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NRC U19s

Discussion in 'National Rugby Championship (NRC)' started by RugbyReg, Sep 27, 2018.

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  1. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Kicks off this weekend.

    Match Day 1: Saturday 29 September
    Sydney v Barbarians, 10.30am
    Queensland Country v Melbourne Rebels, 12.30pm
    Brisbane v Western Force, 2.30pm
    NSW Country Eagles v Brumbies, 4.30pm

    Match Day 2: Monday 1 October
    Queensland Country v Barbarians, 10.30am
    Brisbane v Brumbies, 12.30pm
    Sydney v Melbourne Rebels, 2.30pm
    NSW Country Eagles v Western Force, 4.30pm

    Match Day 3: Wednesday 3 October
    Melbourne Rebels v Barbarians, 10.30am
    Brumbies v Western Force, 12.30pm
    Sydney v Queensland Country, 2.30pm
    Brisbane v NSW Country Eagles, 4.30pm

    Match Day 4: Friday 5 October
    4th v 4th, 9.30am
    3rd v 3rd, 11.00am
    2nd v 2nd, 12.30pm
    1st v 1st, 2.00pm

    Squad's are attached

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  2. LowestManAlwaysWins Bob McCowan (2)

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    Hi. Cant seem to open the list. Could you please resend link or new format the list
  3. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Queensland Country

    Egan Siggs - Brothers - Gold Coast
    Theo Fourie - Souths - Rockhampton
    Laurence Tominiko - Sunnybank
    Brendan Bell - Brothers
    Torah Moe - University of Queensland
    Angus Lovelock - Brothers
    Dane Zander - Norths
    Will Deardan - Wests - Warwick
    Reagan Leslie - Souths - Toowoomba
    Jack Butler - Bond University
    Alex Smit - Wests
    Lachlan Connors - Bond University
    Ollie Sheppard - Wests
    Reno Gerrard - TSS - Gold Coast

    Neal McNamara - Sunnybank
    Isaac Tarabay - Brothers
    Brad Twidale - University of Queensland - Bringalily (Darling Downs)
    Viliami Lea - Souths
    Isaac Henry - Wests
    Elijah Kefu - Souths
    Ilaisa Droasese - Wests
    Max Dowd - Bond University - Gold Coast
    Cooper Whiteside - Wests
    Joshua Walker - Bond University - Gold Coast
    Lachlan Sperling - University of Queensland - Toowoomba

    Brisbane City

    Elijah Kuilamu – Sunnybank
    Ben Fox – Sunnybank
    Rhys Van Nek – Souths
    Jed Chapman – GPS
    Flynn Noon – Wests
    Prynce Romeo-Taugaele – Wests
    Ethan Dobbins – Brothers
    Ben Paxton-Hall – University of Queensland
    Matt Munday – Brothers
    Zac Munro – Souths
    Angus Dean – Souths
    Joseph Faulalo – Sunnybank
    Nathan Marshall – Sunnybank
    John Yates – University of Queensland

    Billy Rutherford – Souths
    Phoenix Hunt – Easts
    Isaac Lucas – Sunnybank
    Issac De Flavis – GPS
    Hudson Creighton – Brothers
    Tristan Staghan – Brothers
    Byron Ralston – Brothers
    Liam Matenga – Easts
    Nathan Carroll – Brothers
    Will Feeney – Sunnybank
    Samuel Samu – Sunnybank
  4. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Jayden Burgess (Gordon)
    Liam Cornish (Randwick)
    Frank Cutler (Gordon)
    Ben Donaldson (Randwick)
    Max Douglas (Manly)
    Joel Ellis (Randwick)
    William Finau (Parramatta)
    Fiu Gibson (Randwick)
    Haitoni Hafoka (Parramatta)
    Tom Hando (Eastwood)
    Brooklyn Hardaker (Eastern Suburbs)
    Finn Kearns-Lafolafo (Randwick)
    Jack Crichton (Parramatta)
    Bailey Lamb (Southern Districts)
    Setefano Leavasa (Warringah)
    Ciaran Loh (Sydney University)
    Saul McCredie (Gordon)
    Kichie Navuso (West Harbour)
    Joshua Nercessian (Warringah)
    Callum Quinn (Randwick)
    Blake Rixon (Manly)
    Maylee Semu (West Harbour)
    Matthew Stead (Randwick)
    Joshua Thrum (Warringah)
    Terence Toomata (Eastwood)

