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NSW Schools Trial Games and Selections 2009

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Lee Grant, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Only tuggin ya chain there lad - point is Uni does bugger all and rapes the rest from those that can ill afford the loss of their junior talent.
    Oh well, at least you all know there is a plethora of un contracted talent to poach in Queensland - come on lads - plunder away.
    I guess you'll all be up at Knox next week scoping the untapped interstate talent.
    Hands off Sautia, Moraghan, Gill and the rest, they are ours, all ours. :fishing :fishing :fishing
  2. the gambler Dave Cowper (27)

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    Big call. Reckon Uni would still do pretty well if you give them all the Country players or even GPS/CAS kids that have never played for a club. While as you posted Eastwood arent bad as well (you can add O'Young as the list of local players) and I'm pretty sure would be more than a match for Gordon..

    Gordon has the advantage of being the main club on the north shore, rugby's bread and butter, but unfortunately for them and despite recent reports about the number of 19-30yr olds living at home, very few of that age group choose to live their after leaving school.

    Can you put together a Gordon State of Origin team? Any player that played for the Club in the Juniors can be the basis.
  3. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    NSW Ones for National Championship [With my numbering]

    1 J Roche Warrilla HS
    1 R Quigly The Scots College
    2 H Roach Newington College
    3. M Heather Endeavour SHS
    3 J Welch St Ignatius College
    4/5 G Perterson The Scots College
    4/5 M Dempsey St Ignatius College
    4/5 BR L Jones St Pius X
    6/8 U O'Sullivan Trinity Grammar
    7. S Goodman Barker College
    7 T Connor The Kings School
    9. L Kearney ASC St Mary's
    9 N Stirzacker Knox Grammar
    10 S Brisby St Augustines College
    10 T Lake St Ignatius College
    13 D Cooke Illawarra SH
    13 T Kingston St Aloysius College
    13 M Hingano St Augustines College
    13 D Atkinson The Scots College
    13/Wing S Ferris The Kings School
    15 J Woodhouse The Scots College
    ?? T Ferris Marist Eastwood
    ?? N Jones The Armidale School

    [Note: Typically the 1st XV is chosen first, then the 2nd XV, then the reserves for the Twos, then the reserves for the Ones. There is no indication as to which of these boys are in the 1st XV and which are the reserves, some of whom may be 4th ranked for their position. We will have to wait until we see the programme next week.]
  4. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    NSW Twos for National Championship [With my numbering]

    1. S Sio Trinity Grammar
    1. N. Curtis Knox Grammar
    2. E. Messara Knox Grammar
    2. J Bedoya Westfields SHS
    3. W Borsack Knox Grammar
    3. T. Lamont St Josephs College
    4/5 S Cummins Hills SH
    4/5 J Hurley St Stanislaus College
    4/5 R Marais Waverley
    7. G Broome Asquith BHS
    7. Z Fell St Edwards Gosford
    8. M McCaffery St Ignatius College
    8. M Howell Hunter Valley Grammar
    9. J Rowntree St Augustines College
    10. L Walker St Josephs College
    11. J Tanuvassa Prairiewood HS
    11. H Nemeth Barker College
    12. A Ha'angana St Josephs College
    12. E Moss Knox Grammar
    13. T Felikitau-Fetuani St Dominics College
    13/15 E Ford Kiama HS
    15. T Ostle Warners Bay HS
    15. C Wakim Waverley College

    [Note: Typically the 1st XV is chosen first, then the 2nd XV, then the reserves for the Twos, then the reserves for the Ones. There is no indication as to which of these boys are in the 2nd XV and which are the reserves, some of whom may be 3rd ranked for their position. We will have to wait until we see the programme next week.]
  5. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Very strong for the private schools Lee - have you guys gone the way of Qld there. NSW used to have higher non private representation in past years.
  6. cyclopath Phil Waugh (73)

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    Well, they are a University so a bit hard to have juniors since, well, there aren't any at Universities usually!
    Plenty come there from various schools, country areas as they always have. When I started there 23 years ago, there were 4 colts teams easily, and plenty of 1st XV players in the lower ones - i.e. the quality was high. Back then, all the hate was for Randwick for all the reasons it seems to be directed at Uni now. All this talent wasn't poached, it just went there. Where else are clubs like a University going to get players?
    I'm not defending the true poaching of some players, but the reality most of the playing ranks come through the path they always have.
  7. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    I was going to post about the trials yesterday but fell asleep and it's just as well as some of my intended comments about who should be picked or not picked would have left me with egg on my face.

    NSW Is will be strong in the second row and at outside centre (there are so many of them; so you'd think that they would come up with a goodie). They also have two aces: fullback Woodhouse and backrower, O'Sullivan. If the GPS front row starts for NSW I, they should have a good scrum also.

    With so many players who usually wear a 13 jersey, it doesn't leave room in the Ones for a specialist 12 or another winger apart from Ferris, the best wing of the trials; so there is weakness there.

