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Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Rich_E, Aug 17, 2017.


Tip the 2018 AAGPS 1st XV Premiers

St Josephs 29 vote(s) 33.7%
Riverview 9 vote(s) 10.5%
Scots 22 vote(s) 25.6%
Kings 12 vote(s) 14.0%
Shore 14 vote(s) 16.3%
Newington 7 vote(s) 8.1%
Joint premiership 5 vote(s) 5.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    I see that Jim McCann's open long jump record of 7.42 metres from 1957 has lasted another year.
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  2. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    The St James' School Compensation Act (1886) which allowed the establishment of the School laid down that a Council should be half composed of clergy and half of laymen. It is now constituted as follows -

    President: The Archbishop of Sydney (ex officio).
    Six clergy members appointed by the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney.
    Six lay members appointed by the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney.
    Five elected representatives of the Shore Old Boys' Union.
    The Council is responsible for the governance and management of the School. It is responsible for strategic direction and policy and is governed by the Sydney Church of England Grammar School Constitution Consolidation & Amendment Ordinance 1923 (as amended).

    Council delegates day to day management of the School to the Headmaster. The business management of the School, subject to the control of the Council and the Hon. Treasurer is delegated to the Bursar who reports to Council through the Hon. Treasurer.
  3. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Stop Press

    Even though there is no trophy for it, the overall standings from athletics are:

    1 The King's School K 1,155
    2 St Joseph's College J 950
    3 Newington College N 921
    4 The Scots College S 907
    5 Saint Ignatius' College I 846
    6 Shore E 751
    7 Sydney Boys' High School H 726
    8 Sydney Grammar School G 622
    9 The Armidale School A 132
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  4. Skeltz Frank Row (1)

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    Newington will struggle down the sport path with the new headmaster I presume. With the departure of David Mulford who lead the school out of the dark ages and into a golden era of sport (2012 a year that comes to mind with rugby and senior athletic premierships) the new head has a focus on improving the academic results in the coming years. One only hopes that Newington does not go down the path of Shore, Grammer and High and become uncompetitive in the rugby competitions.
  5. One eyed pirate Ward Prentice (10)

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    Both academic and sport prowess can be achieved. The top girls schools achieve both.
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  6. Black & White Jim Clark (26)

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    Just because there has been a change of Headmaster, the direction of the school is unlikely to change fundamentally. He will be bounded and influenced by a variety of standards to maintain. He is a product of James Ruse, so academically, the school will can continue flourish, although, in the direction of the IB and not the HSC.

    But with regards to sport he will be under pressure to maintain and continue the standards already achieved. Too much money, time and effort have been invested in numerous sports for a drop in standards. Newington is not Shore or Grammar, where the Headmaster has a greater capacity to reign as he pleases. The last Headmaster before David Mulford, tried to go against the grain of the school and was luck to see out his five year contract. The school including parents, staff, Old Boys and even the school council rose up in rebellion. A No Confidence Motion was passed, by the Staff Common Room against him. It was a very unhappy time for Newington. He became in essence a lame duck Headmaster, where certain decision making capacities were apparently taken away from him.

    I don't think Mackerras of Grammar or even Dr Wright would survive in Newington's strongly democratic nature. There is no divine right of Headmaster's at Newingon. To be a successful Headmaster at Newington, the capacity to work with numerous and diverse groups is essential. Also, the word that shall not be mentioned on this site is well established, and is now part of the school's ethos. This attitude widely promoted in official school publications.

    With such an attitude and strong lower age groups emerging in the 13s and 14s for Rugby, its possible New Rugby could very well get even stronger.Certainly, all trends point to a structure and programme that promote a stronger Rugby School. How many other GPS schools are organising regular UK Rugby tours.
  7. The Honey Badger Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Shore 2018.
  8. Black & White Jim Clark (26)

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    Good to hear HB, any results and which schools did they play. Most interested hearing about the tour. Such a tour could well improve Shore's competitiveness for 2019.
  9. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    I am not sure a tour overseas actually has a benefit. While it does allow for players to develop some skill and stamina against possibly better opposition, there are occasions when a mismatch will cause injury. From my experience, tours are best when the aim is to develop fringe players. Too often I have seen schools tour for the goal of "world domination". Plus I also feel these can been viewed as for the chosen/precious few and not the whole cohort of players in the code. For example...I attended a fund raising event in 2005 at the Easts Union Club for the Scots College Junior School tour for New Zealand. My best friend's son was going on tour. Great night and over $100k was raised! Amazing result. The money though went towards paying for all the flights, accommodation, tour kit and even coaches dinner suits. No money was ever tipped into helped the junior teams. Is this the process at Newington, Shore, Scots etc.?
  10. Black & White Jim Clark (26)

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    Good point Joker, Certainly some tours are more sight seeing junkets.But when tours are well planned, against well chosen opposition they can be immensely beneficial. For instance during the June -July holidays is example of good timing with three matches to be played.It really, depends on the teams. For instance Grammar or High would benefit from tours to Victoria or WA. But not South Africa or New Zealand. Equally, a strong GPS A age team would benefit from matches against sides such as State High, Nudgee or Terrace. But Cricket scores against St.Edmunds at Ipswich or Shorncliffe or St.Peter's might have lesser value.
  11. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    You pay your own way at any Newington tour, rugby or otherwise. (and they ain't cheap)
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  12. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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  13. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    Hidden behind the paywall, J. Are they crossed oars holding up the Joeys crest?
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  14. cyclopath Phil Waugh (73)

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    Anything to do with the thread, or just something random?

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