    NSW Country

    Bo Abra (Eastern Suburbs)
    Jack Allen Hamilton (Newcastle)
    Patrick Berryman (Dubbo)
    Darcy Breen (Sydney University)
    Sebastian Cameron (Northern Suburbs)
    Ben Duckworth (Randwick)
    Ben Houston (Randwick)
    Harrison Jackson (Manly)
    Will Johnston (Eastern Suburbs)
    Nick Katsogiannis (Randwick)
    Nathan Lawson (Southern Districts)
    Jack Murray (Sydney University)
    Isoa Nasilasila (Eastwood)
    John Pale (Northern Suburbs)
    Mike Pavlakis (Gordon)
    Eddie Poolman (Sydney University)
    Felix Quinn (Manly)
    Henry Robertson (Sydney University)
    Luke Russo (Parramatta)
    Lachlan Shelley (Eastwood)
    Mitieli Tuinakauvadra (Sydney University)
    Jack Walsh (Manly)
    Hunter Ward (Manly)
    Ben Wood (Maitland)
    Yool Yool (Manly)
  5. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Ignacio Bonsembiante (Uni-Norths Owls)
    James Bundy (Canberra Royals)
    Billy Carberry (Tuggeranong Vikings)
    Tauati Chan-Tung (Wests Rugby Club)
    Stirling Doyle (Uni-Norths Owls)
    Tony Mika Eli (Queanbeyan Whites)
    Will Goddard (Queanbeyan Whites)
    Thomas Hallam (Canberra Royals)
    Turi Eruera Hides (Tuggeranong Vikings)
    Wyll Holland (Queanbeyan Whites)
    Tom Iles (Canberra Royals)
    Fred Kaihea (Queanbeyan Whites)
    Jack Kearns (Adfa)
    Petau Lefau (Queanbeyan Whites)
    Noah Lolesio (Tuggeranong Vikings)
    Lachlan Lonergan (Tuggeranong Vikings)
    Ben Love (Uni-Norths Owls)
    Jean-Benit Madjaga (Tuggeranong Vikings)
    Ali Ngahe (Gungahlin Eagles)
    Lachlan Osborne (Uni-Norths Owls)
    Yabaki Seeto (Queanbeyan Whites)
    Lincoln Smith (Canberra Royals)
    Seamus Smith (Tuggeranong Vikings)
    Cooper Taekata (Tuggeranong Vikings)
    Allan Wratten (Wests Rugby Club)


    Victor Harris (Joondalup Brothers)
    Lee Soa (Palmyra)
    Dylan Hutchins (Wests Scarborough)
    Tyron Law (Palmyra)
    Jarrod McKenna (Wanneroo Districts)
    Lafaele Ikenasio (Coastal Cavaliers)
    Liam Fletcher (Joondalup Brothers)
    Martin Gallagher (Wests Scarborough)
    Jackson Pugh (Palmyra)
    Oliver Callan (Wanneroo Districts)
    Liam Gourlie (Joondalup Brothers)
    Simon Parsons (Wests Scarborough)
    Carlo Tizzano (UWA)
    Brody Macaskill (Wests Scarborough)
    Reece Anapu (UWA)
    Michael McDonald (Palmyra)
    Tyrese Grey (Wanneroo Districts)
    Ethan Reilly (Wanneroo Districts)
    Marcus Arrindell (Palmyra)
    Sam Barsby (Joondalup Brothers)
    Nika Morehu (Wests Scarborough)
    Grason Makara (Wanneroo Districts)
    Jake Gardiner (Kalamunda)
    James Petherick (Coastal Cavaliers)
    Jack Hardy (UWA)
  6. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Isaac Aedo Kailea (Harlequins)
    Shaedyn Folau (Endeavour Hills)
    Oli Barden (Moorabbin)
    Ola Tauelangi (Northern)
    Tom Jeffries
    Tobias Sanerive (Harlequins)
    Liam Stone (Melbourne Uni)
    Josh Nakubuwai (Power House)
    Maximilian O’Brien (Melbourne)
    Angus Edwards
    Harry Kolio Mau (Endeavour Hills)
    Sione Tui (Melbourne
    Mosese Tuipoluto (Harlequins)
    Lazarus Afaese
    Navarre Haisila (Endeavour Hills)
    Chris Mounga (Endeavour Hills)
    Sam Blowers (Harlequins)
    Nick Roostan (Harlequins)
    Alexander Ataata (Harlequins)
    Joseph Basser (Melbourne Uni)
    Moses Faoala (Endeavour Hills)
    Luan Scherman (Northern)
    Jamarl Firebrace
    Mayson Hoverd (Power House)
    Alpha Villi