    Bad news for NSW is that 6/8 Usaia O'Sullivan was badly injured yesterday. Until then he wasn't as dominant as on Tuesday night but he had a few good runs, the last of which was to set up a try and which ended in his injury. He was picked in the team but I think he's no chance of passing the medical and playing next week as he could barely limp off even though he was being supported.

    Nevertheless, as with some other boys last year, he is so good that he's a valid chance to make one of the Oz Schools teams, and arguably, before I see the other lads next week, the Ones.

    If he is out, McCaffery from View could be swapped to the Ones to play 8. He has a high work rate and is as hard as nails, but doesn't have the build of a bruiser, and may find that 7 is his best spot as a senior player. 7 Goodman played well in parts in 2 of the 3 trial games I saw but he will have to pick up the pace next week against Queensland's Liam Gill who has a big rep. 7 was not a strong position in the NSW trials.

    One pick I would have got right is the 2nd row. Michael Dempsey (View) and tall timber Greg Peterson (Scots) were terrific for GPS yesterday, albeit against a poor CHS team (beaten 48-7). The athletic Dempsey was good on Tues night too and Peterson stepped away for a try in the same match though was awkward in the lineout. But yesterday hooker Roach threw to the lineout better and there was no such clumsiness. MOTM yesterday, Dempsey, may play his senior rugby at 6 and could play there for the Ones.

    Or, the 3rd lock chosen, Luke Jones, who made Oz Schools A last year, could play 6 or 8. He didn't play yesterday as he was injured against ISA last Sunday; so one hopes he can pass the medical.

    Some folks may crow that there are no Joeys players in the Ones like last year and like last year I have to say that none of the boys deserved to be there. I thought 3 Lamont from the GPS IIs was a chance as was hooker Hickey who can play on the flank as well, but Hickey didn't even make the IIs.

    The unluckiest players to miss out on the Ones IMO were 9 Jack Rowntree (Augies) and 15 Charles Wakim (Waverly), who are both in the Twos.

    Stirzaker and Rowntree had a ding dong battle in the CAS v ISA battle yesterday in a close fought game that was 10-5 until just before the end and ended 17-5, but Stirzaker just edged him. Wakim would have got in the Ones in most years but Woodhouse (Scots) was the best player of the trials IMO.


    CHS are getting weaker by the year yet I remember just a few years ago when Robbie Horne's CHS team dished up Kurtley Beale's GPS stars. A CHS teacher/coach said to me the other night that state schools rugby is not going to get any better. He mentioned sport becoming optional and the growing avid desire of female teachers and administators to steer students away from brutish pursuits.

    Don't shoot me - I'm just the messenger.
  8. oxe7

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    news that D Atkinson (nsw 1s centre) is out of the championships as is usaia o'sullivan.

    Atkinson will be replace by A Haangana who will now start in ones and CAS 2nd rower marais moves up to ones with dempsey playing at 6.
  9. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    We was a female teacher at TSS who rather oddly was a total rugby freak - she really knew her game - but even she once said about a tournament in which we were entered - 'we shouldn't be looking to winning - it's more a celebration of rugby'.
    Lee, yes and you Lindo - I understand would probably remember the old CHS-GPS days at the old Sportsground - I shudder at the thought of those battles but gee willy wiz they were great. Deat set they they were tough games and each year there was never any foregone winner.
  10. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Not going there - this one has been done to death a thousand time and still no resolution
  11. footyhead

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    What a shame, two of the most skilled athletes on the field the last two Rep games.
  12. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    As I wrote above: I was certain that O'Sullivan was out. He and the best schools 7 in NSW, Michael Hooper (shoulder reconstruction), will be sadly missed against the Queensland boys.

    Scuttlebut is that Hooper, who was injured well before the trials, will go on the EOYT though he won't play any more rugby this year at home.

    D Atkinson played well enough in the trials, but I am a bit surprised that Adrian Ha'angaha is replacing him in the starting team, as I didn't think the selectors would like his style of play. Still, they picked Lloyd Johannson a few years ago now and they are similar players.

    Can't wait for the tournament to start and see the Queensland lads for the first time - and who knows, future stars from the ACT and Combined States.
  13. rugbywhisperer Banned

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    Et tu Brutus, there are 3 maybe 4 of the better Qld players not attending as well - se la vie
  14. footyhead

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  15. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Yeah, there is a lot of precedent for players not available for the national schools tournament being chosen for one of the Oz Schools teams.

    The problem is for the state officials to convince the national selectors. This is not so difficult as it may seem. Most elite schools players have been seen the year before either in Opens or the U16 tournament, or have been assessed already in the NTS - and anyway a few of the selectors would be from a boy's home state and can speak for him.
  16. footyhead

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    Thanks Lee, sounds fair given they got busted in the lead up tournament.

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