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Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Joker, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Lets get this bad boy underway. Everyone take a rest and we can all get back to this later.
    In the meantime, be well, be safe and GO WALLABIES
  2. Wristman Bill Watson (15)

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    Have a well earned rest Joker.
    Thank you for all your amazing input this year.
    Joeys boys across all levels and all age groups were a tribute to the school not only from the trophies secured but more importantly from the way they played the game.
    Go the Wallabies!
  3. ItsNotPink Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Thanks Wristman. You have provided great balance to this forum!
    Good luck to Scots in 2020. More great matches ahead.
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  4. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    gee . everyone is very loved up . it must be the rare Wallabies win.

    I tip Wallabies will get slaughtered at Eden Park on Saturday.

    and tipping $cots to win in 2020

    brian Smith did a stellar job with 2019 . at the start of the season I thought Scots were heading to the back of the pack

    2. Hugh Tuck
    3. Swan
    4. Max McCathie .
    5. Gavin/Fergusson/Naqau
    6. Darcy Clifton
    7. Dylan Hansen
    8. Kiwi Import . if my mail is correct
    9. Adams/Davis
    10. H Savala /
    11. Terrell Kalokalo
    12 Connor McMullen
    13. Joshua Wong
    14 Hamish Dunstan
    15. Jack Ricci
  5. Balmain Subbies Ted Fahey (11)

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    Joker, wondering how many undefeated teams there have been in the history of the comp and how many of them have done it in the two round format?
  6. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    That will take some major time and cooperation from all the Schools.
    May be able to get the last two decades done in couple of weeks
    Give me some time.
    I know Joeys have 27 out of 56 premierships as Champions
    This last project took me a long time
  7. Balmain Subbies Ted Fahey (11)

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    Ha ha I though I would give you something to do over the "break".
    What are you thoughts on a hybrid comp with CAS, I was always against it but now I'm warming to it.
  8. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Keep them separate I have always said. The AAGPS was set up to compete in set sports and games. It would crowd the season, create logistical nightmares for schools having to play the bigger ones. Joeys have 44 rugby teams and NO school this season was able to play every team at Joeys. Closet was View who had 40. Stay as we are. Enjoy the pre-season for what it is and then play out comp and let the CAS worry about theirs. We have more to lose and they have everything to win.
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  9. Tap n Go Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Congratulations to Joeys , well deserved premiership 2019.

    Pretty sure this team had only 1 draw to Riverview and maybe a narrow loss when they pushed up some 16A kids in a trial.

    Totally dominated from 13A, well done.
  10. Balmain Subbies Ted Fahey (11)

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    Some great points and I would tend to agree. The only thing I don't like is only five rounds. I think two rounds was maybe a little too long and the crowds did suffer but only having two home competition games this year for Scots was a bit lean.
  11. Rumb dower Bob McCowan (2)

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    Next year is the 150th anniversary of the Newington and Kings 1st XV game so I would also expect big performances from them. Add Joeys to the prediction and its looking like a cracker of a season in 2020 especially if they bring back a 10 round competition.
    For the history buffs schools played 2 competition rounds pretty much between 1900-1910 and two games a week, on Wednesday and Saturday with one team getting a bye as Scots had not entered the 1sts competition.
    Kings, Newington, St Joseph's and St Ignatius had grounds at home, SCEGS played on North Sydney Oval, Grammar the SCG and SBHS on Erskinville Oval.
    What else does Newington and Kings also have on their radar over the next two years..HOR wins.
    In 1920 at their first attempt Kings won it as did Newington in 1921. Kings are looking the goods for 2020!
  12. RuggerFan1 Banned

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    mate not even close half of those boys where in yr12 and the other half are out of position.
  13. RuggerFan1 Banned

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    also who is naqau and fergusson?
  14. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Bear in mind that from 1892-1914 that the GPS rugby was a 2 round competition. Went back to 1 round (presumably because of WW1) and seemed to stay there until the 2000s when Grammar dropped out and it went to two rounds as a 6 team competition.
  15. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    I did promise some historical GPS rugby highlights from the 150 Years of Newington Rugby book after the 2019 season concluded. The historical rugby buffs out there can feast on the first instalment.

