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NSW Teams 2019

Discussion in 'National Rugby Championship (NRC)' started by RugbyReg, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    NSW Rugby Union (NSWRU) has finalised the coaching staff for Sydney and the Country Eagles for the 2019 National Rugby Championships (NRC).

    There will be two NSW Waratahs coaching staff involved in the eight-week tournament, which will see some of the state’s emerging talent get a taste of professional rugby in a high-performance environment.

    The management of Sydney – formerly known as the Rays – has now moved to NSWRU, with the Country Eagles operating under NSW Country Rugby Union.

    NSW Waratahs Assistant, Chris Whitaker returns to lead Sydney with Pauli Taumoepeau from Easts as his Assistant.

    Whitaker said he was looking forward to another NRC campaign overseeing some of NSW’s best young players.

    “We’ve seen a lot of really talented young players pushing for selection from within our development pathways,” Whitaker said.

    “There’ll be opportunity for those guys to work with some experienced heads, hopefully [they] get plenty out of the competition individually but also pick up some good results along the way.”

    Robert Taylor from Sydney University will lead the Country Eagles, assisted by Randwick’s Ben McCormack.

    Taking the reins at NRC level for the first time, Taylor said he’ll be looking closely at the Shute Shield come selection time.

    “We’ve got an extremely strong club rugby competition in New South Wales and plenty of guys with the ability to take that step up,” Taylor said.

    “It’s about us creating an environment where these players can be challenged and succeed. We want to give them the tools to produce their best rugby while representing Country New South Wales on a national stage.”

    Both teams will be supported by NSW Waratahs Assistant, Steve Tandy with a set-piece specialist also set to be included within both NRC coaching ranks.

    NSWRU General Manager of Rugby, Tim Rapp said that the state’s respective NRC squads would be working with an experienced group of coaches.

    “We see the NRC as an important development opportunity for young players that are aspiring to make a permanent step into a professional environment – we’ve assembled some really experienced guys to help facilitate that,” said Rapp.

    “It’s also a chance for aspiring staff to be challenged at the next level, as we look at some of our up-and-coming coaches and support staff.

    “We’ve obviously got some time before the competition gets underway, we’re looking at our squads and will be keeping a close eye on club rugby form over the next couple of months.”

    The 2019 National Rugby Championship is set to kick off in late-August with further details on the draw to be confirmed shortly.

  2. Rugbynutter39 Mark Loane (55)

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    Interesting - gives the impression NSWRU taking the NRC more seriously after the rather abysmal performance last year. Good to see.
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  3. Rugby Head Herbert Moran (7)

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    Does anyone know when the NRC squads are announced? The season kicks of next weekend?
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  4. Eagles90 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Will probably be announced in Round 2 some time.. Its all tumbleweed except for Melbourne who announced theirs last week. (Not sure anyone else has?).
  5. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    NSWRU squads for the 2019 National Rugby Championship:

    Forwards: Tom Osborne (Sydney Uni), Rory O’Connor (Warringah), Harrison Rorke (Gordon), Joe Cotton, Ed Craig (Eastwood), Wayne Borsak (Sydney Uni), Charlie Abel (Gordon), Shambeckler Vui (Souths), Darcy Breen (Sydneu Uni), Tuitakau Kioa (Two Blues), Ryan McCauley (Easts), Ruaridh Mackenzie (Warringah), Sam Thomason (Warringah), Lachlan Swinton (Sydney Uni), Hugh Sinclair (Norths), Josh Kemeny (Sydney Uni), Jordan Goddard (Gordon), Christian Poidevin (Randwick), Charlie Gamble (Easts)

    Backs: Mitch Short (Randwick), Michael McDonald, Jake Abel (Gordon), Will Harrison (Randwick), Ben Donaldson (Randwick), Harry Burey (Norths), Lalakai Foketi (Easts), Trent Winterstein (Two Blues), Cam Clarke (Norths), James Ramm (Randwick), Richard Wolfe (Norths), Ben Marr (Warringah), Tailiki Nadredre (Two Blues), Tyson Davis (Warringah)

    Country Eagles:
    Forwards: Angus Bell (Sydney Uni), Tom Horton (Sydney Uni), Harry Johnson Holmes (Sydney Uni), Chris Talakai (Sydney Uni), Matt Sandell (Sydney Uni), Rob Lagudi (Eastwood), Aaron Blacklock (Manly), David Vea (Randwick), Tom Staniforth (Easts), Jed Holloway (Souths), Ned Hanigan (Randwick), Connor Vest (Norths), Nick Champion De Crespigny (Sydney Uni), Maclean Jones (Warringah), Will Harris (Easts), Pat Tafa (Gordon), Michael Icely (Eastwood)

    Backs: Jake Gordon (Sydney Uni), Jack Grant (Easts), Henry Robertson (Sydney Uni), Mack Mason (Easts), Connor O’Shea (Sydney Uni), Joey Walton (Gordon), Triston Reilly (Randwick), James Dargaville (Sydney Uni), James Turner (West Harbour), Ben Woollett (Warringah), Mark Nawaqanitawase (Eastwood), Tim Clements (Sydney Uni), James Kane (Sydney Uni)

  6. Jagman Trevor Allan (34)

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    Notable absentees from Tahs squad are: Hunt, Newsome, Max Douglas, Cody Walker, and Andrew Tuala. Other Shute shield omissions I thought would be there: Rowan Perry (especially because Country don't have an openside), Nick Palmer, Sam Ward, Harry Jones and most notably Nox Muliufi.
  7. Blackadder Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Hunt isn't signed for next season so far.

    It is strange re the others as Newsome has signed on and Walker is training with them.
  8. Blackadder Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Will be good to see some of the Kids getting a run especially the Jnr Wallabies like Harris and Tafa
  9. Blackadder Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Many players have swapped teams again this year
  10. Blackadder Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Sides look at bit better this year, hopefully some better results
  11. Eagles90 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I believe Andrew Tuala had knee surgery recently. Not sure of the scope of the injury or how long etc but saw something on social media a few weeks ago.
  12. Rugbynutter39 Mark Loane (55)

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    Don’t agree

    Country side looks good

    Sydney side looks weak
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  13. Finsbury Girl Bill McLean (32)

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    Crickey, they must be short of players if they're trotting out golden oldies ;)
  14. fatprop David Wilson (68)

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    Nice test of the 9 &10s

    Short & Harrison
    Gordon & Mason
  15. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Michael McDonald playing for a NSW team is interesting. I wonder if this means he'll have some sort of Tahs contract?
  16. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    yeah, I think that has been mentioned along the way. He's with the Tahs next year.
  17. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    No Guy Porter or Harry Potter?
  18. Silverado Arch Winning (36)

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    Harry Potter has signed with the Rebels. Not sure about Porter, I'm susurprised he isn't in either squad
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  19. Blackadder Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    We will need magic to win next year with the Tahs squad so far..
  20. Eyes and Ears Arch Winning (36)

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    I think Max Douglas is injured. He missed the last 4 weeks of the season.

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