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NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2016

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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    South Africa Tour 2017
    St Johns Easter Rugby Festival
    Thursday 13th April
    Game 1 vs Parktown @ 2:45pm local time. 10:45pm AEST.

    Starting 15

    1. Isaac Vati
    2. Jason Allwood
    3. Jayden Lynch
    4. Thomas Robinson
    5. Matt Polmear
    6. Jordan Byfield
    7. Harry Turner (c)
    8. Jack Johnson-Holmes
    9. Archie Fox
    10. Dallas Patterson (vc)
    11. Jacob Rabai
    12. Joey Walton
    13. Ryan Duffy
    14. Zac Crowley
    15 Sardy Halbouni


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  2. Armchair Selector Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    A big congratulations to the NSW CHS team who competed in the St John Easter Rugby festival in Johannesburg South Africa this weekend.


    In the 3 games the results were as follows:

    V Parktown lost 26-19 in a scrappy affair in wet conditions where the refereeing certainly didnt favour NSW CHS.

    V Paarl Boys lost 67-0 against the very impressive South African Schools Champions. Wow they are talented!

    V Florida won 29-7 in a strong performance that augurs well for the rep season ahead.

    Best of luck to all boys in their upcoming selection trials.

    Players to watch:

    Forwards Harry Turner (Capt and Flanker), Netane Talanoe (Prop) and Will Bremner (Hooker)

    Backs Billy Carberry (Vice Captain and Fly Half), Hayden Pomare (Half Back), Lewis Cooper (inside centre)

    I am sure all boys had a terrific experience touring South Africa and will carry lifelong memories that a Rugby tour provides :D
  3. The Honey Badger Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Of your players to watch, Turner is the only one in the team list above.

    So is that team listed not the A team?
  4. Armchair Selector Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    As with all things Rugby finding any information is like sifting through a haystack!

    I cant comment on the above list being the incumbent first XV selection but what I can tell you having watched the games, the starting team for the final match which included the boys I mentioned looked the most impressive.

    Hopefully someone somewhere has a list of tourists.

    Worth watching the 3 games which were streamed and can be found in the following link. http://www.stjohnscollege.co.za/rugbyfestival/

    Very entertaining listening to the Safa commentators. Seemed fascinated with the size of the CHS props. Mind you at between 119 and 131 kg why wouldn't they be!
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  5. The Honey Badger Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Do you know if Badger toured? Was a lock for CHS 1s last year. Still at school.

    I rate Carberry. Saw him play last year. He is a Mudgee boy and there are plenty of raps for him.
  6. Armchair Selector Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    Don't recall hearing "Badger" mentioned. Distant relative???:p

    Carberry I imagine has been on the radar for quite a while through various Rep Programmes. Strong in attack and has a solid boot. Like a lot of fly halves looks a lot better with a dominant forward pack in front.

    My only criticism would be his error rate under pressure. This may limit higher honours but very entertaining to watch. Certainly enjoys running into contact.

    The one to really watch will be Turner. Plays a great #7 game. A serial pest and strong on the ball.
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  7. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Here is the starting XV for the second game
    vs Paarl Boys 15/4/17

    You were correct Armchair selector the majority of the starting XV for this game is seen as the A team.
    The games were 30mins each way and unlimited, rolling subs were allowed. Their policy is every boy would start a game during the tour and get to play approximately 3/4 of every game. obviously changing as a result of injuries or game plan

    1. Natane Talonoa
    2. Will Bremner
    3. Jayden Lynch
    4. Tom Badger
    5. Ek Lambert
    6. Jack Johnson-Holmes
    7. Harry Turner (c)
    8. Richmond Tahaafe
    9. Hayden Pomare
    10. Billy Carberry
    11. Isaac Williams
    12. Joey Walton
    13. Jacob Rabai
    14. Zac Crowley
    15. Dallas Patterson (vc)

    Please note Dallas Patterson is the vice captain of the team not Billy Carberry, unfortunately their was a typing error in the festivals program that the commentators were reading from, the attached snap shot of the program shows the error as well as all the players
    on tour.

