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NRC 2018

Discussion in 'National Rugby Championship (NRC)' started by RugbyReg, Jul 4, 2018.

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  1. WorkingClassRugger Steve Williams (59)

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    If I were RA I'd be reaching out to Major League Rugby and talking to them about how they've gone about building their model. How they drew in investment etc. Would likely help out the NRC.
  2. Rebel man Bill Watson (15)

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    I know it would be down to the Rising selling games but it’s pathetic that there is not one game in Melbourne
  3. chibimatty Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    I'd like to see some actual promotion in Perth for the NRC and maybe a move to one of the well-appointed soccer grounds around town. It'd be fantastic if we could capitalise on the WSR interest and get some good crowds in.
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  4. Scooter Vay Wilson (31)

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    If anyone is interested last week's matches are now up on Fox Sports website.
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  5. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    National Rugby Championship appointments for Round 6

    Queensland Country vs Sydney at Bond University
    Ref: Nicholas Berry
    AR1: Andrew Twist
    AR2: Nicholas Leask
    TMO: Nathan Welsh

    Fijian Drua vs Canberra Vikings at Churchill ParkAR2: Latouka
    Ref: Graham Cooper
    AR1: Tevita Rokovereni
    AR2: Aisake Drekeni

    NSW Country Eagles vs Brisbane City at Camden Rugby Ground
    Ref: Aaron Pook
    AR1: James Quinn
    AR2: Andrew Cox

    Melbourne Rising vs Western Force at GMHBA Stadium
    Ref: Jordan Way
    AR1: Oliver Kellett
    AR2: Shannon McLachlan
    TMO: Rachel Horton
  6. MACCA Ron Walden (29)

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    Does anyone know if the 2 NSW teams were culled because of a lack of player depth? If that was the case, that really was a great decision (not).
  7. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    The way that NSW have managed their NRC teams, they might want to think about culling it down to one... maybe hand over the Country team to the ACT?
  8. dru Simon Poidevin (60)

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    We all know what happens with shrinking to greatness.
  9. spud Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I know it isn't over but what would the team of tournament look like?
  10. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    I'll do an article with mine perhaps next week.
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  11. WorkingClassRugger Steve Williams (59)

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  12. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    I'm perfectly happy to bring in another couple of PI teams, and maybe NSW can piss off and play with themselves in the Shute Shield..... let's see how that turns out.
  13. WorkingClassRugger Steve Williams (59)

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    The way NSW has approached this competition is incredibly short sighted. But I'd prefer to see them remain engaged in some way. If they do bring in two PI squads then I'd be happy for just the sole NSW if necessary. Though, both NSW team did improve (albeit marginally) in the latter stages of the competition.
  14. Rebels3 Ken Catchpole (46)

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    I am still adamant that the competition should be the following


    Then two more teams
    1 x NSW and 1 x QLD which is a representative team made up of the best players from QLD Prems and Shute Shield respectively. They can both play in Brisbane and Sydney to keep the club fans happy, while the Reds and Waratahs can take their 'brand' to areas away from Sydney and Brisbane.

    Use the brands to build the competition and greater engagement with the community and appease the clubs with having their 'own' team rewarding the best of the best in these competitions, so the players are going against pros to show them what they can do at that level. Also allows for greater combinations to be built with the existing teams into their respective competitions
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  15. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    ^ That's not the worst idea in the world.

    Bigger 'brands' to the forefront. Rugby is not a big enough sport in this country to scatter its marketing to the winds.

    I wouldn't make it mandatory for all Reds/Tahs games to be non-metro. Any team still needs their main home ground IMO to build their regular supporters following for the comp.

    One (or two max) games played regionally by each team would be sufficient in an expanded comp with 7+3 teams - but I would include this for all oz teams.

    Even the Shute/QPR teams (as well as the other states) can do their one out of town game. That'd be in the range of 7-9 aussie regional matches in a single round-robin.

    … Package up ticket deals from main organisation, and by alternating H/A games you can have an NRC match in Syd/Bris just about every week of the comp.
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  16. WorkingClassRugger Steve Williams (59)

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    I'd keep the two country's if we went this way. Which I'm not against at all. Could still do as you suggest as well in terms of teams composition. Looking at this you could almost suggest you're thinking of a structure that could essentially form a reasonable break away structure from SR.
  17. wamberal Michael Lynagh (62)

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    Would World Rugby continue to subsidise Fiji's involvement (and Tonga and Samoa as well, if they are included?)
  18. WorkingClassRugger Steve Williams (59)

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    Well, they are looking to partner with a number of Sth American Unions in the proposed Sth America Professional League which is set to be a commercial structure as much as it will be used for development. So there's a reasonable chance the answer may be. yes.
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  19. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    For a while … say 4 years ahead at a time … they might.

    In perpetuity? Well, possibly not.

    I'd say what they might do is re-purpose the funding that Samoa and Tonga get for the Americas Pacific Championship - instead of playing in Uruguay, they play here.

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  20. WorkingClassRugger Steve Williams (59)

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    That's quite possible.

    I imagine that if the NRC were to ever become something worth something commercially then I could see WR backing off their funding a bit but that's a big if that would require a complete overhaul of the thinking surrounding the competition.
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