    Newington's 1st game was against Sydney Uni in 1869 at the school's then ground at Silverwater (the ground no longer exists but would be inside Silverwater Gaol if it did).

    Rugby at that time was 20 a side with the laws/rules often agreed to by the teams match by match.

    The result of games was originally decided by goals; i.e. no points for a 'touchdown' - all it did was allow you to 'try' for a goal

    First game of schoolboy rugby was Newington v Kings in 1870 - no result or location of the game was recorded.

    In 1871 the RFU (England) decided that games would be decided by goals.

    First recorded result was in 1873 when Newington and Kings played 2 games of 20 a side rugby.
    In the first game played on the Parramatta Domain Kings won the game with 5 touchdowns and 3 goals to Newington with no touchdowns or goals.
    In the return match at Silverwater Kings won with a touchdown and a goal to Newington's touchdown.

    Total points aren't provided for either game, but from the RFU points system, Kings would have won the first game 3-0 and the second game 1-0. Note that 1871 was the year in which the RFU was formed when some football clubs left the FA, so the soccer scoring system would still have been there as a legacy. It was at this point that soccer and rugby diverged into completely separate games.

    The first codification of points resembling what we know today seems to have come in 1886 from the RFU in England

    Try - 1 point
    Goal - 3 points
    Penalty Goal 3 points
    Field Goal 4 points

    In 1891 a try was increased to 2 points

    In 1893 a try was increased to 3 points and a goal after a try reduced to 2 points.

    That's enough for now:)
  16. RogerScots82 Stan Wickham (3)

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    Tuck, swan, adams and ricci are in yr 12 so wont be available for next season. heres my team for scots:

    1. Nick Wiggan (1sts)
    2. Michael frino (2nds/3rds)
    3. Sam Underhill (3rds)/ Harvey McGregor (16as)
    4. Hamish Todd (2nds)
    5. dylan hansen (1sts)
    6. louis grossemy (2nds)
    7. darcy clifton (1sts)
    8. William lavaki (2nds/16as)
    9. Jack Davis (2nds)
    10. savala (1sts)
    11. Hamish dunstan (2nds)
    12. Connor McMullen (2nds)
    13. Josh Wong (1sts)
    14. Tanasio Winikeri (2nds)/alan holten (2nds/16as)
    15 Terrell Kalokalo (1sts)

    Although there is bound to be a few fresh faces by the time next season rolls around, this is a strong side with lots of talent and mobility.

  17. Balmain Subbies Ted Fahey (11)

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    Loving the history guys!
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  18. Rob hart Darby Loudon (17)

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    Thank you SBW I’m still recovering from my wounds at HH but you have a few year 12”s in that team here is my guess, please note I’ve named a few players a few times not sure how they will all slot in .... Swan Ricci Adams and Tuck all in year 12 ...

    1 - Nick Wigan
    2 - Angus Tucker (injured most of 2019)
    3- Ed McGowan / 16as Prop
    4 - McCathie / Todd
    5- 16as ? / Todd / Mundell / Grossamey
    6 - Clifton / Mundell
    7 - Grossamey / Mundell / Todd
    8 - Hansen
    9 - Davis
    10 - McMullen / Savala
    11 - Terrell
    12 - Clifton / Grossamey - cracking season at breakaway but option
    13 - Josh Wong
    14 - Holden / Dunstan
    15 - Dunstan / Holden

    Very early prediction ...
  19. RogerScots82 Stan Wickham (3)

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    Ed Mcgowan is out for next season apparently after a bad head injury so maybe one of the 16as kids or 3rds guys will step up.
  20. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Joker - what do you think would be better for the long term future of the game.

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