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National Rugby Championship 2014

Discussion in 'National Rugby Championship (NRC)' started by kiap, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    All this talk about the ARC makes one wonder - what if?

    People have discussed the difference in standards between the ITM Cup, which has been going in different guises since the 1970s, and the NRC in it's first year.

    What if the ARC had prevailed financially and we were now in our eighth year of a domestic comp?
  2. Rugbynutter39 Mark Ella (57)

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    I don't know - get with the basics is my view.if you think rugby will survive and grow with just club rugby you are demented..

    We need a third tier competition like SA and NZ to develop and grow our talent pool and provide better pathway to super and international rugby.

    Secondly we need to trial new laws which promote attacking rugby and this NRC does it. I am diehard rugby fan and any conversation have with any other passionate rugby says the same - don't want to see a game of penalities but attacking running rugby..

    Ok there are toothing issues as to how what clubs release super players or not.but to be honest I see more the positives than negatives.namely great attacking rugby, rising new emerging talent that would not otherwise get to see early, rugby in a more social context.and more professional and enjoyable than club rugby (no interest in going to club rugby game but would go to NRC game and super rugby game any day).

    Plus think it is driving more aerobic fitness for players given less stopages and more free flowing rugby with law changes.maybe club rugby should adopt same changes and might go to even club rugby games.
  3. Rugbynutter39 Mark Ella (57)

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    Good point Lee Grant..how can you compare NRC in first year to ITM or currie cup comps that have been running for decades.

    Support the concept and appreciate they won't get it all right first go but rather heading in right direction with opportunities to improve and grow over time..
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  4. lemoen Ted Fahey (11)

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    I haven't watched all the tv games, but wasn't Marto and Shaun's commentating duo just the best so far?

    Anyway, any links where I can watch the live stream of Brisbane City's game tomorrow? Or whichever team Quade is playing
  5. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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  6. RugbyFuture Lord Logo

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    Bill Pulver confident in the NRC under his tenure "It's a such a strategic piece in Australian rugby. It'll be here forever."

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  7. Rugbynutter39 Mark Ella (57)

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    Stoked to hear Bill Pulver say at this stage of NRC that it is hear for ever and been big gap.

    Couldn't agree more..I think this will go from strength to strength but will take time to get crowds to match NRL games etc. For me consolidate then in say 2-3 years like to see expansion including Newcastle Team and perhaps a SA team and Gold Coast Team (latter 2 tough markets to crack for rugby but would help in building truly national comp)
  8. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Based on what we've seen this weekend, compared to what the NRL finals drew for 4 x Sydney teams, it won't take that long.

    Big issue for Bill is how he's going to convince Premier Rugby in Sydney and Brisbane to progressively shorten their seasons.
  9. RugbyFuture Lord Logo

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    don't have to shorten their seasons if they wind down to not thinking of themselves as the be all and end all of australian rugby development. The NRC in effect should make the QPR and SS fully amateur
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  10. HorseSizedDuck Peter Burge (5)

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    SS is run by Subbies anyway. (but that doesn't mean it's a valid reason :p)
  11. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    That will take years, when you think about it logically.

    I like Pulver's approach to getting them into bed with him (the sexy devil), but it will be a long time before SS is completely toast, because they see themselves as l33t despite the evidence to the contrary i.e. BalmUni Stars sucking so hard that we're in danger of getting hit by asteroids.

    Looking at the setup of Brisbane Subbies, I don't think its a stretch that their entire comp and QPR should get together for now, and play in parallel.

    I think Subbies and SS should be the same competition with promotion and relegation (have waxed extensively over on the Subbies thread on just this topic). Particularly because Subbies is going through a rough trot right now and First Division could do with a change i.e. bring Penrith and Gordon down for 2015.

    But politics, young Panda! Politics! They get in the way of everything. These wizened old farts and their dick-swinging contests. Ugh.
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  12. HorseSizedDuck Peter Burge (5)

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    I can agree to that :p

    What be this politics you speak of?
  13. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    We had a number of attempts at promotion and relegation from SS to what was then Metropolitan Cup (aka 2nd Division). The trouble seemed to be that the teams which went down were way too strong for the teams in 2nd Div and the teams that came up lasted a year and went back down. When they stopped it Easts and Norths ended up stuck in 2nd Div - Easts for 4 or 5 years and Norths for 10-15.

    If you have a look at the 2014 Kentwell Cup clubs, I don't think that any of them would be viable in SS. Some are that geographically close to an existing club - Balmain, Drummoyne, Petersham, Mosman, Colleagues, Beecroft and a couple are school old boys teams. I would like to see Cambelltown get into SS at some time in the future, but that would require a heck of a lot of ARU development for them to be competitive.

  14. PaarlBok Rod McCall (65)

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    Dylan Leyds back in WeePee Colours.
  15. Forcefield Ken Catchpole (46)

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    He'll be back :)
  16. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Well they're off to Illawarra next year, so it'll require a hell of an effort.
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  17. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    That's what clubs have when you actually have more than a handful of volunteers starting to want things done their way :)
  18. TOCC Guest

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    The ARU also wrote a blank check for many of the teams by underwriting any losses accrued, this was a poor decision.
  19. RugbyReg Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Fox Sports have confirmed they will also broadcast the Vikings v Brisbane City game, which is the curtain raiser to the Brisbane Bledisloe.

    Great news.
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  20. Tangawizi Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Hmmm, so now that it's on Tele, the big question is do you still head into the ground early or stay in the pub.

    Team lineup will probably decide that one for a few.

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