with them the whole time and mostly worked on defensive structure.

    He seems to know how to get the best out of developing players, should be a great fit with this young Tahs team.
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