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CAS Rugby 2017

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by SonnyDillWilliams, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Despite 1 round remaining, 2016 seems done and dusted ..

    Think Waverley could be a strong chance in 2017

    My likely team

    1. Finn wright
    2. Hunter Doyle
    3. Mcguiggan
    4. Moretti
    5. Szabo
    6. Joel Ellis
    7 tadgh murphy
    8. Rogers smith
    9 marco bell
    10 Donaldson
    11 towns
    12 hardaker
    13 Cornish
    14 Wallace
    15 Rayner

    Not sure who would be captain . maybe Ellis if he can put on some size
    And cement his spot
  2. ChipKick Herbert Moran (7)

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    My early tips would be the following

    1. Knox
    2. Waverley
    3. Barker
    4. Aloys
    5. Trinity
    6. Cranbrook
  3. ChipKick Herbert Moran (7)

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    For me Aloys will be the dark horses.

    16A's faired pretty well, along with 15As who were joint premiers.

    If not 2017 well then definitely the next. Some hope for Aloys fans after a 80 somethinng smacking to nill today!
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  4. White line fever Fred Wood (13)

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    Think Waverley will be well placed next year, good depth, and some real super stars. 1 won his first premiership today in year 10 and he is already dominant on the field!
  5. Backline_Move Banned

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    Knox lineup

    1. Frear
    2. Kennedy
    3. Cutrone
    4. Frost (Captain)
    5. Humphrey
    8. Trobec
    9. Hanson
    10. Mcinerny
    11. Leigh
    12. Woodcock
    13. Cameron
    14. Stenning
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  6. Backline_Move Banned

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    Is Finn Wright still there? Thought this was his second year?

    His game against Knox in round 8 was one of the most incredible schoolboy performances I have seen.

    I hope he does not return for 2017!
  7. ChipKick Herbert Moran (7)

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    I believe he is in year 11. No doubt Waverley will have a very powerful forward pack lead by Finn Wright.
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  8. bigboy Stan Wickham (3)

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    Aloys Lineup

    1. Halliday (2nds)
    2. Rahme (1sts)
    3. Williams (2nds)
    4. Sullivan (1sts)
    5. Fernley (16as)
    6. Partington (1sts)
    7. Rahme (16as)
    8. Ienco (16as)
    9. Di Sano (16as)
    10. Westbury (16as)
    11. Coleman (2nds)
    12. Flaherty (1sts)
    13. Branagan (16as)
    14. Anderson (2nds)
    15. Richardson (16as)
  9. Backline_Move Banned

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    Matt Coghill was in the front row this year and has his best chance of higher honours if he plays there for next season.
  10. White line fever Fred Wood (13)

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    Yes BM Finn Wright is in year 11, so back next year 2017. I completely understand your question, as normally if a student makes the 1sts in year 10 they are a winger due to great speed etc but not a forward due to size/strength. So he made the firsts in year 10 as a prop, rather special. The no. 8 will also be back, he was in year 10 this year, he is also ok!
  11. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    1.Connor Thomas (2nds )
    2. Matt Coghill (1sts)
    3.Daniel Buffa (1sts)
    4. Mack Northcotte (1sts Injured)
    5. Harry Flaherty (1sts elevated from 16As)
    6. Luke Reimer (1sts)
    7. Jeremy Hutton (1sts)
    8. Luke Melchior (1sts)
    9. Tom Williams (1sts)
    10.Van-Woerkom (1sts)
    11. Simon Marais (1sts)
    12. Will Lloyd (1sts )
    13.Ben Bryden (16As )
    14. Conner Bastow (1sts )
    15. Harry Dunning (2nds )

    Other players in the mix include, Kitchener, Tjeck, Haywood, Story, Charlmers, Locker.
  12. ChipKick Herbert Moran (7)

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    Very strong team. Barker should be very competitive next year
  13. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    Barker missed a fast strong ball carrying back this year.
    Knox had Armstrong, Trnity had Morris and Longville, Waverley had Fuller & Yoanniddis plus speedy wingers, Aloys had Slaven and Flaherty and Cranbrook had Dickens, Stenmark and Stewart.
    Just one player of that caliber would have made a huge difference to the Barker overall team effort.
  14. Tahmen Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Knox line up looking decent, if Cameron can perform the way he has been playing in 16s in the opens age group then they will be pretty tough to beat.
  15. Mr Touch Finder Peter Burge (5)

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    Who ever you are you have absolute no idea on what you are going on about, and your value towards this forum is very small.

    The correct team for Knox 1st XV 2017
    1. Frear
    2. Cutrone
    3. Dawson
    4. Humphrey
    5. Frost
    6. Collins
    7. Stenning
    8. Garing
    9. Hansen
    10. Woodcock
    11. Galleta
    12. Myers
    13. Cameron
    14. Brown
    15. Pavlakis
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  16. redblack Ted Fahey (11)

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    ^^^ A lot closer, might need to find a spot for Fletcher Watson if he decides to have a crack. Has played halfback before as well so is a useful utility player.

    IMHO Waverley should go into next year as warm favourites , a number of boys backing up and the clashes between Woodcock and Donaldson will be great viewing.
  17. AAaron Bob McCowan (2)

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    Knox team for 1st XV 2017 should be as following.

    1. B Dawson (1sts)
    2. M Cutrone (1sts - injured)
    3. J Frear (16as)
    4. N Frost (1sts/australian schoolboys)
    5. T Humphrey (2nds)
    6. J Stenning (2nds)
    7. B Collins (2nds)
    8. D Garing (2nds)
    9. B Hansen (3rds)
    10. T Woodcock (1sts)
    11. O Galletta (2nds)
    12. S Rechner (15as)
    13. T Cameron (16as)
    14. H Myers (1sts)
    15. M Pavlakis (2nds)

    This team is full of skill, size, aggression and speed. Only 3 players returning from this years team. The stye of play will have to be different too what has been seen in the powerhouse style of rugby Knox has previously played. Bassong, Armstrong, Grindal, Margin, and Stocks will be sorely missed.

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  18. Tahs247 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Anybody got a Waves team?
  19. ChipKick Herbert Moran (7)

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    My Knox side.

    #1 Brady Dawson
    #2 Sean Kennedy
    #3 Max Cutrone
    #4 Nick Frost
    #5 Tom Humphrey
    #6 Alex Trobec
    #7 Billy Collins
    #8 Dan Garing
    #9 Ben Hansen
    #10 Josh McInerney
    #11 Hunter Myers
    #12 Tom Woodcock
    #13 Tom Cameron
    #14 Ottavio Galleta
    #15 Sam Rechner
  20. ChipKick Herbert Moran (7)

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    Waves forward pack. Don't have much knowledge of backs so maybe someone could fill in

    #1 Will McCormack
    #2 Hunter Doyle
    #3 ?
    #4 Fin O'Sullivan
    #5 Fin Wright
    #6 Luca Morreti
    #7 Joel Ellis
    #8 Eden Rogers-Smith

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