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CAS Rugby 2014

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by pigprop, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. pigprop Peter Burge (5)

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    With the 2013 CAS season almost done and dusted, and the GPS 2014 already firing away, I thought it was time to start up the CAS 2014 Thread!
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  2. Elfster Jim Clark (26)

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    Damn you!! :p I was hoping to start it myself. Starting a thread is one way to immortality!
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  3. pigprop Peter Burge (5)

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    My early predictions
    1. Barker
    2. Knox
    3. Cranbrook
    4. Waverley
    5. Trinity
    6. St Aloyius
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  4. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Possible CAS Representatives 2014 based on the CHS Trial Match team lists. The boys returning in 2014 must be pencilled in to the rep teams if they can retain their form and remain injury free.

    I've probably got a few of these wrong. Please post corrections.

    Finishing School in 2014
    CAS I
    1. Jackson McLEAN ( T )
    2. Nick KOUTSOUKIS ( W )
    3. Faaope SATUI ( T )
    4. Harrison WILLIAMS ( A )
    5. Leon AKOPIAN ( B )
    8. Ryan POWTER ( W )
    11. Tyson DAVIS ( B )
    12. Devan STOLTZ ( B )
    14. Eddie ELLWOOD-HALL ( B )
    15. Harry JONES ( B )

    CAS II
    1. Matt HOOPER ( W )
    2. Callum LANDRY ( B )
    3. Paul CULLEN ( C )
    4. Barton HEENEY ( W )
    5. Patrick KAVA ( W )
    8. Theo HANSON ( B )
    9. Brent WHICKER ( T )
    10. Ben O’DONNELL ( W )
    11. James PAEK ( K )
    12. Hamish NEWBY ( K )
    13. Cameron DOVE ( B )
    14. Thomas DUFFY ( W )

    16. Jack SLACK-SMITH ( B )
    17. Julian HORTON-PATCH ( C )
    18. Phoenix GOODMAN ( K )
    19. Harrison MIDDLEBROOK ( B )
    21. Anthony MacDOUGALL ( C )
    22. Jordan BRACEWELL ( W )

    Returning to School in 2014
    CAS I
    6. Nick BURKETT ( B )
    7. Jake PIERCE ( K )
    9. Stephen KIRKBY ( B )
    10. David SMERDON ( B )
    13. Connor WATSON ( K )

    CAS II

    6. Jimmy WIDDERS-LEECE ( K )
    7. George CORIAS ( T )
    15. Rihann BARKLEY-BROWN ( T )

    20. Brett VAN ZYL ( K )
    22. Jordan BRACEWELL ( W )
    23. Jack BASSETT ( W )

    Injured v CHS I but played vs ISA

    Changes to the listings above made on Gaggerlanders feedback and posts.
  5. Keen observer Bob McCowan (2)

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    barkley brown returning in 2014
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  6. sw57 Bob McCowan (2)

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    Pierce, Watson, Widders-Leece all returning in 2014
  7. sw57 Bob McCowan (2)

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    I think that it can definitely be said that next years competition will be much closer, and barker not being as dominant as we have seen this year, with many players leaving the school (landry, slack smith, middlebrook, akopian, hanson, elwood-hall, stoltz, davis, jones).

    My Prediction for next year:
    1. Knox
    2. Barker
    3. Waverley
    4. Cranbrook
    5. Trinity
    6. St Aloysius

    Aloysius is put last because of the loss of their captain harry Williams, and as I cant see the boys pulling themselves out of the spot for next year, trinity 5, I think they will be patchy like this year and the loss of key forwards like satui, mclean and 1/2b whicker will hurt. Cranbrook 4 because of a solid performing 16's team this year and some good play should hopefully carry through. Waverley will be competitive again in 3, as always will be hard to win at queens park. Barker will not be the same as this year with the above mentioned loss of extreme talent, but smerdon, kirkby and Burkett will lead them around the park. Knox should be a better team next year and hopefully matt Williams will show why hes worth the money. talented year 11 players Watson, price, field, pierce and widders-leece who were regulars in 2013 and year 10 student Lachlan swinton who played 3 games in the firsts should fire well as a unit. Also talented players coming from the 16's.

    An exciting year of footy instore next year, cant wait for round 1!
  8. golden oldie Bob McCowan (2)

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    Agree that next year's talent is spread more evenly across the stronger teams. In this case, injury to key players could greatly influence results. Having watched these teams battle each other for 6 years my predictions are
    1. Knox/Cranbrook (joint)
    3. Barker
    4. Waverly
    5. Trinity
    6. St Aloysius
  9. Cosmo Jones Allen Oxlade (6)

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    The only cranbrook player you mentioned that is playing next year is Hugh Summerhayes, the rest finish this year
  10. rugbynut647 Bob McCowan (2)

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    Nick Makas, who had some game time in the CAS IIs is returning for Cranbrook is he not?
  11. jimbellows Bob McCowan (2)

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    You forget Knox no 8 Van Zyl who has been the outstanding CAS back rower of the season and played CAS I in 2013. Has played Knox 1st since year 10.
  12. rugbynut647 Bob McCowan (2)

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    What was the CAS U16 team like for 2012 and who played in it?
  13. jimbellows Bob McCowan (2)

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    The team consisted of :
    Barton Heeney
    Nick Burkett
    Harry Jones
    Leon Akopian
    Jackon McLean
    Ryan Powter
    Cameron Dove
    Faaope Satiu
    Brett Van Zyl
    Devan Stoltz
    Eddie Ellwood-Hall
    Tyson Davis
    Stephen Kirkby
    Nick Koutsoukis
    David Smerdon

    Didn't do all that well against GPS. Coaching was sub-par. Similar team members in CAS 1 opens this year did well against GPS.
  14. Peabody Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Harry Jones was at Kings in 2012
  15. jimbellows Bob McCowan (2)

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    Yup that was this year's opens team. The U16 squad was:
    Alex Broad
    James Shipway
    Hugh Summerhayes
    Rory Vevers
    Andries Van Voerkom
    Austen Black
    Nick Burkett
    Sam Renton
    Sam Hudson
    George Corias
    Dylan Bindczus
    Turner Hancock
    Brett Van Zyl
    Sean Campbell
    Jake Pierce
    Chris Ebeling
    Jack Bassett
    Nick Slaven
    Ben Buckland
    Stephen Kirkby
    Justin Fish
    Dave Smerdon
    Anthony McDougall

    Can't recall which were the starting side.
  16. Cosmo Jones Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Makas isnt listed but he is returning, hes in year 11
  17. Benched '84 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Change of coaching may also be an important factor, is there any rumors, speculation out there??
  18. casrugby12 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I do believe trinity will have a good team next year. They have some great players in there back line as well in the forwards I'm excited to see how it turns out
  19. bandg Frank Row (1)

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    I think Aloys will be a surprise maybe up around 3rd or 4th. they've got a good core group of players and coaches returning and if they can their college oval a tough place to place like it already is then they could really shock a few people on 2014. Look out for R. Vevers, J. Dainton and N. Slaven all coming back and from this years u16s the Sheild-dick twins (although one has had some bad injuries over the last two years) and N. Cramp who got a bit of time off the bench this year. You know that they'll play with passion and heart put these two age groups have looked promising through the younger age groups and this could be the start of a good couple of season for St Aloysius
  20. rugbynut647 Bob McCowan (2)

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    that was said about cranbrook last year, look where they ended up. its going to take more than 5 or 6 players for any team to make an impact in the CAS competition

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