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NSW teams 2018

Discussion in 'National Rugby Championship (NRC)' started by kiap, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Darren Coleman, who's been there from the start, continues as head coach of NSW Country for a fifth year (and following his Shute success with Warringah last year).

    Back in Sydney from France to join Daryl Gibson's coaching team at the Waratahs, Chris Whitaker will become the Sydney team boss.

    Super semifinalist Tahs (minus test players) now split only two ways for 2018. Could be a NSW year for the NRC.

  2. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    And as I noted previously, with the most friendly home start to the competition, it will be a mystery if the Sydney side doesn't win the whole damn thing.
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  3. Rugbynutter39 Tony Shaw (54)

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    looking forward to seeing what players role out for Sydney city or are they the Sydney ray.

    Unfortunately only short time out from start of nrc and next to no publicity. I know it is run on a shoe string but just saying.as enjoy the quality of footy on offer but seems i am one of very small band who turns up to nrc games every season.

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  4. Jagman Trevor Allan (34)

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    Its not that friendly. The shute shield final is on the first week of the NRC.
  5. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    which is why the NSW teams don't play that first week.


  6. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    But that is a matter totally in the control of the SRU or whoever is charged with putting the SS season together. I really don't see any reason why the NRC should be shifted around to accommodate an uncooperative element like the SS.
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  7. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    NSW Country jersey unchanged

    2018 NRC 2.png

    The new Sydney jersey is the same as for the Rays team in the women's Uni 7s

    Small SRU anchor on the placquet of the collar. And the International Cycling Union socks kept from the Rays' previous kit. :D

    2018_Fitzpatrick.jpg Screenshot_89.png
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  8. Rugbynutter39 Tony Shaw (54)

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    How bizarre to try and support a NSW team as we are not far away from start of the competition and will go to a few Rays games given playing near me but yet I don't even know what the team is and who is in it a few days away from the launch of the competition and you would have to be pretty rusted on and hunt down info to even know NRC is on.

    Sigh one day they will market it. Surely a few sheckels could be offered by Twiggy with bit of grovelling especially as his beloved Force are involved and certainly NRC helps the force and therefore WSR.

    All bizarre how still not got some marketing dollars here and surely with Twiggy-RA co-operation would have thought that could be possible.
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  9. The Honey Badger Peter Johnson (47)

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    Don't think the NSW sides will be announced till after the SS final.

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  10. Wandering Brumby Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Hey folks, been having a chat to Reg and I'll be helping coordinating the NSW games this year. Would anyone be into covering some home games for Sydney and NSW Country?

    Couple of the news lads are interested in the Sydney ones. I might do the debry and the NSW Country one out at Camden. But happy to throw it out to everyone else if you like
  11. Wandering Brumby Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Anyone else thinking there's too much Blue in the NRC this year?
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  12. Bandar Darby Loudon (17)

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    Yeah in the first year it was all yellow & orange, now half the comp is blue.
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  13. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Blue is the new Gold!

    The Rising putting the traditional white hoops on their jersey helps a bit.

    Mind you, there's a fair bit of blue in the Supe as well. Popular color.

    And hopefully teams still use alternate jerseys when needed. These worked out alright to resolve most of the similarities in the past. First year of the NRC when many sides had only one kit wasn't too flash.
  14. Eagles90 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Yeah particularly the Western Force and Sydney jumpers have a similar blue to them.. could be confusing on the field together so hopefully someone has an alternate jersey.
    Perhaps the Western Force pull out the Perth Spirit Jumpers of last year for their games against Sydney and maybe QLD Country?
  15. Wandering Brumby Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Good idea. Hope they do, I didn't mind the Bumblebee jersey.

    Also, All games in Sydney are covered now. We've still got three NSW Country games to be covered if any of you guys are up for it. :)
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  16. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Names from FoxSports, positions in the list below are where I put them (not the coach)

    NSW Country Eagles 2018 Squad

    Hugh Roach
    Mahe Vailanu

    Matt Gibbon
    Harry Johnson-Holmes
    Rob Lagudi
    Paddy Ryan (c)
    Chris Talakai
    Andrew Tuala
    Cody Walker

    Alex Humfrey
    Emmanuel Meafou
    Tom Staniforth
    Sam Thomson

    Nick Champion de Crespigny
    Jed Holloway
    Will Miller
    Rory Suttor
    Patrick Tafa
    Sam Ward
    Brad Wilkin

    Scrum half
    Jake Gordon
    Jack Grant
    Angus Sinclair
    Mick Snowden

    Mack Mason
    Rohan Saifoloi

    Denny Godinet
    Jaline Graham
    Apolosi Latunipulu
    William McDonnell
    Sebastian Wileman

    Lachlan Creagh
    Alex Gibbon
    Alex Newsome
    Alex Northam

    Harry Jones

    If your name is Alex, you play on the wing.
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  17. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Tru dat.

    Some names at last (from FoxSports), positions in the list below are where I put them (not the coach)

    Sydney Rays 2018 Squad

    Damien Fitzpatrick (c)
    JP Sauni
    David Vea

    Cameron Betham
    Rory O'Connor
    Matt Sandell
    Shambeckler Vui

    Ryan McCauley
    Nick Palmer
    Connor Vest

    Jack Dempsey
    Jack Johnson
    Maclean Jones
    Josh Kemeny
    Hugh Sinclair
    Lachlan Swinton
    Michael Wells

    Scrum half
    Nick Duffy
    Mitch Short
    Theo Strang

    Stu Dunbar
    Will Harrison

    Harry Burey
    Lalakai Foketi
    Curtis Rona
    Pama Fou

    Cameron Clark
    Latu Latunipulu
    Enoka Muliufi
    Guy Porter
    James Ramm

    Tim Clements
    Tyson Davis
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  18. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Jack Dempsey and Jack Johnson - sounds like a heavyweight title fight.
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  19. WorkingClassRugger Steve Williams (59)

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    Two sets of brothers both split each way with Apolosi Latunipulu and Angus Sinclair kitting up for Country and Latu Latunipulu and Hugh Sinclair for Sydney.
  20. The Honey Badger Peter Johnson (47)

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    Would have thought Clements would have qualified for country.

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