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ISA 2019

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Oak_Wood, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. pilfer80 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    2nd XV and 14A competition grand finals this weekend. Pat's and Stannies 2nd XVs and 14As all undefeated - certainly will be two match ups closely watched by all at Stannies on Saturday. Pat's and Stannies 2nd XVs both have similar score lines against opposition teams - will be an cracking match up (would one go as far to suggest that it is the match of the day? The writing is certainly on the wall for the 3:15pm match up, Stannies by plentyyyy). Let's hope officiating isn't the talk of the town in the aftermath of what is going to be two thrilling grand finals.

    14As - Stannies by the smallest of margins
    2nd XV - cannot split it, but with the home ground advantage Stannies by a whisker
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  2. Tah123 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Great to see you back Pilfer80. Thoght you's fallen off the face of the earth. No doubt you'd be happy with the performance of St Greg's this year given your love of them in the ISA. Do you think Oaks can beat Auggies and give Greg's a chance to at least share the title with the boys from Brookvale?

    Do you have any views of the the performance of the various ISA 1st XV sides this year?
  3. Central Best Chris McKivat (8)

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    Scores in Auggies v Oakhill 16As please
  4. Ball in hand Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Don’t know the scoreline in the 15s and 16s
    but Auggies
    won 15As
    Lost in 3rds
    won 2s 24-14
    and won the 1s 76-5
  5. Tah123 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Stannies beat St Pats in most games including 1s, 2s, 3s and 16a. 1s score was 30+ to 5.
  6. Cuz Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Greg's beat Kinross 33-17 in 1st XV, lost 2nds and won the 16A's
  7. Lydian Lion Frank Row (1)

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    2nds XV Stannies v Pats
    Stannies played their 1st XV players and the penalty count was 35 to 15 against pats. Really sad to see a school conduct themselves this way. The ref Warwick Fish is a coward. When st pats winger scored a try he disallowed it then laughed at the captain of st pats. Anyway both schools had a great year.
  8. Rugby Lord Frank Row (1)

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    Sorry to burst your bubble but the First XV for Stannies was exactly as it was most of the year. The seconds have hardly been changed.
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  9. Tah123 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Geesh LL, big call. I doubt this would happen given the special day at Stannies coupled with the fact it was the last game for the Year 12 boys - do you really think a 1st XV player would drop to 2nd XV to win a premiership in the 2s? I'd suggest the honour of playing Stannies 1st XV far outweighs 2nd XV no matter what the circumstance. And calling a ref a 'coward'? Come on - settle down. I do agree that both schools had good years.
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  10. Coach_Evans69 Frank Row (1)

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    Being a Stannies parent myself, I was a little disappointed in the game. I don't mind when a few calls go our way, however it was actually quite embarrassing when ref Warwick Fish constantly gave the boys from Strathfield penalties, but was not consistent with our boys. I found myself having to apologise to the Pats parents for the shit show the ref caused. In saying that both teams showed a lot of heart, St Pats being the underdogs, just a shame the session had to end on a negative like that.
  11. Ball in hand Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I’m hearing rumours that Auggies are going to play Waverley as the curtain raiser to the Wallabies Samoa test in a couple of weeks. Apparently they were meant to play Barker but they pulled out, then it was offered to Knox and they also declined

    There are till a few boys our injured but hopefully they will get close to a full roster which should make for a good match up
  12. Matey117 Frank Row (1)

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    Because I'm a 'rugby nerd' I have devised a system to determine the Champion ISA Rugby School. Points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd goes like this:
    1st XV - 9,8,7
    2nd XV - 6,5,4
    3rd XV - 3,2,1
    Age Group As - 6,5,4
    Age Group Bs - 3,2,1

    Based on this points system (and doing a bit shared points for ties) I come up with this:
    Auggies 42.5
    Stannies 32
    Oakhill 24
    St Pats 13.5
    St Greg's 10
    Pius 4
    Kinross 3

    The above seems to pass the pub test and feels right - so Auggies the Champion ISA Rugby School for 2019.

    Some observations:
    Auggies - finished top 3 in all but 3rd XV - depth is still good.
    Stannies - finished Top 3 in all but 13s - depth still good and the 13s will be fine as they get older and the Stannies rugby culture permeates their being and the boarding school food bulks them up.
    St Gregs - apart from 1st XV and 14B did not finish top 3 in any other competition - serious lack of depth.
    Oakhill - whilst not as strong as recent years in the opens, there is still depth in the age groups.
    St Pats - 1st XV winless but 2nd XV runners up, younger age groups struggled apart from 14As - lack of depth.
    Kinross - 3rd XV premiers, all the rest must be good at something but it's not rugby - serious lack of depth.
    Pius - 13s did well but the rest, as they say, made up the numbers.

    Looks to me that Auggies and Stannies will dominate for the foreseeable future, with Oakhill providing resistance on occasions. St Gregs appear to be a "one hit wonder" and St Pats, Kinross and Pius need to have a serious look at their rugby programs otherwise they are destined for ongoing poor performances. The biggest concern for me is the numbers start to drop off at Gregs, St Pats, Kinross and Pius, with the competition dwindling away to a 7s comp in the next 10 years (parents concerns about concussion isn't going to help either). The rugby heavyweights at Daceyville need to take control and do away with the GPS, CAS and ISA comps and bring in a Divisional structure that provides even competition to all participants so that a 15-a-side comp remains.

    Any how, well done Auggies - looking forward to 2020!!!
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  13. pilfer80 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    It's great to be back Tah. Certainly have pie on my face after Greg's performance in 1s this season.

    Auggies, despite being far less intimidating than previous years continue to show their class. Many would be believe they may well have fallen back into the pack, however I believe they will still dominate in years to come with the strength of their younger age groups.

    Gregs will fall back into their old ways of being. I agree with Matey's "one hit wonder" comment.

    Oakhill will regain strength in coming years and we will see them back in the top 2 in years to come, along with the ever reliable Stannies.

    Kinross, whilst always showing good signs, will always cause an upset.

    Pats and Pius. It's not looking good for these two. Going to be the 'Battle for the Wooden Spoon' for many years to come. Appears Pius may have overtaken Pats based on their victory a fortnight ago. Pats on a downhill sloop FAST, UNLESS something changes dramatically.
  14. PhantomWesty Frank Row (1)

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    Anyone thoughts on teams for this year?

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