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AIC Rugby 2019

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by RugbyReg, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. IsaJoNic139 Frank Row (1)

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    HT at Indro - SPLC 14 - 7 SPC
  2. IsaJoNic139 Frank Row (1)

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    FT at Indro

    SPLC 14
    SPC 43
  3. Galloper Alfred Walker (16)

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    FT @ MCA

    MCA 55 v Iona 12
  4. Echidna Chris McKivat (8)

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    SLV v Villa ???
  5. I play wing Chris McKivat (8)

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    Any photos from Ashgrove today?
  6. melomvp Peter Burge (5)

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    SLC 26 defeat Villa 12
  7. Confucius Say Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Congratulations Ashgrove. There was 31 point to nil before they made an error. Undefeated champions and Queen was playing as their rugby and football Firsts sang their war cry in front of their school and supporter.

    Villa, Laurie and Padua equal fourth on 10 points.

    Nice to see both XV make a tunnel and clap their opponent off the ground.

    Best for Ashgrove was 5, 7, 12.
    Iona best was 8 and 13.

    Good crowd at Marist.
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  8. Galloper Alfred Walker (16)

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    Good summary, Confucius, and I agree with your bests for each side.

    I also noted how long it took for Ash to make a mistake, they were clinical in the first half especially with a new 10 as playmaker, a very well-drilled and fit side.

    Clash of the heavyweight centre pairings was interesting, Ash 12 Radford was in everything but the Iona 13 scored one of the best individual tries seen on McMahon Oval for many years to end the first half.

    The game was played in good spirit, as was the Seconds, nice shows of respect between the sides at the end of each game.
  9. Echidna Chris McKivat (8)

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    Very fitting that SLC, Padua and Villa finished equal.
    Congrats to MCA 1XV, deserved premiers and clearly the best team and 1st/2nds squads. MCA picked up the football double today so the big crowd and students thrilled. Awsome school spirit.
    Looking forward to 2020 rugby season which will again see a very strong MCA and I think a stronger AIC comp at the top level given current crop of year 11s and 10s. Lets hope SEC and SPLC can totally rebuild their programs.
    Goodluck to those AIC boys selected in schoolboy rep teams and to all the MCA boys who put the school first and didnt trial - today is yours. Some of you may get selected in the u18 qld rubgy squad whilst Ive heard a couple may have been approached by the NRL dark side. I know a few are colts rugby bound now in any case. Goodluck.
  10. Bledisloe Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Huge congratulations to Marist college on a fantastic season well done lads.
    An excellent season all round with some great rugby played by all.bring on next season.
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  11. Echidna Chris McKivat (8)

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    MCA 1XV 2019 (7/7) - 320 For & 32 against.
  12. D'Lite Full Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Final Table

    ASH 14
    SLC 10
    Padua 10
    Villa 10
    SPC 6
    Iona 4
    SEC 2
    SPLC 0
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  13. D'Lite Full Allen Oxlade (6)

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    After being walloped by 60 at Suncorp Stadium by Iona in late March, Pats would be very pleased to finish higher on the table.
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  14. Vik Herbert Moran (7)

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    Well done MCA very deserved premiership.

    Regarding Villa versus Laurie’s. Classic case of smart rugby (played by SLC) versus stupid rugby (played by Villa). It was very frustrating to watch as a Villa person.
    Laurie’s effectively stayed in the game by taking shots for goal to basically mount enormous scoreboard pressure on Villa. Once again in what is becoming a disturbing pattern, Davey, the Villa coach used barely any reserves. In fact he made one change for the whole game. Even when his forwards were completely spent. It appears as if he doesn’t trust any of his bench at all. Very very odd behaviour and pretty ordinary coaching. When I spoke about this curious trait early in the season I stated that it would come back to haunt him and it did.
    Congrats SLC you played very well indeed and deserved your win. You broke Villa down very effectively.
    After viewing that yesterday I would suggest Villa are little chance of troubling Ashgrove or SLC next year unless they truly build a squad of 23 rather than a squad of 15.
  15. Galloper Alfred Walker (16)

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    Jimmy Tucker's AIC team of the season, as appears in today's CM:

    Floyd Aubrey (Marist)
    Hamish Muir (Villanova)
    Campbell Moller (Marist)
    Josh Radford (Marist)
    Robbie Agnew (Villanova)
    Max Plath (Iona)
    Sam Stephens (Marist)
    John Bryant (Lauries)
    Lachlan Howse (Marist)
    Sam Mataafa (Padua)
    Will Markham (Iona)
    Wil Mitchelmore (Marist)
    Bryce Huddy (Lauries)
    Angus Sawtell (Lauries)
    Ollie Harris (Villanova)
    Morgan Prendergast (St Pats)
    Josh Pezzimenti (Padua)
    Harry Clements (Marist)
    James Livingstone (Villanova)
    Nick Baker (Marist)
    George Stokes (Villanova)
    Charlie Kwock-Sun Barker (Iona)
    Christian Torluccio (Lauries)
  16. Garry Owens John Solomon (38)

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    When did Jim become Jimmy ?

    Irrespective of arguments between starters and bench I don't think there is too much to argue about in the selection of the 23.

    I reckon its pretty much spot on
  17. Galloper Alfred Walker (16)

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    His friends call him Jimmy
  18. Garry Owens John Solomon (38)

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    Probably just his Marist friends
  19. Garry Owens John Solomon (38)

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    Glad that Christian Torluccio got a deserved gong . One of the more underrated and silent achiever outside backs running around in the AIC Competition this year. Well done fella.
  20. Tbone Peter Burge (5)

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    I just want to address something that has been bugging me all throughout the AIC season, and hopefully true rugby lovers out there too, and that is the issue of uncontested scrums. It's actually becoming something of a joke. Time and again watching B teams (and some A teams) who went uncontested from the start, so clearly not having done any preparation at all and just deciding it was all too hard and nup, we'll take that out of the equation. Because we can. Or even seeing teams who were just being clearly dominated in the scrum, and not in a buckled over dangerous type of a way but more being pushed off the ball on their own feed type of way, then just going uncontested and negating the other teams hard trained advantage. I think we can all agree the rugby scrum is an integral part of the game, and one of the mains things that sets it apart from the other code, (hell, any other sport full stop) but what I have seen this year borders on the farcical.

    One B team, and not in a young age group, won a premiership this year without packing a scrum in anger. Seriously? It's no wonder the GPS comp scoffs at AIC rugby. I don't blame the boys though. This is just simply lazy coaching. And don't dare use weak arguments like money and resources, the help is out there. I accept all school coaches are not going to be scrum experts, but that is no excuse. Go to the local rugby club, old boys, QRU, C2K (look them up). There is nothing a cauliflowered-eared wizened old hard nut front rower loves more than passing on the dark arts of Scrummaging to a young eager disciple willing to learn, I guarantee it. Ask him, you all know one (or are one).

    Without contested scrums it's not really rugby is it? Or am I missing something?

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