    Nathan Beil QLD
    Jack Brewer NSW
    Matt Connor QLD
    Max Cutrone NSW
    Vinnie De Masson ACT
    Dylan Dowling NSW
    Joel Etherington NSW
    Byron Hollingsworth-Dessent ACT
    Kristian Jensen ACT
    Rory Kuskie QLD
    Shea Lalagavesi QLD
    Henry Lennon QLD
    Callum MacDonald QLD
    Emmanuel (Manny) Maliko QLD
    Zane Marolt ACT
    Kye Oates QLD
    Liam Prendagast QLD
    Simon Rahme NSW
    Max Robson NSW
    Rory Scott ACT
    James Sidery NSW
    Phrancis Sula-Siaosi QLD
    Emosi Tuqiri QLD
    Tiko Twist ACT
    Finn Wright NSW
  7. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Tom Jeffries the interesting name for Melbourne there. That’s Sams brother and he had switched to AFL. Back now obviously
  8. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Sorry Reg I call bullshit on the Barbarians team Emosi Tuquiri is picked even though he played a full season of League this year. Utter shit and robs an actual Rugby player of greater ability of the Opppotunity to play at this level.

    No wonder Australian rugby is in the shit.
  9. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    I didn't pick him.
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  10. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    I know mate it just does my head in when kids get an armchair ride over hard workers.

    Rant over I will move on
  11. Dark Shark Alex Ross (28)

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    I don’t think he is the only League player from Queensland selected in Barbarians. Which does make a joke of it. Meaning, the powers that be are creating no incentive for players to stay in rugby after school if they know there is fall back to still play League and say you are interested in playing Rep rugby and get accommodated. A poke in the eye to those who stay loyal.
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  12. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    He was delisted by North Melbourne a few weeks ago...
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  13. bignoofa Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Did anyone see the eagles v brumbies game I hope it was a better display than the rays ..
  14. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Yep, but most of the detail is lost in the murk of a full day's watching rugby. As I recall, it wasn't a really high standard game but very close until the young Brumbies scored a couple of tries late in the game. The No 12 was very involved and knows how to beat a tackle. Hopefully, he grows a little more over the next year or so. Think he was about the smallest/lightest player on the field. The No 8 had a strong game until he went off injured. Excellent goal kicking by the No 10.
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  15. bignoofa Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I understand what you mean could have been a long day infront of the small screen , hopefully they come together and improve (the nsw sides) as atm they appear a little well let’s say not winning . Will be very interested in the following few games especially the few 18s involved ..eagles 15 l Shelley 10 j Walsh and rays 4 m Douglas all involved in the nsw18s that toured undefeated in qld I believe
  16. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Need to add to my earlier post that the young Brumbies also produced a couple of very good front rowers; the hooker and LHP were both strong performers at set piece and in the open.
  17. bignoofa Allen Oxlade (6)

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    After reading comments by u20s aust coaches I believe front row was a position they are very keen to add guys as well .
  18. Dark Shark Alex Ross (28)

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    Can I just say the Qld teams are a mile in front of the rest. They will be in the finals. And they left behind a few eligible players in Brisbane to play NRC.

    I believe it does show that Qld are a mile in front with standard of play at same age and does show that while there is a disparity in age at year 12 level between the states the Schoolboy Champs are not a great indicator of “talent”.

    The other teams that have really stood up are the WA and Barbarian teams.
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  19. Dusky W Allen Oxlade (6)

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    That doesn't matter Reg; it's still your fault.
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  20. LetsbeReasonable Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Any standouts for anybody?
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