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Penrith Emus

Discussion in 'Penrith' started by Knuckles, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    A thank you to your colts - very generous giving up your home game and jumping on the club bus to Manly. Whilst I hope we put on a cricket score to peg back the for and against with Uni - I'm sure you will enjoy the hospitality and the day.
  2. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Thanks Dave the boys trained well tonight followed by our now mandatory Friday night BBQ & refreshments & we're pumped for a big day. We hope to have 40 on the colts bus. We are treating these last few matches like pre season trials as the majority of our boys are U18 or U19 and will be in colts in 2014.

    Since Uni much soul searching has occurred and a huge effort has gone into reshaping our colts focus. Investing in a bus for Randwick & another one for Manly is a small price to pay for accumulating 45 happy young blokes who want to shed blood for the jumper. As I've said before "culture is key".

    Talks have commenced with all our Penrith DJRU U17 squad members in regards to 2014 & the men who helped reshape the Penrith Junior District U10 -U17 have now taken a leadership role in the foundation of the new Penrith U20 Academy which will commence in 2014.

    FYI the Penrith U20 Academy programme for 2014 will kick off with the Penrith Colts Academy XV playing a Penrith Academy Invitation XV as the curtain raiser to NZ Schools vs Fiji Schools at St Mary's RL Stadium on Friday the 27 September 2013. Summer training will then continue in preparation for the 2014 season.

    Another focus will also be on the senior club recruiting well for 2014 and thus possibly allowing the 7 colts eligible players currently playing 1st or 2nd grade to return to the colts ranks.

    In the near future the business plan, new website, & strategic plan for the Penrith U20 Academy will be published and the process of seeking various levels of corporate sponsors will commence. However, we do have an academy motto "Union is Strength" but the Latin translation actually escapes me at this time.

    Whatever happens - Win lose or draw we will continue to sing & build for 2014. See you in the bowling club!
  3. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Think Paul Kelly.

    "From little things, big things grow".

    Invest in the future.
  4. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Just a reminder to the Penrith DJRU & Western Sydney Rugby faithful that FIJI VS NZ SCHOOLS are playing this Friday night 27th September at St Mary's Stadium (St Mary's). The curtain raiser match of PDJRU U20 Academy Colts vs PDJRU U20 Academy Barbarians kicks off at 5pm and the main game at 7pm.

    PDJRU U20 Colts Academy Pre season Training

    A reminder to all PDJRU U20 Colts Academy players that training for all new & existing players commences at Nepean Rugby Park on the 1st of November 2013. Training will then continue every Wed & Fri from 7pm - 8.30pm.

    2014 PDJRU U20 Colts Academy Pre Season Trials

    Details of 2014 pre season trial matches for Colts I, II, & III will be finalised asap. At this stage we look like having bus trips to Canberra, 1 country venue (TBA), & 2 Sydney metro trials. As usual buses will be provided to all PDJRU U20 Colts Academy away matches in 2014.

    NEW PDJRU Academy website is coming.

    Check out https://www.facebook.com/PenrithDistrictJuniorRugbyUnion for all Academy updates and the new website should be up and running in the next 2 weeks.
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  5. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    So what is happening at Penrith - new coach? Any new players? Will they ever be able to bounce back and get off the bottom of the ladder? Hope so!
  6. Eyes and Ears Arch Winning (36)

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    This sounds very promising.
  7. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Well done to the 50 (or so) PDJRU U20 Colts Academy players who participated in the curtain raiser last night at St Mary's.

    Start spreading the word. All players are welcome!

    We had 50 but are aiming for 60 - 65 players to commence pre season training on the 1st of November. Our projected squad numbers for 2014 are Colts 3 - 20 players (full team + 5 fresh reserves) Colts 2 - 20 players (full team + 5 fresh reserves) Colts 1 - (full team + 5 fresh reserves).

    We want 60 by the 1st of November!
  8. RugbyMan5 Frank Row (1)

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    Cattledog, good luck to you and your club for next year and I hope you achieve those targeted numbers, Australian Rugby needs to have healthy clubs in Western Sydney.

    Who did you play against last night at St Marys ?
  9. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Thanks Rugbyman5 - The game was basically a pre season trial between the current & potential members of our 2014 PDJRU U20 Colts program. Our players have come from local juniors, members of our 2013 PDJRU U17 rep team, & eligible 2014 colts.

    Yes we're setting the bar pretty high & obviously the program is a work in progress but now that we have players coming thru our PDJRU rep teams every year and good relationships being built between coaches & players from a young age everything seems to be coming together.

    One little switch that seems to making a difference is that we've changed our Colts training nights to Wed & Fri. This is so we don't clash with local juniors training allowing good rugby people to be involved in their kids junior rugby & also involved in colts too.

    Training on Wed & Fri means we don't clash with the majority of local rugby league clubs & allows boys to play union on sat & league on Sundays. Also having different training nights for seniors & colts means all of our grade coaches can be regularly involved in developing our colts program without being drawn in other directions.

    Definitely looking forward to bringing the Penrith Colts choir back to Coogee Oval in 2014 for a sing along.

    It all seems to be helping..hopefully!
  10. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Gentlemen a number of our colts have received letters or emails from other clubs . basically just ignore them and as you know training starts on the 1st of November at andrews rd.

    We are well and truly prepared for 2014 and it's shaping as a good year!

    All clubs try and recruit and the fact they've sent you a letter is a note of merit.

    Our union is our strength!
  11. Crashy Dave Cowper (27)

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    Wow - let me guess, Randwick pillaging again..
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  12. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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  13. sidelinesid Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    The progress Penrith had up the grades yesterday was expedential.
    The first grade had a very powerful look and imo was just short of the 'finishing touches' .
    The second grade were very tough and kept up the harrasment of their opposition to the end.
    The scorelines did not reflect the positive aspects of Penriths game.
    Even in the lower grades, the talk was positive and to everyones credit you never stopped having a go. Lower tackling will make a world of difference imo.

    Good Ball bounce for the future.
  14. Cattledog Sydney Middleton (9)

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  15. Crashy Dave Cowper (27)

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    well done Emus. Well deserved win.
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  16. oldschoolcoach Banned

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    i would like to put update on emus 2014. great coaches appointed and colts we will have 3 teams. new players and a new attitude in 2015 we will shock the competition in all grades
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  17. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Even though he's banned, I like what this says.
  18. Tah and feathered Watty Friend (18)

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    We hear this at the start of every year and going by the 2015 draw where Penrith play the top 5 sides from 2014 in the 1st 5 rounds the season could be in trouble.
    The SRU have not made it easy for Penrith in 2015
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  19. emus4life Banned

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    yes that is true but we play after round 6 alot of teams like parra,wests,norths,gordon,easts and randwick we will beat this season. we have to fight hard to get anything because it seems like all the clubs and the nswru want to keep penrith down.
  20. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    The irony is Premier Rugby want desperately to be seen as credible by representing ALL of Sydney.
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