    I can also confirm Tom Badger is on tour and that Billy Carberry played for NSWCHS II last year

    Harry Turner
    Dallas Patterson
    Natane Talonoa

    All Played for the Metro West Rams U17's Junior Gold team in 2016 going undefeated throughout the campaign, making Junior Gold history for being the first NSW Junior Gold team to win the southern conference (def ACT on the whistle!) and winning the National JGC championship that was held as a curtain raiser to the Reds and Tahs game at Suncorp stadium defeating Brisbane City with an impressive 33 - 3 win.[IMG]
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  8. The Honey Badger Jim Lenehan (48)

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    That makes an Old Badger very proud.
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  9. The Honey Badger Jim Lenehan (48)

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    I will be watching with some interest to see how many of these boys get selected for Nationals. Could be a good contribution by CHS which would be very good for Rugby.
  10. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Been a digging amongst the proverbial haystack. came up with this match review

    NSWCHS v Hoërskool

    Monday 17/4 the last game of the festival saw the boys take on Hoërskool Florida, which is an Afrikaans high school situated in Florida, Roodepoort, South Africa. Florida had previously pushed the no. 3 ranked team in SA all the way, only to lose in the dying seconds. The CHS boys started very positively into a strong breeze. Great defense and work at the breakdown saw the boys make a break down the left touchline for Will Bremner to fly over in the corner. A second try to Joey Walton saw CHS lead 12-0 at half time. Florida sensed a massive upset (in their eyes) and became very physical in the second half. This was to be their undoing as the boys stuck to coach O'Brien's game plan and with further tries to Harry Turner, Sardy Halbouni and Netane Talanoa, and one conversion each to Billy Carberry and Isaac Williams, the score finished up 29-7. This was a fantastic way to end the tournament.
    The feedback received by the coaching staff and organisers of the carnival, was that the boys were the most respectful of their staff of all of the boys at the carnival. The manner in which they conducted themselves as young men representing NSWCHS, as well as their families, is a credit to all of them.

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  11. Armchair Selector Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    Thanks Breaks away for tidying up my misinformation.

    A real shame that NSWCHS and NSW Schools Rugby haven't published or dare I say promoted :rolleyes: this tour.

    There are a number of interested followers who are keen to see how Rugby is going outside the bubble of CAS and GPS!

    A number of familiar names on that list that I am sure we will see more of in the future.
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  12. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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    I agree with you Armchair Selector, NSW Schools & CHS really should be publishing and promoting the schools outside of CSA & GPS a lot more than they have been therefore ..

    I'm going to do my bit for the cause, and upload a Rugby Highlights video of NSWCHS XV vs Hoërskool Florida, the CHS boys last game of the St Johns Easter Rugby Festival which I must say, without a doubt certainly Highlights the CHS boys NGU - Never Give Up attitude, grit and determination clearly seen by those watching.

    looking forward to Schools trial games, I'm thinking after having watched the CHS Boys Tour games, there could be a few upsets at trials from other camps!

    Highlights game:
    NSWCHS Vs Florida 7/4/17

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  13. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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    The NSWCHS South Africa Tour Team first XV has been named at the boys end of tour dinner.

    (Arriving back in sydney 23rd April )

    The following boys received the Jerseys in order:

    1. Jason Allwood
    2. Will Bremer
    3. Jayden Lynch
    4. EK Lambert
    5. Tom Badger
    6. Jack Holmes
    7. Harry Turner
    8. Richmond Tahaafe
    9. Hayden Pomare
    10. Billy Carberry
    11. Zac Crowley
    12. Lewis Cooper
    13. Joey Walton
    14. Jacob Rabbi
    15. Dallas Patterson

    Congratulations to all the boys in the NSWCHS touring team for having by all accounts represented NSWCHS with pride, respect, integrity and great show of sportsmanship well done young men!

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  14. Troy Dickson Herbert Moran (7)

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    CHS will be playing against the GPS boys from the u16's back in 2015 and 2016 who will be the cohort attempting to make the 2017 u18 NSW All schools team.

    SWSRU 16s Championships & Selection Trials - 2015
    Saturday 20th June – Curagul Field, Bobbin Head Rd, North Turramurra
    Pres XV A 38 def CHS II 7
    Pres XV A 29 def CHS I 0

    SWSRU 16s Championships & Selection Trials - 2016
    Saturday 25th June – Curagul Field, Bobbin Head Rd, North Turramurra
    Pres XV A 48 def CHS II 5
    Pres XV A 20 def CHS I 5

    Collectively 2015 to 2016 = GPS has scored 134 points whilst CHS scored 17 points.

    If we use the 2016 as a guide in the u18 GPS v's CHS the scores were -

    1st XV
    GPS 28 to CHS 5
    2nd XV
    GPS 61 to CHS 0

    Collective 89 points to 5

    Can the CHS boys compete against the likes of CAS and GPS in 2017 ??
  15. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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    The NSWCHS U18's Team selection has been posted today
    Please see attached.

    I must say Armchair Selector the names on your "players to watch' list was spot on bar 1 player Netane Talanoe .. impressive!

    I am unsure as yet which NSWCHS teams those named on the team selected list will be going into, however I can confirm the following players have been selected for the NSWCHS 1 team

    Tom Badger
    Will Bremmer
    Harry Turner - (Captain)
    Hayden Pomare
    Dallas Patterson
    Ek Lambert
    Jack Johnson-Holmes
    Joey Walton



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